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Número de publicaciónUS2607103 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación19 Ago 1952
Fecha de presentación10 May 1948
Fecha de prioridad10 May 1948
Número de publicaciónUS 2607103 A, US 2607103A, US-A-2607103, US2607103 A, US2607103A
InventoresDavidson Sidney N
Cesionario originalDavidson Sidney N
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Body lifter
US 2607103 A
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g- 19, s. N. DAVIDSON 2,607,103

BODY LIFTER Filed May 10, 1948 Sidney N; Davidson INVENTOR.

BY WWWH/QW Patented Aug. 19, 1952 t l ee rm ma s t, Washin ton; i e, 7

Application Ma 10, 1948, s l fl g g well as-forcarrying patients who cannot be readily '5 lifted onto. otherftypes,.of equipment.

primaryqobiectot this invent-ion. is. thereiore,

to provide a devicewhich willefiectively carry, out

eachiof. the1functionsmentionediabcive. 3

Anothertobjeot. of this inventipn -.;ancillary;:tos:

the preceding object, is toprovidea device-,ofathis character whichcan be slid under-a body or under a patient, with a minimum amount of disturbance,

the device being designed with no upward1ypro shape tofacilitate'suchuse. 1

Another object of this invention is to provide a device of this character which, while easily manipulated under a body or under a patient, is still capable of being firmly supported in an upright position upon legs of different vertical dimension, so that one end of the device is elevated slightly above the other end of the device.

Yet another object of this invention is to incorporate with the lower portion of the device, that is, the part hereinafter referred to as the slab, an open channel leading to an aperture at the lower end of the slab, whereby the device is particularly well adapted for use by morticians and embalmers.

Still another object of this invention is to provide mortuary equipment of the type mentioned which can be used with other mortuary equip ment such as wheeled carts, and the provision of a cover adapts this equipment for both indoor and outdoor use.

And a last object which will be specifically mentioned, is to provide a device of this general character which is relatively inexpensive and practicable to manufacture, which is simple and convenient to use, and which will give general efiicient and durable service.

With these objects and other objects which may appear hereinafter as this description proceeds, this invention resides in certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of elements and portions which will be hereinafter described in detail in the specification, particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing which forms a material part of this application, and in which:

Figure l is a grouped view of the slab and cover;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal central sectional view of the slab and the cover positioned thereon;

trudingportions, and being of a concavo coiive r tion. of, the. arrows and Figure Lisa similantransverse. sectional .view taken. on ,the ,line,.,4?4 .in ,Figure 2, v.and looking;;;

in .the' direction .of..-the arrows.

Similar .Qcharacters of "reference designatesimg ilar or identicalelements, and ,portions (through;

out the .specificationand throughout the ;difiere nt, viewslinthe drawing. o,

Befrringlriovwto gthe; drawing indetail, this. invention includes an elongated slabof tapered@,

concave-convex; formin cross-se,ction,.havingreet l2 ..and 14. ofrdiffe'rentl. vertical dimensions. and

adapted; to...,pr;eserwe the slab; with -v reasonabl abilifi l n anyfiatsurface withione-endr-o the. slab elevated slightly above the other end. It is preferred that the wider end of the slab shall be adjacent the higher foot 12.

A head rest l6 of channel form is secured by its bight portion l8 to the concave side of the slab at the end thereof adjacent the higher foot [2. When the slab and head rest are constructed of metal, the head rest may be secured by welding onto the adjacent portions of the slab.

An open drain channel 20, in the form of a groove, extends centrally and longitudinally from the head rest l6 to an aperture in the lower end of the slab adjacent the lower foot l4, and this aperture is closed by a plug 22 or other suitable closure device.

The extreme ends of the slab are closed by transverse plates 24 and 26. Handles 28 and 36 are secured rigidly to the sides and ends of the slab, respectively, these handles being substan tially coplanar with the adjacent portions of the slab. Straps 3 2 having loops at each end are stapled, as at 34, to one side of the slab, while the barrel loops 36 on the other ends of the straps are releasably secured on cleats 38 each of which has one end integrated, as by welding, with the corresponding opposite portions of the slab, the other end of each cleat being spaced from the slab to allow the corresponding barrel loop 36 to be slipped on and off the cleat.

The slab is also provided with laterally disposed spring clips 40 of limited vertical dimension for engagement with the lateral edges of the cover, generally indicated by numeral 42.

The cover 42 is a tapered elongated member of concave-convex form closed at its ends by transverse plates 44 and 46 and having a handle 48. The cover is of a length adapted to fit upon the slab, and the transverse plates 44 and 46 abut the transverse plates 24 and 26.

A window in the wider end of the cover is covered by a sheet of transparent material 49 and a closure 50 for the window is hinged at 50 to the adjacent portion of the cover. A tab 54, or other suitable handle device, is provided on the closure 50 so that the same may be lifted when it is desired to look into the device.

The operation of this invention will be clearly understood from the foregoing description of the mechanical details thereof, taken in connection with the drawings and with the foregoing recitation of the objects sought to be achieved by this invention.

Obviously many minor variations may be made in the details of construction and proportionment of the various elements of this invention without departure from the spirit and scope thereof. limited only as determined by a proper interpretation of the terms used in the subjoined claims.

Having described the invention, what is claimed asnewis: I

1. Mortuary equipment comprising an elongated transversely arcuately dished slab, feet of.

different vertical dimensions near the ends and on the underside of the slab, a head rest on the end of the slab adjacent the higher foot, a drainage outlet and a closure therefor in said slab at the end adjacent the lower foot, said slab having a centrally and longitudinally disposed open drain groove extending fromsaid head rest to said'outlet.

2. Mortuary equipment comprising an elongated transversely arcuately dished slab, and means to strap a body in the slab comprising straps disposed transversely ofthe. slab, staples Accordingly this invention should bewhereby the straps are each permanently secured at one end to said slab, the other ends of the straps having loops, and cleats on said slab in opposing relation to said staples and having one end of each cleat parallel to and spaced from the slab to allow the corresponding loops of the straps to be slipped on and off said one end of each cleat.

3. Mortuary equipment comprising an elongated transversely arcuately dished slab, feet secured to the slab beneath the longitudinal center line and on the underside of the slab, handles on the sides of said slab and generally co-planar with the adjacent portions of the slab and extending outwardly from the edge of the slab, whereby the slab is adapted for being slipped underneath the body of an incapacitated or deceased person.


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