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Número de publicaciónUS2524021 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación26 Sep 1950
Fecha de presentación13 Abr 1948
Fecha de prioridad13 Abr 1948
Número de publicaciónUS 2524021 A, US 2524021A, US-A-2524021, US2524021 A, US2524021A
InventoresBaxter Thomas R, Rigby Wallace J
Cesionario originalShellmar Products Corp
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Nursing container
US 2524021 A
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Se t. 26, 1950 w. J. RiGBY ETAL 2,524,021

NURSING CONTAINER Filed A ril 13, 1948 n IIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1| Wax/act; Jfz z Patented Sept. 26, 1950 NURSING CONTAINER Wallace J. Rigby and Thomas R. Baxter, Mount I Vernon, Ohio, assignors to Shellmar Products Corporation, Chicago, 111., a corporation of Delaware Application April 13, 1948, Serial No. 20,646

2 Claims.

This invention is concerned with improvements in containers. More particularly, it has to do with an improved holder or top construction for use with a container body of flexible material.

It is a general object of the invention to provide a bottle top or holder fixture which is adapted to'be secured in clamping relation to the open top of a bottle body of flexible disposable material.

It is a more specific object of the invention to provide a nursing bottle unit which comprises an internal clamping member having a peripheral skirt portion for insertion within the mouth of a flexible bottle body membena nipple having a flanged base, and an external clamping ring member having an inwardly directed flange for securing the flexible body member and the flanged nipple to the internal clamping member.

A further object of the invention is to provide a nursing unit of th type described wherein the top margins of the flexible body member are secured between the internal clamping member and the external clamping member by a close frictional engagement between the clamping members and wherein the flange on the nipple is at the same time secured in engagement with the internal clamping member by the flange on the external clamping member.

These and other objects of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in this art from a consideration of the preferred form of the device which is shown by way of example in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 is an elevation of a nursing bottle unit incorporating therein the principles of the invention;

Fig. 2 is a plan View of the unit;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged vertical section taken on the line 3--3 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 4 is an exploded view of the unit in elevation.

Referring to the drawings, there is shown a particular form of nursing bottle unit which incorporates therein a two-piece holder or top construction IE! in combination with a nipple I I and a flexible disposable container body I2 of the general type required for use with the holder I n.

The holder in comprises an internal clamping member I3 and an external clamping member or ring I4 for cooperation therewith. The internal clamping member I3, which is relatively deep, is provided with a central bore I5 and an external cylindrical surface comprising a relatively narrow peripheral clamping portion I6 and a wider depending skirt portion H, the latter being provided with a downward and inward taper. The external diameter of the portion I6 of the clamping member I3 is substantially the same as the internal diameter of the marginal portion I8 of the top of the container member I2. The tapered portion I! of the member.l3 is adapted to be inserted into the open top of the container I2 a sufficient distance to bring the marginal portion I8 thereof over the top rim portion I9 of the member I3. The member I3 is provided with a central upwardly projecting shoulder forming portion 20 which acts as a guide for seating the nipple II thereon. v

The nipple I I is'provided with a relatively Wide base and includes aperipheral flange 2| which is adapted to seat on the top rim portion I9 of the clamping member I3, being located in proper position thereon by the projecting shoulder portion 28 and overlapping at its outer margin the foldedin marginal top portion I8 of the container member I2.

The external clamping member I4 is a relatively thin ring-like member which comprises an inwardly directed top flange 22. The flange 22 is adapted to engage over the nipple flange 2| and clamp the same against the top rim portion I9 of the member I3. The smallest internal diameter of the upper portion 22 of the ring member I4 is only slightly greater than the external diameter of the portion I6 of the clamping member I3. The inner surfac of the portion 22 tapers outwardly and downwardly only slightly, for example, approximately 2. The surface 23 is provided with a slightly greater taper, for example 7 and the surface 24 is provided with a still greater taper, for example 15. When the external ring member I4 is in clamping position relative to the internal clamping member I3 the container top is clamped adjacent the margin I8 between the exterior surface of portion I6 of the internal clamping member I3 and the interior surface of portion 22 of the external clamping ring I4. The clamping member I3 and I4 are sufficiently close fltting to provide a wedging action which insures a tight seal between the container top and the clamping members.

The container body I2 which is used with the nursing unit is made of material, such as Pliofilm, polyethylene, etc. The marginal or mouth portion It should be approximately the same diameter as the external diameter of portion IB of the clamping member I3 so that the tapered portion I? of the inner clamping member I3 may be inserted in the mouth portion I8 and the latter drawn up over the surface I6 to provide a snug fit. When the container is clamped between members l3 and M an effective seal is obtained.

The clamping members l3 and M are preferably formed of a plastic material such as nylon, or the like, which will provide sufficient resiliency to permit the locking or wedging action between the members and which will withstand heat and deformation when 'subj (acted to a sterilizing process.

. While specific materials and details of construction have been referred to in describing the preferred form 'of the invention it will be understood that other materials and other details of construction may be resorted to within the spirit 'of the invention.

We claim:

1-. A nursing unit comprising a flexible disposable container body, a flanged nipple and cooperating clamping members for securing the top portion of the container body in sealed relation with the nipple flange, said clamping members comprising an inner clamping member having a top shoulder portion for seating thereagainst the flange of the nipple and having a smooth peripheral clam-ping surface adjacent saidshoulder portion for insertion in the open top of the container and an outer clamping member having an inwardly directed flange for engaging in clamping relation over the margin of the flange on the nipple, said outer clamping member having a smooth inner clamping surface for cooperation with the peripheral clamping surface of the inner clamping member whereby said clamping members may beengaged with said top portion of said bodv by non-rotatable axial movement to frictionally secure between said clamping members the top of the receptacle in sealing relation thereto.

2. Ina nursing unit comprising a flanged nipple, a, flexible disposable container and cooperating internal and external ring members for securing the nipple and th container in communieating relation, said internal ring member having a top portion for seating the flange of the nipple and a smooth slightly tapered peripheral surface for insertion in close fitting relation within the top of the container and said external ring member having an inwardly directed top flange portion for clamping engagement with the flange of the nipple and a, smooth slightly tapered depending skirt portion for cooperation with the tapered peripheral surface of the internal ring member, said ring members being adapted to be moved into clamping relation by non-rotatable axial movement to hold between said ring members the top of the container.


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Clasificación internacionalA61J9/00
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Clasificación europeaA61J9/00C