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Número de publicaciónUS2328948 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación7 Sep 1943
Fecha de presentación24 May 1941
Fecha de prioridad24 May 1941
Número de publicaciónUS 2328948 A, US 2328948A, US-A-2328948, US2328948 A, US2328948A
InventoresBourke Thomas N
Cesionario originalBourke Thomas N
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Seal for kegs
US 2328948 A
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Spt. 7, 1943- T. N. BOURKE 2,328,948

SEAL FOR KEGS I Filed May 24, 1941 z sheets-sheet 1 l I I I Mew. W, MMM@ T. N. BOURKE l SEAL. FCR KEGs Sepm, 1943.

2 Sheets-Sheet `2 Filed My 24, 1941 a .QQ j. SEALFORJKEGS v l Thoinaslourke; GrossePonte, Mich.

Applicatie :traiga/1,1941, serial Ndl l394,365 o scifaiis...(01-2;7599); Thisinvention relates to` a sealforjkegs.

d Fig. 6 is a sectional `view` 4taken substantially particularly for kegs used for beer; 1f'h on line 6--6`of li'g.-5.l` Y l 'fl AVf;

It has been the practice toequip theheadfoi.E Fig. "lisa sectional-view-taknsubstantiallyon keg with a plugor cork AWhichfjis knocked, out line'I-lof Fig. 5 showingfcrtain parts 4'o thf jposition and into;the keg Whenthe' drafft .t e draft ortaprr'iechanism` f "secured to the keg. Thedrait tube itselfjis Fig. Bisa perspective View of aspringylenient usually employed `to knock the cork `into the which functions on thesealir'igelet ltoi-cause kegarid then theV draft tube lies in theperture. the'ses'ilirig"action.`vv 1Q "Qne of the. major diicultieswth thisarrangef Y "In Fig.\1, a` standard'forin of keg -isillustrated nientisthat after the keg is empty theaperture 10 atl having a chimewhich projects above the i Misfopen anddirtand other `extraneous ni;a,ti'.' 1f`,ti surfaceof ahead 3` in the usual manier.^-f he :flies or vermin are attracted andi get into' 'the Vkeg-hase` similar chime!! at its oppositeend.li` Jopeijiiifig;A As a result, when the kegs are retui'ned` Positioned in one-'ofV the head'sfsuch asf'the F ofthe"brewery for refilling they haveitobe'caref u "-headf 3 shownill Fig.- f2; isthe sealing n'iechanisrri,` "fullynspected land cleaned, andI in `n`1an `anditgpreferal ly`islocatedso that it`lies`be1ow `stances the `pitchl lining hastobe burned 011. j the level of the chime 2.* TheY `structure as shown the keg re-pitched, or in other Words; relnedjwith fcom'prises a bushing Tscurd" in" an opening `-ix`i t a new pitch coating. Moreover, acork is wasted the head, and `'which'securing4 may be by means fandjdestroyed for each lling. i of screw-threads 'asi-shown; Thefkeg -andlits The object of this invention istoprovideakeg head may be ofwoodorhietal;althoughthetrend "sealto `overcome these objejctions11` The fcon' atlthe presenttim-is-strongly i; ovkfarci`l theuse'of struction is one which will remain `sealed;against `metal kegs. The bushing 1 has an opening there-'-` thefinternal pressure,and yet one through which throughin which is secured as byineans f `the draft tube canjbe easily inserted@ Thisstrucy screw-threads a` secondfbush'ingf 8; 7 sleeve of ture is of a permanent nature anditwlllast for `metal or the like; asillustrated at lissrecurd v along period of 'time, and' no 'partsfare' `usedor -to `the inside of thelbushinglinelignment with consumed with each"A iilling.` Moreover wl 1fen'lthe them opening through the bushirigf and therefore `jdraft tubeis removed after thejkeg isemptyfthe in alignment with the second bushing 8 jsealstructure automatically closesandkeepsfout "The bushingf'l has an internal 'shoulder' H alljextraneousmatterand things; j `30 which oppcsesv the end of the -bushing 18,1and a y `The structure also provides an auxiliary c1o. sealinggelement -isadaptedfto clampedbelsure means, both exterionof `the'ke'g and*`int11`pi0l` tween' "the bushing 8 andthe-shoulder Il.A i ofthe keg, so that exterior extraneousniatter is sealing element, as illustrated in Fg'ywfi; hasel prevented from accesstothe parts whichfa'ctually tubular-likefbody I 2 provided at onejend with `effectythe seal andso that these samejparts'lare 35 an 'outwardly extending flange `l3` whichfmaybe tprotected from Vthe interior. Thus Vwhen@ is re-enforcedlbya Inetallic insert I4. 5 The tubular necessary to remove the 'pitch lininggiro he" bodymaybepre-formedso thatthe end opposite interior of the keg and'to apply a,new`lin .ing",the thefla-nge I Sisof a graduallyatteningarrange- 'seal structure may remain .in position andthe `n fi'ent presenting tapered sides |5,`4a s' viewedV in ."sealingparts arev protecte'dfrom thearjneain'go Fig.-2,ijvvliile as viewedat right: angles 4 i'. hereto i `the de-pitching operation and from the'newly i as inFigfljthefstructureappearsto bewidening, `applied pitch lining. I 1T 1 Ihe1 edges of the sealmember cometogetherin i A construction for carrying outthe invention contact with ,each` other as two `lipsv I B and-|1 .is` disclosed in the accompanyingjdrawings In `(Fig. 27)". "This sealing xjnernbermaybeniadefof` )the drawings j Y rubber or of a," synthetic `materialbf ajrubber-l j Fig. 1 is an elevational `viewof 'akeg illustra t like` n ature,` or one of` 'thefsofcalledjsynthetic ingthe draft tube applied thereto. i .rubbers, 4and,`of course, thechemical composif fon is to besuch thatno objectionable odorsllor' Fig.' 2 is an enlarged crosssectinalview taken t through thehe'ad of the kegiandshowing'zthe T .l seal structure.` t l q j" Asshown in Fig. 2.the"1angel l 3is clamped Fig. 3` is a cross sectional view taken sub' ta between thebushing 8 and the shoulderlLj Also;

,tially Online 3-3 of Fie. .2.` L i 1 "clamped in.L this position iis `,a.Springelementis ff" Fig. 4 is a4 View of the sealing element. Q viewed in Fg.` 8 having a ciroumierential'jlange Fig. 5 is acrosssectonal viewsimilargtdml f, Zllwhich I njayfbe positionedY against T thegshoulderA t showing the draft tube applied to the keg. f i land spring arms4 2|- `extending downwardly fiavorsfareirriparted, to the beer.

Jtherefrom and provided with lateral extensions or feet 22. The spring arms extend inwardly as The shown in Fig. 2, and the extensions 22 engage the lips I6 and I l 'with yielding pressure and urge them against each other to form avsealing contact. As shown in Fig. 3, the tube 9 is slightly y elongated in its lower region so as to accommo-I date the increased length of the seal member I2 when it is collapsed as shown. In this connection,

` it maybe stated that'the originalforin of the #sealing `rz'iflenrilo'er may be such that the lips F6v and El areiri substantial contact with each other as anormal condition. However, this is nota necessary prerequisite since the spring arms `2`I will serve to collapse the member and bring th lips into engagement.

A protecting element in the `form of ay'iehzlv` as a seal is also provided by the parts engaged 'between the bushing 8 and the shoulder Il. Also, the tapered plug part 49 seals against the tapered seat 4 I When the keg is to be tapped the outside sealing disc is turned from the position shown in Fig. 2 to the position shown in Fig.`5,` and this also shifts the inner dise out of posi- I l tion. Then the fixture 50 is applied tothe bushing `8 and a seal connection is obtained at the `packing 5I The draft tube is now pushed down- Lxrllardly into -the barrel` and the packing nut 51 is tightened to form a seal at lthe packing 56. As

the draft tubeis pushed downwardly, its end first I ltengages the tapering fingers 21 and expands the isnarnejand therefore lexpands the tapered walls l5 of: the rubber sealing element. Thus the rubing sleeve isdisposed within the rubber sealing member. .This protectingmember has a tubular. 1

v body 25 with an annular ange 2G positioned4 aber@ vthe engel.; .The lowerend of them@- tecting member is out toprovidea number of 'fiegerelwhichvafefermesiihto the posities as fshown -.I1.Fie ,The material 0f which .the i317@- tecting material is made'is such that the `ringer-1s v, be flexed tn iizyvardly` as'Will presentlywbe seen.

rfevriert1if --15urr0se0f providing the auxiliary exterior and interior closureslapost 38j `may be .iiourealed .in the .bushing l and 'proridedeon .the

` lle-lieg with. a. Closure dis@ 3l mQl- .e

.netted to the post and arranged to quitgriu viii @ver the, end ofthe-,tube e9- A supeertn'e ellis; 32. may be provided fer engaging ,the vfree fedgeeofathe:0105111761 dise 3 l Ammer @mme diss? '331s Secured to the Doswmd @Tried the-,tonpfethe bushing .8, and which., prefer,- eblbhas aneenlargemeet 34 Which` @an be e11- .eeee a to" ,Swing the Closure die@ 33 .to untere-r the aperture. 'thme/hing. 8- It Will. beenderd that both auz g-iliary closure' d iscs are non- A :helma-.1 .Serine has. its apposite endsiiedft@ ne' andi-ih@ .pest .respetivelyf the passend, is .end it may be formelivih a; Hilbert@v @ortica-@i1 Seating in a ,tapered :Seat ,lsiefgthe eberethreueh the. bushing l, To geintainfthis .seatasprilie 42 backed up lei-anemie r. anqhthis V'springe is arranged to `normally hold the- ,*Of @Quise necessary t0. als@ provide a Seal ,e @und ment 43 greets. theranered `pertllll esame? the seat 4 I in Eigelb, f6' and *1.,4 the arrangement isf'eiio'fvvri jygitie:Ythe',eci-called` beer tap applied te triejke'g.

{ Ihegbeery tap I may Abe of conventional construct1 and it comprises a -iixture` or cap 5.0with'a p cliiiglarranged to seat on the bushing 8 and webmiles. 522 'airl'uleed'wV be engaged under lues Si of. thefoverhan'ging type; onthe bushing nders'ui'qface offthe ,lugs 'x53 areinclined .as

Figjsijse that as the 'nature seisv rbtofpositiongj the packing si "is tightly enga dwith thesurface of the"bushing.'"The 'graft tube,y commonly' Calleja the' ftapi reef. fis

thitmigh @einem .Gf a @mme V"'-be'rsealirig element is protected from being marred orcutby the end of the draft tube. When the d raft tube 'is in position the rubber sealing element need not necessarily engage ythe same aroundits entire periphery, asshown F-ig. 6, vvsince a seal is effectedat. Hand .at-5;

V-the draft-.tube fis.` -xjvithdraii/ri.4 the parts return.

" fthe Jpbsinen Shown im Eig. f2, y'with me' "une `u;

fand [T Corning .together to close theA opning'and to t'hus keep'out all ,dirt and,vermin;y ZITh'e spring 1 315 a'uses'a closure ofthe auxiliary Yclosingdiscs sothat .exterior dirt'a'nd verminlha've noiaccess ".the'finterior of the '.r'bber sealing element. When .it becomesneCessary to remulethle the interior of the keg heat 4is .appliedt melt .the piteh, and thelips leans n, and in raam-.ne n entire` ru'b'b'er sealing element, are' prptectd.

a newpitehiining is applied. 'it is applied to'fthev interior discl as well vas to 4"other exposedparts, butnotto'the'lipsfl and ,I'ljasthese are prteeted., "Iclaimfm. y A sealstructureffor "the `draftv Qp'ering'of 'a keg yfor a beveragefsuch as beer comprising,` Ya

bushing l.adapted tobe'locatedlfin the wall (of the lieg,y ait-ubuiarseaungLmemberef rubber or ubll I Ve'iiiai'ehlfl phSvitOrved alignment W'ithfhe h hlng and havi'rigar'l` end adapted to `be vlocated .within the Akeg.`yel -l2lg ,'Ineansffor 'holding saii .xidroflthegtubularniember collapsed to close and sadftl,lefpassagek through.' the 'tubularmember adhu's'hmg'and adapted tobe spread when fa tubular member,.agguar'dearrienbythebusmrrg y and extending inwardlyp'i. thekeg and surrounde eaidprpjee'ting. end gerjthe tubular member, a closure cap .moyable t'oandfrom .a 'position for closing"the"innerv endA ofthe guard, 'another lele.-

: sure capiifor .catering 'the bushing inthe yexter'ir thel'keg 'and common v'means upon which the simultaneously no .and 'from @closed position.

A se'aristmetuee trerineeraf opening aria keg, `'for a 'beverage such.. as beer comprising; j a

' bushingiadapted'to, be 'heated in tnewali ejf the keg; a tubular sealing membergaf rubber braun;

,. her-like material positionedfin alignment with 'th'fbliShiIie-andhavine an end ,adaptedjto'be ,y 1"' located within the'keg, 'yielding meansifo; helding said endfof .the tubular member. 'collapsjedftb el'se and seal melpassaeethrough.theftubular member, fand bushing and v adapted 'to be spread when' ,a ferait tube isjforc'ed tnroughjthe bushing and tubular member, a 'tubular 'guard 'extending inwardly from the .bushing and surrounding said projecting 'end ofthe'` tubular member, a closure capmovable to` andrhinlla.noeitongor 'closing sare mounted soil-han .tnetcaps may begshiited 'tosvving the caps to andffro'in'closing positions.

`berlike material positioned inlalgrlml'ltwith coated within the' keg,ky ielding means forA holdng 'said ,end ofthe tubular` member collapsed `toclose and ,seal the passage @through the :tubu- "When adraft tube is forced through the bushing "and tubular member, a tubularfguardjsupported of the guard, another closure capjfor! covering the bushing on ther` exterior of the keg,1 "common means acting upon, the common means to norf arguard onthe interiori of rthelkeg. 11, l

Fl; Aseal structure for the dra opening keg,Y a tubularsealing member of rubber or rub- `the bushing and having an" end .adapted lto zbe ofclose andseal the passage through" theqtubu'- "the Vbushing on the exterior? of thekeg, common keg adjacentthe bushinganfd to which `the eaps are `secured and whichisi operablegto the caps to andwfrom closingpo'sitions, spring means f,the`,bushi`ng onthe `exteriorffof` thekeg and or closing the `opening of `the tubular fguard on the interior of the keg,'tjand"meansforming a rotatable and sealedijointbetvveen the thekeg and said rotatable menriber.` l

` the'fkeg, guard means insidethe keg surrounding 3. A seal structure for the draft openinglof a vkeg for a beverage such asbeercomprising, a, l fbushing adapted to be located in the wall of the rlr`e`g,a tubular sealingmemberiof rubberor rubthe `bushing and `having an` end'adapted` to `be mally hold the fcapsf'in `the position for closing fthe "opening fof the bushingfoiijotheyexterior of ythe keg and for closing the openingof the tubuof@` keg for a beverage suchlasbeera,comprising, a

bushing adapted tofbe-:locatedin the wallof the berlikematerial positione'din alignment" with ar member andfbushing and adaptedto be spread. hen a `draft tube isf forced throughthe bushing and tubularmember, a tubularguardvsurl l ounding said projecting 'jendof thev tubular member, a closure cap" movable ltotand@froma positionfor closing the" openend of theguard; "another closure ycap for covering the opennggin "means rotatably" positionedv in-"the wall of the l lar member and bushing and adapted to be spread y thebushing and surroundingsaid projecting fend-of the tubular menriber, a closure; cap moV-v t ableto' and fromya position forclosing the end l l means" rotatably positioned inf the vval1jof 'the l keg adjacent the bushingfand to Whicllthe caps are secured `and which isfoperable to` swing the 1 1 l apsfto and frornolosingi.positions,` and "spring o cated Within?thelfreg,` yielding means Aforholol` ngsaid end ofthe f tubularmember collapsed l .acting upon the commonmeans to normally/hold th'ecaps in the position for closing thejopening 5. y In a keg for a beverageisuch asV beer; a seal structure for tl'iaefdraft"opening#,comprising` a"` ember secured thefkeg'ywall and `h'avirigam r- Aopening therethrough,alxbushingintheopening, aftubular member held in position between the u "bushing andthe,memberandyprojecting inside through the; bushing andf,th1ougl:iy the tubular `member and adapted to yiel'dwh'en a draft tube is from closing pos' ing n means for col1apsing`.the inner endV of y the tubular member to` close ande seal' the passage and the opening of the "tubularguard o n the interiorof thekeg,

6. In a keg for a beverage suol-las beer, a seal Yside the `keg,` guard means inside thekeg surl' l rounding the projecting end of the tubular `mern-4 ber, yielding means for collapsing the inner end of the tubular member to close and seal the passage through the bushingand through the l tubular member and adapted t yield when a l `draft tube is inserted therein, closureoaps shiftable toandf from closing position for covering.`

the opening in the bushing on the exteriorof the keg and the opening of the tubularguard onthe interior of the keg, and means Withinthe tubular member adaptedfto be engaged byand` expandedn by the draft VVtube as thelsameV is projectedthrough the tubular member to' protect.

the tubular member from the end of thefdr'alt tube, y 7. A sealstructure for the draft tubeopening;

g of akeg for a beverage such as beer compris-f ing, a bushing adapted Ato be secured in the `wall` of `the keg, and having a s houlderf in its open-- ing, asecond bushing securedinl the opening ofk the first bushing, a tubular member oflrubbexV or rubber-like material having aange atene 'endfengaged between the secondnained bushc ving",l and the shoulder of the first bushing ando adaptedlto projectinto the keg, a guard'sur-l y l rounding the projecting end of `thetubular mem--` "l ber,` yielding means for.col1aps`ing the projecting endof thejtubular member to close and sealthe :l l passage through the second bushingand'tubular` 1 member and adaptedtto yildand expandwhen l a draft tube isforced through the tubularmem- H ber, a post rotatablyfmounted inlhe rst bnshl. l

ing and having asealed connectontherewith,

and two caps secured to the post and shiftable upon rotation around the post as an axis to and from positions (for closing the exterior opening inthe second named bushing and the opening in the guard.` n

8. A seal structure for the draft openingpftr.`

when ai draft tube is forced through the fi `and tubularmember, means withinthe tubular` member 'comprising 4,relatively collapsible fingers for protecting the inner surfaces of 'the"tub`u1ar` member upon insertioncf a" `draft tube, a guard l `surrounding the tubular member,` "said guard be-` 'ing carried :by thebushingfandextending inn iivardly-,of the keg to an extent `at least equal;

to theinward extent of the tubular member, and

a c :lo'surecap` pivotally mountedin the bushing on anaxisv substantially paralleling the aXisof l the tubular memberand swingable to and from a positionclosing theninner end of the guard.`

` Ikeenfnd Colilmonmeansfi'otatablypositioned in ing in the bushing Von theeklterior of the keg "1' the Wall of the keg adjacent the bushing-and to Which'the caps are secured and which is operable

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