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Número de publicaciónUS2546820 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Mar 1951
Fecha de presentación7 Abr 1947
Fecha de prioridad7 Abr 1947
Número de publicaciónUS 2546820 A, US 2546820A, US-A-2546820, US2546820 A, US2546820A
InventoresPhilip J Grant
Cesionario originalPhilip J Grant
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Paper and deodorant dispenser
US 2546820 A
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March 27, 1951 P, J, GRANT 2,546,820

PAPER AND DEODORANT DISPENSER Filed April 7, 1947 Patented Mar. 27, 1951 Y. A.ourrso sucres sms-Nr 2,546,820 y .rennen-AND DEoDoRsANmDIsPENsER Philip `v`J.^G.rmu;,^ oklara; o'rif.

applicativa-April 7, 194:7;sreriar-N0. 739,939

n SSClainis. 1

Thisinvention-relates toandimgeneral has for itsf object-the provision hof.V a combination. paper l#and deodorant dispenseig-land more particularly a e dispenser for dispensing v-a deodorant A and s toilet tissue in roll form.

"'Afurther obj'ect'ifof the invention is the provision of a dispenser for the Vpurpose described, wherein a hollowrollfservesl'asar spool for sup- ,.portinga rollof .tissue and for accommodating a deodorant either in powder or liquid. form, and wherein means is provided for readily removing the roll 'from'itsmountings'i for applying thereto eitherfa' refill of paper or (deodorant.

'lfIhe' invention possesses other advantageous lfeaturfessome of which withthe foregoing willl 'fb'e set forth at length in the@following-descriptionfwhere that form of the inventionwhich has :iabeenbs'elected for illustration-inthe drawings v'accompanying and forming a part of the present specication is outlined in full. In said drawings, one form of the invention is shown, but it is to be understood that it is not limited to such form, since the invention as set forth in the claims may be embodied in a plurality of forms.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is an isometric projection of a paper and deodorant dispenser embodying the objects of my invention.

Fig. 2 is an exploded, isometric projection of the hollow deodorant receptacle and paper Vroll supporting member shown in Fig. l.

Fig. 3 is a reduced longitudinal vertical section taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.A

As shown in Fig. l, my dispenser includes a semi-cylindrical metal shell I bounded by a frame 2 and arranged to be recessed within a bathroom or lavatory wall 3, all in accordance with well known practice.

Extending outwardly from each of the vertical side members 4 and 5 of the frame 2 and forming a continuation of end walls of said shell are bearing brackets 6 and 1, respectively formed on their inner faces with circular recesses 8 and 9. As shown in Fig. 3, the bracket i is formed with a circular opening I and with a counterbore I2 coaxial therewith and in open communication with the recess 9.

Disposed between the bearing brackets and 'I is a transparent plastic cylinder or mandrel I3 provided at each end with longitudinally extendlng, diametrically opposed slots I4. Force fitted over the ends of the cylinder I3 are opposed metal caps I5 and I5 provided with perforations I1 for establishing communication between the interior Vand exterior of the cylinder. The function of (Greiz-"552) thefsiots. I4 .is simpiy "to permitirme nds tri-the f cylinder todiex sufficiently l to. permit the; mount- -ingfandremoval-'ofthe caps! 5 and I6. Rivetd to .-t-lie -cap I5 fcoaxially. therewith is an outwardly fextending pin I8,and fastenedithereto by 'a set y screw |9fis/ adiscf bearing or -stublbearing shaft 2| journaled in the'recess.

Flastened to the` cap IE coaxiallytherewitliis'a "through'the' slot "'23 saiasiito`-1imit meint-inward Youter cylinder 24 y "Mountedv on"the"'outer"end' oithe v'cylinder 24, by

movement vf theV cyhnder tI reiativevtothefgcy1- rzirfderf'za.

I Disposed" within telescoping "cylinders isy a'coil' spring "26 'serving tc resiliently urge *the in its extended position.

a set screw 2l, is a disc bearing 28 journaled in the bearing recess 9. Fastened to the cylinder 24 by `a set screw 29 is a stop 3| preferably in the form of a ring or disc. The screw 29 is provided with a hexagonal recess in its head rather than a conventional kerf and consequently can be loosened only by a special screw driver having a head designed to t it.

Extending through the opening I| is a pin 32 and threaded to the inner end thereof is a ring 33 held Within the counterbore I2 by the outer spring retaining cylinder 24. The outer end of the pin 32 is formed with a flange or button 34 which when depressed serves to release the disc bearing 28 from its bearing 9 provided that the stop disc 3| is either loose on the cylinder 2li or locked thereon against the disc bearing 28. In this connection, it should be noted that the distance between the bracket 1 and the cap I6 should be slightly greater than the width of the disc bearing 28 plus the width of the stop disc 3| so that when the stop disc 3| is locked to the cylinder 24, against the disc bearing 28, the latter may still be made to clear the bracket 'l by depressing the button 34. By locking the stop disc 3| I'midway between the bracket 'I and the cap I6, as shown in Fig. 3, yit becomes impossible to remove the cylinder I3 and consequently the roll 35 of tissue which is mounted on it.

To load the cylinder I3 with'paper and a deodorant, it is iirst removed from the brackets B and 1 by depressing the button 34 as above indicated. One of the caps I5 or IB is then re. moved and a deodorant 36 either in powder form or in the form of a solution impregnated in a suitable wick is introduced into the cylinder,

emesse Y This having been done, the cap is replaced and a roll of tissue is threaded on the cylinder. To mount the cylinder I3 in the brackets 6 and 'l in its operative position, the disc bearing 2| is inserted into the bearing recess 8 and the opposed disc bearing 2B is depressed against the action of the spring 26 until it clears the inner face of the bracket 'i and can be allowed to snap into its bearing recess 9 as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. If it is then desired to make the device tamper proof, the stop disc 3l is locked in the position shown in Eig. 3 as previously explained.

If deodorant 36 be of the absorbent type, it wili absorb any odors within the immediate vicinity of the device and which are permitted to pass through the perfor-ations I1. If the deodorant be of the vaporizing type, it will emit counteracting vapors through the perforations l1 to the surrounding atmosphere. Since the cylinder i3 is transparent, it is easy to determine whether a recharge of deodorant is necessary.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

i. A rolled-paper dispenser comprising: a hollow mandrel provided at one end with a stub bearing shaft; a cap detachably secured over the opposite end of said mandrel; an inwardly extending sleeve xed to said cap coaxially therewith; an outwardly extending sleeve arranged to telescope within said inwardly extending sleeve;

a loading spring disposed within said sleeves and arranged to resiliently urge said sleeves apart; a disc bearing mounted on the outer end of said outwardly extending sleeve; a stop mounted on d low mandrel; a cap detachably secured over each end of said mandrel, one of said caps being apertured; a disc bearing secured toV one of said caps 4coaxially therewith; an inwardly extending sleeve secured to the other of said caps coaxially therewith; an outwardly extending sleeve utelescoping `with said inwardly extending sleeve; a loading spring disposed within said sleeves for resiliently urging them apart, and a disc bearing secured to the outer end of said outwardly extending sleeve.

3. A rolled-paper dispenser comprising: a hollow mandrel; a cap detachably secured over each end of said mandrel, one of said caps being apertured; a disc bearing secured to one of said caps coaxially therewith; an inwardly extending sleeve secured to the other of said caps coaxially there- REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the le of this patent:

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Clasificación cooperativaA47K10/22, Y10S242/905, A47K10/40, A47K2010/322
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