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Número de publicaciónUS2339555 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación18 Ene 1944
Fecha de presentación18 Dic 1941
Fecha de prioridad18 Dic 1941
Número de publicaciónUS 2339555 A, US 2339555A, US-A-2339555, US2339555 A, US2339555A
InventoresGeorge W Glass
Cesionario originalFirestone Tire & Rubber Co
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Spark plug packing case
US 2339555 A
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Jan. 18, 1944. s. w. GLASS 2,339,555

' SPARK PLUG PACKING CASE 7 Filed Dec. 18, 1941 3mm. GEORGE W.GLASS.

stasis. 18,1944 .J

' application December 1s, 1'941,,seasi moms This invention cartons.

'An important object: or the -isv teosj resides I 1 in the-provisibngof an'improved carton particua",

the s dl h s'f neais'plsyi of articles such as Sp8lkplug3',,- a

i More specifically it is an obi V ly 'open, for -thiareception of opposite termini of t to provide in f -Tray I0 is divided longitudinally thereof into plural areas defined by transverse score lines ing tray-is "telescopically engageable,.-with ,an

enclosing cover, means for. protecting-articles;

from dust and dirt. when theftrayis'; removed; T

from its cover, the articles being-"viewable,

through a transparent tray portion. Y Another object of the invention isto provide the tray portion of a cartonlofthe'above type with means permitting easy'deta'chment ofnor- -mal1y joined article containing-portions.

Still other obiects will become apparent to persons skilled in the art uponexamination of the drawing, description, y and claims appended hereto." v 1 in the drawing:-

; Pig. 1' shows in perspective a merchandise"- carton having the therein a m v shown inFig. 1, illustrating an a'rticlefco'ntainin! in: section partially remaining tray p0rtion.-

chandise tray of the-device of Figs. 1 and '2.

Fig. 4 is a section along the lines ofl-l,-Fig. 3.-

invention incorporated 2 is a perspective view of theyzcarton f2 Claima Em r 2 's.) I g -.relates' "to 'xnerchandising I tions II and." comprise outer walls", 23 and 1. inner wells 2 "manual-therewith and spaced therefrom. The-inner walls 24 and flare'pro- 'vld ed with suitableapertures 21 and ",aligned transversely of-the tray, andprefe'rably upwardarticles such as .a spark plug 20'.

each of said areas being provided centrally thereof with, axpa'ir of aligned article receiving apertures, above described. It is clearly shown in Fig. 2 thatscore lines ll are provided throughout all the tray wall portions. The paper board ultimately forming tray in is preferably provided with parallel rouletted lines as part of the stamping operation. Upon assembly of the tray, the score lines in the top, bottom and side walls of the tray, between each section, fall within a common plane, whereby to permit an operator to easily sever one tray portion, and the article contained, therein, from the remaining joined tray portions by tearing the individual portion along the weakened lines of fracture, preferably when the tray is in the 1. position shown in Fig. 2, with only one such por-,

' :jtion completelyeitending from cover H.

detached" from the :v and dirt after the articles have been dis- Fig. 3 illustrates in plan one end of the mer- 'posed therein,'by application of a thin sheet I! Tray n is preferably individually closed a.

=of transparent material such as Cellophane,

', glassine, or the like.

Fig. 5 is a section along the lines of 5-5, Fig.1.

Like parts are identified by the same numerals IO, U-shape in cross section, and a box-like cover ll, rectangular in cross section, into one end of which tray ll telescopes, preferably in snug fit relation thereto.

The carton is preferably constructed of paper board or the like, but it is immaterial as towhat material is used for cover H itbeing necessary. however, that a fibrous-like material be employed for the construction of the tray l0. Cover I l hasat least one, end provided with a conventional side flap l2 and a pair of end flaps II, to provide a removable closure for the end.

Tray I0 is preferably formed from a single blank of paper board, suitably cut, folded and glued to provide a tray having upstanding side wall portions l5 and I6 and a depressed center portion 18 to provide a well 19 for reception of articles such as a spark plug 20. Side wall per- Sheet 33 is preferably cemented to the upper surface of wall portions II and ll. the sheet being also transversely rouletted, the perforations thereof being aligned with each sheet of perforations across tray ll. The transparent sheet permits display of the articles withinltray ll with-cover ll removed,

and it further serves to strengthen each inscribed and illustrated as incorporated in. a

carton of elongated form, it is apparent that this limitation is not essential and that the invention taught herein is susceptible to incorporation in cartons of other types without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim:

1. A merchandise carton having incombina elongated article lupnortinl h'ay P aide portiona belnl notched in! the reception oi end portion oi elongated arflelee poeitioned with n said well to extend thereof and a box-like cover into tray may be slidably disposed, said provided with plural weakened areas ediate the article hollow aide portion: and

lothetraywallawithin articlmoaitioned transversely oi'thetraanaald spaced longitudinally thereof midway between" lineaextending throuzh,

provided with score lines equally said alota, said more a plane right anzularly plane iothetray.

diapoeed to the Ieneral clonal: w. chase.

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