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Número de publicaciónUS2393767 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación29 Ene 1946
Fecha de presentación28 Mar 1944
Fecha de prioridad28 Mar 1944
Número de publicaciónUS 2393767 A, US 2393767A, US-A-2393767, US2393767 A, US2393767A
InventoresGould Russell L
Cesionario originalGould Russell L
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Candle holder
US 2393767 A
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Patented Jan. 29, 1946 www] UNITED STATES PATENT fOFFICEy c CANDLE HOLDER Russell L. Gould, Shirley Center, Mass.V vApplication March 28, 1944, Serial No. 528,419

(c1. fav-2s) i 8 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in candle holders and the object thereof is to Drovide a holder which will insure the maintenance of the candle in vertical position until it is consumed.

Usually candles are formed either by casting the candle in substantially cylindrical moulds or by repeatedly dipping the wick vertically into a melted body of suitable material from which the candle is to be made, thereby providing the socalled dipped candles. candles thedownward ow of the material during the repeated dipping operation produces a candle of conoidal form because of theV downward flow of the material as it hardens so that the base of the candle is of considerably larger diameter than the upper portion thereof. Furthermore, the diameter of the dipped candles varies in accordance with the number of dips which produce the candle and also with respect to the degree of uidity of the molten material.

The diameter of the lower ends of different candles, whether cast or dipped, varies considerably, and seldom any is found which snugly ts the socket of the usual candle holder or candlestick having a head providedwith the socket to receive the candle. In order therefore to insure the holding of the candle in vertical position so that it will not wobble or drip it has been necessary either to wrap the lower end of a candle which is too small to fit the socket or to trim by hand the lower end of the candle, such as a dipped candle, which is too large to t the socket. i

The object of the present invention is to provide a candle holder having a socket provided 'with means operable by rotation of the candle about its axis, While the end thereof is being inserted into the holder, to trim it and thereafter to retain the candle in upright position.

A further object of the invention is to provide a candle holder having a socket the wall of which is provided with one or more inwardly extending ribs provided with an angular edge or edges operable by rotation of the candle about its axis when the end of a standard or oversized candle is inserted into the socket to trim said end and thereafter to retain the candlein vertical position and-which rib may extend suiilciently inwardly properly to engage and support an undersized candle in vertical position.

A further object of the invention is to provide a candle holder' having a socket provided with an inwardly extending rib or ribs inclined circumerentially with respect to the axis of the candle and operable when the candle is'rotated In thus making dipped f about its axis whilebeing inserted therein not only to trim the candle b ut to draw the candle downwardly thereby progressively trimmingl the candle and finally holding the candle invertical position.

Another object of the invention is to provide a candle holderhavinga socket comprising trimming mechanism which will produce a shoulder to engage the flat upper face of the socket member thereby producing an additional circumferential support to insure retention of the candle in vertical position.

These and other objects and features of the invention will more fully appear from the followingdescription and the accompanying drawing and will be particularly pointed out in the claims.

Preferred embodiments of the invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawing as applied to a simplified form of candle holder, but it will be understood that the socket member of the candle embodying the invention may be employed in a usual type of candlestick having at its upper end a suitablesocket member to receive and support the candle. y

In the drawing:v l Figjl is a plan view of a simplified form'foi Candlestick embodyingv the invention; Fig. 2 is a sectional view on line 2 2, Fig. 1, the lower end portion of the candle being shown in elevation Fig. 3 is a plan view of a modiiied form of l invention'comprising four ribs each having cutting edges yoperable to trim the candle when rotated in either direction during itsv insertion into the socket;

Fig. 4 is` a similar view illustrating a candle holder having three ribs with cutting edges adapted to trim the candle and so constructed as to form a triangular support for the candle;

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a candle holder in which the cutting ribs are circumferentially inclined 4with respect to the vertical axis of the socket; and,

Fig. 6 is a modiedv form of the invention Acomprising a flat base with three concentrically spaced members extending upwardly therefrom with concavely curved inner faces the vertical edges of which are adapted totrim the candle.

The construction illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 comprises a preferably circular base I having a central upwardly extending socket member 2 provided with a flat upper face 3 and having therein a concentric socket 4 preferably butpnot necessarily tapering downwardly to conoidal iorm.A The wall of the socket member 3 is provided with an inwardly extending rib having a cutting edge 6 Vadapted when 'the candle is rotated about its axis in a clockwise direction,`

desirably convergesslightly downwardly so that the lower end of the candle is trimmed to. conical,

tapered form thereby enabling candles of smaller A diameter than thefsocket to bee'properlyl trimmed andretained in vertical position.

In the construction shown in Fig. 3 the socket member `2i is provided. with four inwardly' ex.-`

tendine` convergingly inclined ribs l-. equally spaced apart and haring inner races. lil` concentricwith the. axis of the socket.` so that each; rib is provided with two cutting edges I2 and L3 adapted to. trim; the; candle as it. is inserted whether rotated ina clockwise or; counterclockwise; direction.. In this construction the. ribs; with the: cutting edges t2 and I3 are produced at the intersection of segmental equally spacedvertical circular recesses; M which merge into the circular or conoidal socket formed by the: concave faces of.. the ribs.

from a solid; block. by' first boring the; central socket a-ndn thereafter boring; eccentric holes or channels about; centers suitablyy spaced from the periphery of the central socket, orA oli courseV the holder may be formed by casting in a suitable4 mould. The construction shownin Fig. 4 is similar to that, shown in Fig. 3 except` that it is so constructed as to provide, three candle.- trimming and supporting ribs of the character above l described., This construction isV advantageous in i that it provides athree-point, Supportwhich will more certainly support the candle-in vertical position and prevent it from wobbling. y c

The construction shown in Fig. 5 is ofr similar Vconstruction to that illustrated in Fig; l except that the wall of. the socket member 2v is, provided with a plurality, preferably two trimming ribs i5 which are circumferentially inclinedj'with respect to the axis ofthe socket andy act when the candle is rotated; in a counterclockwise direction during its insertionl into the, socket to draw the candle downwardly, thereby aiding its introduction into the socket and insuring the positioning ofg'the candle vertically in thesoeket. n i

The modified embodiment of the. invention shown inv Fig. 6 comprises a preferably circular base I6 having a iiat upperface l1 with three upwardly extending candle-engaging members IB equally spaced apart. circumferentially and having, concentric circular faces [9, providing angular edges 2U and 2l operable by the rotation lof the candle about its axis in either direction while.

.being inserted axially between said members to trimsaid end portion of the candle and when saidend is engaged by the faces to retain it in. vertical position.

Y When the lower end portion of the candle is trimmed by rotation aboutits axis as it is insorted. intothe socket a.- shoulder` will bek formed In the' construction illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 the socket The vertical recesses form receptacles for the; materialcut from` the candle asV itis being'rotatably inserted in the socket- A vholder. of this type; can be. readilyconstructed which will seat rmly upon the natupper surface of the holder member such as ther atsurface 3 of the socket members illustrated in Figs.`

1-5 inclusive and the hat upper ends of the cutter and holder members shown in Fig. 6.

It will be understood that the particular embodiments of the invention shown and described herein are of an illustrative character; that other. types of trimming devices may be employed; and thattheinvention may beembodied in the socket portion of usual. types ofj candlestickY or other candle holders within the meaning and scope of l the following claims.

Having thus described the invention, what is lclaimed as new, and desiredA to be secured by 2;V A candle holder having a. socket, to: receive v the endof a. candle. in which the wall 'ofthe socket is provided. with a narrow ritt extending inwardly and provided wii'loY a. concave facecorn centric withl the vertcat axis. ortho socket; and

havin-g a cutting,l edge circu-n-rferential-ly inclined Y tothe vertical axis of the socket.

3'. A candle holder l.--ravir1s asocket. to. receive the end of,Y a candle'in which the wall oithe socket is; provided vwith `arr:inwardly extending narrowv rib having an inneriiace concentric respect to the verticalaxis ci. the socket andhave ine edeesonerable by rotation. orthe. candle about itsv axis in either* direction while being inserted intoithesocket to tri-msaid' end, the'conioave'vflace of the rib: acti-ng incooperatiorr with. otherrortions: of; the wall of they socket; oretain the.: candle in vertical posi-tions i 4. A candle holder having a. socket. tof-receive the lend of a candle iii-.which the wall eithey socket is provided with, a. plurality( ofA equally spaced in,-

. WardlyV extending ribs eachYhav-ing., an. inner tace in either direction while being insertedv into the socket to.- trim said end` and thereaiterto retain the candlein, vertical.' position.

5. A candle holderV having y a, socket to receive an end of a candle which; the wallV oiL the socket is provided; with a. pluralityv of equally spaced narrow downwardlyI and inward-lyconlf verging ribs each having; a concave innen tace concentric withY respect to the vertical axis of the socket and having angular edges operableblf the rotation of the. candleabout, its axis in-ether direction, while-being inserted intothe socket. progressively to trimA and. said endthere,- after to retain, the candle in. vertical position.. i'

6. A, candle holder having a vertical' socket member provided with a flat upper face: and hav ing al circular socket there-in. extending vertically downwardly from said face.: and. of less diameter A than that of the lower endL of the candlegtbe held thereby,A the wall of saidsocketr hav-ing arib provided with a cutting .edge operable hy- 'the rotation of the candle. about its axiswhile. the lower-' end.v is being inserted into. the hplder.

aaeavev progressively to trim said end and to produce a shoulder on the candle engaging the flat upper surface of the socket member acting in conjunction with said rib and other portions of the wall of the socket to support the candle firmly in vertical position.

7. A candle holder comprising a head having a vertical circular recess and a plurality of equally spaced segmental recesses merging into said central recess providing ribs having concave inner faces forming a socketl for the candle and presenting angular edges operable by rotation of the candle about its axis in either direction, while being inserted in the socket, progressively to trim and t said end and thereafter for the candle and presenting angular edges,

operable by the rotation of the candle about its axis in either direction, while being inserted in the socket, vprogressively to trim and nt said end and thereafter hold the candle in vertical position.


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