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Número de publicaciónUS2614362 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Oct 1952
Fecha de presentación27 Sep 1949
Fecha de prioridad27 Sep 1949
Número de publicaciónUS 2614362 A, US 2614362A, US-A-2614362, US2614362 A, US2614362A
InventoresZavala Jose R
Cesionario originalZavala Jose R
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Dancing doll
US 2614362 A
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Oct. 21A, 1952 J, R, zAvALA 2,61436 2 DANCING DOLL Filed sep'z. 27, 1949 gwna/tom .Jos R. zA vALA Patented Oct. 21, 1952 UNITED s-TATES PATENT; Io'F;FloraJ nA'NoING DoLL Jos R. ravala, Scan ll'edro, Calif;

, Application September 27, 1949, Serial No. 118,043

3 Claims. (Cl. 'iii- 45) This invention relates to toys, and more particularly to an eleotrically-operated dancing doll toy.

A main object of the invention'is to provide a novel and improved dancing doll toy 'of the electrically-operated type; said toy beingV very simple in construction, being attractive in appearance'.v and providing a combination of rhythmic movement and rhythmic illumination in its action. I I 'v A further object of the invention is to provide an improved electromagnetically-operated dancing doll toy device which is inexpensive to manufacture, which is rugged in construction, and which involves a minimum amount of :wir-

ing. v

Furth'er objects and advantages of-the inven'- tion will become apparent from thev following description and claims, and from the accompanying drawings. wherein: p v

Figure 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view taken through an electromagnetically-operated dancing doll toy constructed in accordanc'e with the present invention; 1

Figure 2 is a horizontal cross-sectional view taken on line 2-2 of Figure l;

Figura 3 is a perspeetive view illustrating a modified form of the dancing doll toy constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Referring to the drawings, I l designate a generally-cylindrical hollow base of insulating material. such as plastic or the like, comprising a bottom cover 12 to which is secured a hollow shell member 13. Secured to the central portion of thebottom cover |2 is an upwardly-directed, magnetic core having a central pole |5 and outer poles lt and 11. Wound on pole |5 is a coil It, one terminal of coil ll being connected throughv a switch I! to one line wire 20. and the other terminal loi' coil ll being connected through a conventional interrupter device 2| to the other line wire 22.

The top wall of shell Il is dished downwardly to define a large circular recess 23, said recess having an annular upwardl: and outwardly-inclined side wall 2|. Designated at 25 is -;..a magnetic armature having elarged end portions 28. 26. Secured to the respective end portions 23, 26 are the respective inclined arcuate leaf springs 21, 21. the outer arcuate edges of the leaf'springs engaging the lower portions of the wall 2| at diametrically-'opposed positions. As shown in Figure 1, the springs 21. 21 normallyf'support the armature 25 in an elevated position slightly spaced above the bottom wall of the recess 23.

Secured to the enlarged end portions 26, 2B are the respective Vertical support members 28,28, and Vsecured to the top ends' of said Vertical support 'members is the dancing doll figure l29. Figure-29 is preferably made of translucent material, such as plastic or the like. Connecting the upper end portions of the Vertical supports 28,

28 is a'horizontal bar elementu30, preferably of insulating material, and mounted on the intermedate portion of said bar element is a lamp 3|. Wound on armature 25 is a coil 32, the respective'terminals of lsaid coil being connected to the respective terminals of the lamp 3| by lead wires t shown respectively at 33 and`34.

When the line wires 20 and 22 arepconnected to a suitable source of current, either alternating current or direct current, land switch |9 is closed, the coil |8 becomes energized, attracting the armature 25 against the tension of the Springs 21, 21. This moves the doll 29 downwardly. When the interrupter device 2| opensthe circuit, the coil |8 becomes de-energized, releasing the armature 25 and allowing the Springs 21, 21 to raise the armature to its normal elevated position. This moves the doll upwardly. The above operation goes on continuously, causing the doll 29 to be reciprocated at afrequencycorresponding to the frequency of operation of the interrupter device 2|. The intermittent energization of coil |8 causes a current to be induced in the coil 32, whereby the lamp 3| is energized intermittently, providing an intermittent glow synchronized with the rhythm of reciprocation of the doll 29. Consequently, the doll 29 reciprocates rhythmically and at the same time is intermittently illuminated providing a very entertaining and interesting effect.

In the embodiment of the inventon shown in Figura 3, a jointed doll 35 is empl-oyed in place of the doll 23 and its associated supporting elements of Figure 1. As' shown in Figure 3, the doll 35 has freely-jointed arms 36, 36 and fre'elyjointed legs 31, 31. The lower portions of the legs 31, 31 are provided with feet 38, 38 of magnetic material which are disposed in the circul'ar recess 23 of the base I. The body of the doll 3-5 is supoprted on a rigid rod 39 secured at its bottom end to a hemispherical, weighted member 4B which rests on the wall of the recess 23. In operation, the magnetic feet 38, 38 are intermittently attracted and released by the magnetic field produced -at the poles of the mag-v netized core H, said magnetic field being alternately developed and destroyed by the operation of the interrupter device 2| in the same manner as in the embodiment illustrated in Figures 1 and 2. The jointed doll 3'5 is consequently rhythmically excited into movement, causing the body of the doll to be oscillated and causing the arms and legs of the doll to be agitated in a rhythmic manner.

While certain specific embodiments of electrically-operated dancing doll toys have been disclosed in the foregoing description,v it will be understood that various modificati'ons withinv the spirit of vthe 'invention may occur' to those skilled in the art. Therefore, it is intended that no llimitations be placed on the invention except als defined by the scope of the appended claimsi.

What is claimed is:

in the space intermediate said leaf Springs and supported on the confronting ends of the latter in an elevated position spaced above said base, an

'3. A dancing doll comprising an imperforate 1. A dancing doll comprsing a holl'ow base; a

hol1-ow insulating base, a magnetic core wholly enc'lo'sed within said base and secured therein,

1an"en1e1igii-ng coil wound about said core and -,siiiiptirteqi thereorna translucent doll figure posaid core and supported thereon, a translucentff' doll figure positioned above said base, mounting means resilient'ly vsupporting vsaid doll figure on said base for movement toward and away from the latter,v -said -moun-ting Vmeans comprising a pair of leaf Springs .a-rranged in spaced end-to end `-oonfronting .relation with respect tozeach other and having theirnon--confronting ends engaging said base, and a magnetic armaturepostioned in lthe space intermediate said leaf Springs and supportedon the confronting ends of the latter inan elevated position spaced above said base, Aan indu-ctive :pickup coil wound about said larmature and supported thereon, .and a circuit means .electrically connected to vsaid energiaing coil, said circuit means compr'ising meansto intermittently energize the latter to th-er-ebyeffect the movement of m'said-doll figura.

2. .A dancing doll vcomprising -a hollow base, a magnetic core positioned within said ybase .and secured therein, an energizing coil. wouin'd about said core and supported thereon, a tr-an'slucent doll figure positioned 'above said base, mountng means resi'liently supporting said doll ;figure on said base for lmovement toward and away from the ,latten said mounting rmeans ,comprisng a pair of lea'f Springs arranged in spaced end .to end con'fronting. relation with vrespect toeac'h other 'and having their hon-co'n'fr'ontinig ends engagi'ng Said base, and afm'agn'etic 'armature positoned si'tioned 'above' said base, mounting means including 'a movable magnetic armature mounted -above the base and rej'siliently supporting said doll .ifig-ure |on saidbasezfor movement tqivard; and away from v4the iattenen .inductive -pick-upcoil wound about said armature and supported thereon, light-.emitting meansl positioneidj Within said doll figur 'and eleqtnically connected to; sai'dpicku-p c-oi-1,-'-a nda circuit..electrica1ly connected to said .energizing '-coil.` sailf ;circuitflcomprising ma'n'tp I'/rmt'nfiy. em? .'Z Said, .enrgzng coil 'to therebyfeifect the.. movement ;of said doll figure land to intermittently energize said lightemittingmeans; .v i

' The following references 'are-off record 'in the file of this patent:

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