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Número de publicaciónUS2313667 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación9 Mar 1943
Fecha de presentación15 Abr 1941
Fecha de prioridad15 Abr 1941
Número de publicaciónUS 2313667 A, US 2313667A, US-A-2313667, US2313667 A, US2313667A
InventoresPeterson Arthur F
Cesionario originalSchering Corp
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Package for tablets, ampoules, and the like
US 2313667 A
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March 9, PETERSQN PACKAGE FOR TABLETS, AMPOULES, AND THE LIKE Filed April 15, 1941 J; )1 4 WITNESS 4 INVENTOR Y W w oZQn/w? 51 522-950 g a m 6' vfllkgy r g ATTORNEYS 7 package in which the sealed, sanitary condition and in PACKAGE roa UNITED STATES PATEEN F it i T yOFFlCE AND I Arthur F. Peterson, East Orange, N. 1., asslgnor to Sche notation ring Corporation,

of New Jersey Bloomfield, N. 1., a cor- Application April 15, 1941, Serial No. 388,582

2 Claims. 10!. 2206-42) This invention relates to a sanitary sealed package particularly for pharmaceutical preparations such as a fieparatlons put up in ampoules, bottles, and the i e.

The object of the invention is to provide a manufacturer puts up medicinal preparations in sealed, 'sanitary packages in order that they may be freely delivered or sent by paracel post, express, or otherwise, to the druggists, physicians, or others, and arrive in good physical respect to the contents of package per se.

condition, both with the package and the more in detail hereinafter.

, Min the drawing, Fig. l is a perspective view of the complete package; Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the package with the outer sleeve refioved, exposing the contents; Fig. 3 is a per- Fig. 2; Fig. is an the line 5-5 of an outer covering of instance Cellophane,

two opposite sides 4 A box consisting of the body 5 and the cover 6 is initially arranged by the manuiacturer with the body 5 inside of the "cover 6 sembly of the body of as shown in Fig. 4, and the medicinal preparation to be carried in the package, in the form of tablets wrapped in individual, sanitary tape 8, is placed within the body 5 of the box. The asthe box, the cover of the box, and the tablets, as above explained, is enclosed in a sleeve of transparent material 9, such as Cellophane. The manufacturer, in making up the package, first assembles the unit shown in Fig. 4, comprising the body of the box 5, the cover 6, and the individually wrapped tablets 1, enclosed as a unit in the wrapper 9, the wrapper extending entirely around the assembled unit and sealed in any approved manner. This unit is then slipped sidewise through one of the openings 4 into the sleeve 3 and the same is entirely enclosed in the wrapper 2 which is suitably sealed.

It is evident that this assembly therefore consists of a strong and compact package; that the Fig, 6 is an enlarged cross-section medicinal tablets or medicinal the wrapper 2,. which package is primarily sealed by the wrapper 2, and the box'together with the tablets is seeondarily sealed by themselves being sealed by the individual wrapping tape 8. The Cellophane at the open end of the sleeve 4 is two-ply, as shown in Fig. 6, the under ply consisting of a portion of the wrapper 9 and the upper ply consisting of a portion of gives a double seal at those portions of the package which provide openings, and at the same time, securing the box from sliding out of the sleeve.

The outer surface of the sleeve 3 may bear the name of the manufacturer, the trademark or generic name of the material contained in the package, directions for use, and such other information as the manufacturer wishes to apply thereto, all of which is readable by the druggist, physician, or others, through the transparent wrapper 2.

The druggist, in. filling a prescription for the medicinal preparation containedin the package, after identifying the same from the markings on the sleeve 3, removes the outer wrapper 2, which exposes the unit as shown in Fig. 4, then identifies the medicinal preparation contained in the package either by the manufacturers impression contained on the tablets, or, in the case of ampoules 01' tablets, by the label borne thereon, and removes the Cellophane wrapper 9 which is around the body I and cover 6, slips the body 5 of the box from within the-cover 6 of the box and places the cover 6 over the body of the box to close the same as shown in Fig. 3. The druggist may then apply to the thus closed box,

which preferably bears no marking on it whatsoever, such prescription number and directions for use as the physician may prescribe and dispense the same to the patient in such condition. Should the box contain a larger number of medicinal units than the prescription calls for, the druggist may remove the excess from the box before closing the same.

The wrapper 9 may be entirely omitted and the tablets or ampoules laid in the bottom of the box and secured from escape therefrom by the sleeve 4.; In such cases the transparent wrapper 2 will retain the assembled bottom and top of the box and the sleeve together.

I claim:

1. A package for medicinal preparations comprising a sleeve, 9. x body and box cover, each of said elements comprising a bottom and upwardly extending side members to form complementary elements, the box body being adapted to carry a medicinal preparation and the cover being adapted to be placed over the box body to close the same, said elements in the assembled condition as a package having the box body. inserted within the box cover with the bottom of the box body in surface contact with the inside of the top of the box cover, the so assembled box body and box cover being contained within the sleeve, one face of the sleeve acting as a cover for the box body, the so assembled box body and box cover as a unit b'elng slidable outwardly from within said sleeve to make the medicinal cording to claim 1, in which the box body is within the box cover with the open top of the box body exposed and a transparent flexible material encompasses the so cover and exposes the medicinal preparation con;- tained within the box body to inspection. 1 ARTHUR F. PQITERSON.

assembled box body and be?

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