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Número de publicaciónUS2559552 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación3 Jul 1951
Fecha de presentación22 Sep 1949
Fecha de prioridad22 Sep 1949
Número de publicaciónUS 2559552 A, US 2559552A, US-A-2559552, US2559552 A, US2559552A
InventoresCharles D Welshenbach
Cesionario originalHinde & Dauch Paper Co
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Golf club box
US 2559552 A
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July 3, 1951 c. D. WELSHENBACH GOLF CLUB BOX 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Sept. 22, 1949 A INVENTOR Charles D- Welshenbach BY M r 445 ATTORNEYS C. D. WELSHENBACH July 3, 1951 GOLF CLUB BOX 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Sept. 22, 1949.

INVENTOR T ATTORNEYS 33 Charles D. TV elshenbach 11 :sitioning insert.

Patented July 3, 1951 GOLF CLUB BOX Charles D. Welshenbach, Sandusky, Ohio, as-

signor to The Hinde & Dauch Paper Company, Sandusky, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application September 22, 1949, Serial No. 117,095

7 Claims. 1

,This invention relates to paperboard display and shipping receptacles constructed and arranged to hold a series of golf clubs in fixed positions during shipment and in a position advantageous for display purposes.

This invention has for its object to provide a shippin and display receptacle for golf clubs which has an interior construction'that provides a club display rack which securely holds the clubs against displacement in a position to display the individual clubs, the container and club rack structures being 50 combined that they provide a strong and rigid shipping receptacle capable of withstanding considerable rough usage.

A further object of the invention is to provide a shipping and display receptacle provided with an interior display rack in the form of a paperboard strip bent to provide intermediate ribs and end stops that are provided with longitudinally aligned club handle receiving recesses.

With the above and other objects in View the .invention may be said to comprise the golf club shipping and display receptacle as illustrated in the accompanying drawings as hereinafter described together with such variations and modifications thereof as will be apparent to one skilled in the invention showing a set of golf clubs positioned therein;

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section taken on the line indicated at 2-2 in Fig. .1 and showing the removable club rack in elevation;

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view of the container with the club rack removed;

Fig. 4 is a plan view of the bracing rib blank;

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary horizontal sectiontaken on the line indicated at- 5-5 in Fig. 6 showing the attachment of a bracing rib to a side wall;

Fig. 6 is a transverse section onan enlarged scale taken on the line indicated at 6-6 in Fig.3;

Fig. 7 is a plan view of the club rack blank;

Fig. 8 is a fragmentary vertical section on an enlarged scale taken on the line indicated at 88 in Fig. 1;

Fig. 9 is a fragmentary vertical section on an enlarged scale taken on the line indicated at 9-9 in Fig. l; and

Fig. 10 is a horizontal section taken on'the line indicated atl 0-l Uli'n Fig'Q; and

Fig. 11 is a perspective view of the tongue p0- The golf club receptacle of the present invention is in the form of an elongated shallow box which is constructed and arranged to support a sets of clubs and hold them in position for display, the receptacle being adapted to receive a conventional cover when used as a shipping receptacle and servin as a display receptacle when the cover is removed.

The receptacle is provided with a fiat bottom I and upright sidewalls 2 that have end flaps 3 engaging the inner faces of end walls 4 and embraced between theend walls 4 and interior flaps 5 that are hinged to the'top walls along their top edges. The side walls 2 are provided with interior flaps 6 that engage withthe end wall flaps 3 at their opposite ends and with the bottom wall I along their free longitudinal edges. A plurality of transverse upright bracing ribs 1 are provided at longitudinally spaced points, each of the ribs 1 being formed from a rectangular paperboard blank such as shown in Fig. 4 that is folded about its longitudinalcenter line to dispose the opposite halves thereof back to back. Each half of the rib is provided with integral flaps 8 at its ends. The transverse ribs '1 are of less height than the side walls and fit in slots formed in'the side wall flaps 6 which hold the ribs 1 against the bottom I and retain the flaps 8 against the side walls 2 of the container. The ribs 1 are thus rigidly attached at their ends to the side walls and serve to brace the side and bottom walls.

Each of the transverse bracing ribs 1 is provided with spaced notches 9 at its upper edge, the notches 9 being formed by round holes cut in the center of the blank from which the ribs are formed as shown in Fig. 4. The spaced notches 9 of the ribs are longitudinally aligned and are adapted to receive golf club handles. v

The interior of the receptacle is constructed to receive a. set of golf clubs disposed side by side.

the clubs bein positioned in part by the notched ribs 1 and in part by a suitable positioning means at one or both ends of the container. The positioning means is preferably part of a club rack that is removably mounted in the container.

The club rack is preferably formed in one piece and from 'a paperboard strip, of a uniform transverse rib portions H which are of inverted V-shape, each of the ribs H being formed by bending the paperboard blank shown in Fig. 7 along parallel transverse fold lines l2, l3 and M, the ribs ll being so spaced that each receives one of the transverse bracing ribs i. As shown in Fig. '7 laterally spaced elongated slots l extend across the fold lines [3 which form the apices of the hollow V-shaped ribs H and these slots form notches in the apices of the ribs H which register with the notches 9 in the bracing ribs 1 so that club handles are guided by the notches of the ribs II to the notches 9 of the ribs 1. o a

One or both of the end portions of the club rack are formed to provide suitable stops for engagement with the ends of the clubs. As herein shown stops are provided at both ends of the rack, the rack being provided at one end with an end wall engaging portion l6 that engages the interior of an end wall of the receptacle and that is formed between transverse fold lines 11 and 18. The end stop has portions extending inwardly from the end wall is and these members include a triangular top portion l9 and a diagonally disposed stop wall 20 which is joined to the top wall l9 by a diagonal fold line 2! which extends from the fold line 18 intermediate the ends thereof to one side of the rack strip. The top wall i9 is bent inwardly to a position parallel to the bottom of the container and the diagonal stop wall 20 extends downwardly from the wall l9 being joined by a fold line 22 to a bottom flap 23 that rests upon the bottom portion of the rack. To one side of the diagonal wall a locking tab 24 is formed which is cut away from the wall 2!) and flap 23 by a cut along the line indicated at 25 in Fig. '7 and which is bent downwardly along the inner face of the wall l6 into engagement with a slot 26 formed in the bottom portion ill at one end of the fold line H. To secure the stop portion of the rack in folded position, a suitable staple 2! fastens the flap 23 to the bottom ll].

At the opposite end of the rack a stop structure is provided which may be formed in a manner similar to the stop structure first described, the corresponding parts being indicated by the same reference numerals with the addition of the letter a. The diagonal fold lines forming the upright stop wall 20a are parallel to the fold lines 2| and 22 so that the stop wall 20a is parallel to the stop wall 20 and disposed across the diagonally opposite corner of the elongated container.

As shown in Fig. 1 the heads of the golf clubs are positioned by stop wall 15 and end flap 24 at one end of the receptacle and the ends of their handles are positioned by the diagonal wall 29a and flap 2411 at the opposite end of the container. As best shown in Fig. 10, the wall 20a is provided with niches to receive the ends of the club handles and these niches are a line longitudinal with the rib notches 9 and I5. Each of the niches in the wall 20a is provided by a semi-circular tongue 28 that is struck up from the body of the wall 20a to provide an opening 29 that has a vertical straight edge 39 at the side thereof nearest the end of the container, the tongues 28 being integral with the wall 20a along the straight edges 30 of the openings 29. As shown in Fig. 10, three of the club miles are rested against the tongues 28 and D Y w qn in a notch An insert is provided within the tubular stop portion between the wall 20a and the end wall Ilia which provides a vertical wall 32 parallel to the wall 2011 which is held in position by triangular flanges 33 that engage with the top and bottom walls lgaand 23a and which hear at their edges against the adjacent side wall flaps 6 and end walls [6a of the stop. The wall 32 is so disposed with respect to the wall 20a that when the flaps 2 8 I are bent into engagement with the wall 32, they lie in positions parallel with the end wall 3 of the container and perpendicular to the side walls 2. The tongues 28 and openings 29 form niches in the diagonal wall 20a in which the ends of golf club handles may be seated and these niches are aligned longitudinally with the notches 9 and I5 of the ribs so that each of the clubs is firmly secured in proper position for display purposes.

The removable club rack greatly strengthens the receptacle structure, it bottom portions l0 stiffen the bottom and hold the side wall flaps tightly against the end flaps 8 of the stiffening ribs and the hollow ribs l I provide an additional brace for the side walls of the receptacle. The handles of the golf clubs engaging the tapering walls of the ribs H at spaced points stiffen the ribs H and add to the rigidity of the receptacle.

It is to be understood that in accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes variations and modifications of the specific devices herein shown and described may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim is:

1. A paperboard shipping and display receptacle for golf clubs comprising an elongated rectangular container having upright side and end walls and longitudinally spaced ribs extending across the space between said side walls, said ribs each having spaced handle receiving notches in its top edge, the spaced notches of said ribs being aligned longitudinally of the container, and a stop within the container adjacent one end comprising a diagonally disposed upright wall having spaced handle receiving niches longitudinally aligned with the handle receiving notches of said ribs.

2. A shipping and display receptacle such as set forth in claim 1, in which the niches in the diagonal stop wall are formed by tongues struck from the body of the diagonal wall and bent toward the container end Wall, each tongue forming an opening in the diagonal wall and being joined to the diagonal wall along a vertical line at the side of the opening nearest the end wall of the container.

3. A shipping and display receptacle such as set forth in claim 2 in which said stop has a second diagonal wall parallel to the first and between the sanie and the adjacent container end wall, the second diagonal wall being positioned to be engaged by said tongues when the tongues are disposed perpendicular to the end walls of the container.

4. A paperboard shipping and display receptacle for golf clubs comprising an elongated rectangular container having upright side and end walls, longitudinally spaced upright bracing ribs extending transversevly across the space between said side walls and attached at their ends to said side walls, said ribs having laterally spaced longitudinally aligned club receiving notches in their top edges, and a club rack comprising a paperboard strip of a width to fit between said side walls and having portions intermediate the ends thereof bent about parallel transverse lines to form upstanding hollow ribs of inverted V shape, each of said hollow ribs receiving one of said upright ribs and having notches that register with the notches of the upright rib.

5. A shipping and display receptacle such as set forth in claim 4 in which said club rack has end portions bent to form stops at the ends of the container, at least one of said stops having a diagonally disposed upright wall.

6. A shipping and display receptacle -such as set forth in claim 5 in which a diagonally disposed upright stop wall is provided with club handle receiving niches aligned with the club handle receiving slots of the ribs.

7. A paperboard shipping and display receptacle for golf clubs comprising an elongated rectangular container having a bottom wall and upright side and end walls, said side walls having inturned flaps extending from one end wall to the other and having free edges engaging said bottom, said side wall flaps having laterally aligned longitudinally spaced vertical slots extending from their bottom edges and terminating short of the top edge of the side wall, upright rib members having their ends positioned in laterally aligned slots, each rib member being formed of a paperboard strip bent about a central longitudinal fold line to provide face portions disposed back to back, each face portion having an integral flap at each end disposed between a side wall flap and the body of a side wall, said rib members having laterally spaced longitudinally aligned club handle receiving notches, and a club rack in the form of a paperboard strip fitting between the inturned flaps of the side walls and bent about transverse fold lines intermediate its ends to provide upstanding hollow transverse ribs of inverted V form within which said upright rib members are received, said hollow ribs having notches at their apices which register with the notchesof said rib members.


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