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Número de publicaciónUS2631407 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación17 Mar 1953
Fecha de presentación10 Nov 1949
Fecha de prioridad10 Nov 1949
Número de publicaciónUS 2631407 A, US 2631407A, US-A-2631407, US2631407 A, US2631407A
InventoresRempel Dietrich G
Cesionario originalRempel Mfg Inc
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Hollow toy figure with extensible member
US 2631407 A
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March 17, 1953 D. G. REMPEL 2,631,407

HOLLOW TOY FIGURE WITH EXTENSIBLE MEMBER Filed Nov. 1, 1949 INVENTQR. V Dietrich G. Rempe] ATTORNEY Patented Mar. 17, 1953 noLLoW ToY FIGU ME Es PATENT OFFICE RE WITHEXTENSIBLE MBE Dietrich G. Rempel, Akron, Ohio, assignor to Rempel Manufacturing, Inc., Akron, Ohio, a

corporation of Ohio Application November 1, 1949, Serial No. 124,883 6 Claims. (Cl. 46-135) 1 This. invention relates to hollow rubber toys.

One object of the invention is to provide a hollow rubber toy for amusement having integral with the wall thereof a novel pop-out device operable by depressing and releasing the toy.

Another object of the invention is to provide a one-piece rubber toy of the character described adapted to be in the form of a creature or animal characterization and in which the pop-out de-I vice 1 includes one or more appendages thereof adapted to have life-like action imparted'thereto.

These and other objects of the invention will be manifest from the following brief description and the accompanying drawings.

, Of the accompanying drawings:

Figure l is a front elevation, approximately full sized, of a hollow rubber toy embodying the feature of the invention in the form of a clown.

Figure 2 is a vertical transverse cross-sectiom taken substantially on the lines 2-2 of Figure 1," the rubber toy being shown'in normal vulcanized condition.

Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2 showing the toyin compressed condition causing the tongue to project outwardly.

Referring to Figures 1, 2 and3 of the drawings, the numeral I designates a self-supporting,

mouth H, as best shown in Figures 1 and 2. The; diaphragm may have a relatively straight innercrease or hinge line 22 for purposes to be de' -j scribed. I 1

In operation of the toy to utilize the novel pop-out device, the operator while holding one finger F over the usual aperture of the whistle l5, squeezes the body l2 of the toy, thereby foreing air therefrom into the small head part II, tending to expand or distort the same but in-:

* stead being effective to urge the diaphragm toyieldingly depressible hollow casing of Vulcan-- ized-rubber, in the form of a toy clown made, for

example, by the method disclosed in Dietrich G. -Rempel United States Letters Patent No. 2,469,892, dated' May 10, 1949, wh'erein latex is uniformly deposited "upon" article-forming cavity surfaces of a sectional cavity mold.

I The toy clown I0 may include a head portion II, and a substantially larger body portion 12, standing erect on enlarged feet l3. If desired, the toy may be provided with a suitable windoperated whistle device l5 adapted to roduce whistling sound when the toy is squeezed, or the toy may be imperforate.

For the purposes of the present invention, the head II has integrally formed in the wall thereof a relatively large mouth I! as compared with the width of the head, said mouth including a normally inwardly bulged or arched diaphragm I8, extending between simulations of upper and lower lip portions l9 and 20 of the mouth, which in the present instance define a crescent-shaped opening. in the normal vulcanized condition or shape of the toy (see Fig. 1). Formed integral with the diaphragm "3 may be an outwardly projecting hollow member 2| in simulation of the clown stongue, the same in normal vulcanized condition of the toy being withdrawn into the uniform wall thickness, approximately inch.

ward a flattened or slightly outwardly bulged condition thereof s shown in Figure 3. Because; the diaphragm is substantially the same thick-f ness as the wall of the rest of the toy, said fiattening thereof causes the connecting portions of the same to the head to move apart, these con-- necting portions in the present instance being the lips Hi and 20, movement of which simulates opening and closing of the mouth while at the same time the member 2| is moved outwardly simulation of the clown sticking out his tongue. When the finger pressure on the toy is released and the body portion is allowed to return tothe normal vulcanized condition, as shown in Figures}- 1 and 2, the diaphragm l8 and tongue thereon" will also return to normal condition. Highly satisfactory results have been attained; when all portions of a, toy as shown, including the head, body, diaphragm, and tongue, are of;

In any event, the wall thickness of the toy generally should be such that the toy will be substan=- tially self-supporting and yet it should be'thin: enough that the diaphragm may be yielding ly flexed outwardly in the manner and for the pur-"= poses described above. l l

The pop-out tongue idea described above may be applied with equal facility to other uses in connection with other hollow rubber articles. To illustrate, the tongue member 2| may be solid instead of hollow. Moreover, the hollow toy may have any shape and may be provided with a similar pop-ou diaphragm, with or without the tongue part 2|, adapted to propel a shot or other pellet receivedin the closed mouth, upon squeezing the toy as above described to urge the diaphragm outwardly.

Modifications of the invention may be resorted to without departing from the spirit thereof or the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. An article of manufacture comprising a hollow casing of resilient material adapted to be releasably compressed against internal air pressure 3 therein, a. portion of said casing comprising a concave diaphragm with the concave side thereof presented outwardly, said diaphragm having substantially the same wall thickness as said casing whereby upon compression of said casing said diaphragm is forced outwardly to a relatively flattened condition and the casing'walls: around said diaphragm are forced apart by such flattening of the diaphragm.

2. An article of manufacture comprising a hollow casing of resilient materialaadaptedto be releasably compressed against internal air pressure therein, a portion of. said casing 'comprising a concave diaphragm with theconcave side presented outwardly, said diaphragm having substantially the same wall thickness as said casing, whereby upon compression 'of said'casing, said diaphragm is forced outwardlyrto "a relatively flattened condition and the surrounding-v casing-vwallsiare forcedhapart by suchrflattening of said vdiaphragm, said idiaphragm beintegral with said casing, and a member integral with said diaphragm and projecting'from said .diaphragm in -a direction outward of "the v 3. A toy comprising a hollow casing. of rubber on like elastic material adapted to. be releasably compressed against internal air pressure therein, said casing including a hollow head part shaped to simulate the head of a character "figure, spaced connected lip parts on said head part, a diaphragm pformed integral with said casing between said lip parts and bulged inwardly of said head part in the normal uncompressed "form o said t nd d d aphra m aving u stantially the same wall thickness saidlcasing whereby. compressionof said casing forces said diaphragm outward to a. relatively flattened. conditionrandsaidlip parts are forcedtapart by such fla tenin i sa d di p m- -.-4 A toy comprising a hollow casing of rubber on lika elastic: material adapted to be releasably compressed. against internal .airpressure therein,

a dw n nclu in bell head. part aped tos imulgatelthevheadof a character figure, spaced connected lip parts on said headpa-rt, surrounding aimouth opening a diaphragm formed integral with-said casing between said spaced lip parts closing said mouth opening, said-diaphragm be n l d nw dl of ai ms n mi mal n om r se rm; o t to ula e a;:mouth :cavity and anoutwardly extending t n e parton. a d aph a m saidv ia agm having substantially; the same wall thickness as saidcasing 1 and said lip parts, whereby compression of said casing forcessaid diaphragm 'side thereof presented outwardly, said diaphragm having substantially the same wall thickunessasisaidcasing; and, in the normal shape of the casing, defining an elongated recess in the a casing, whereby upon compression of said cas- .ing, I-said diaphragm may be forced outwardly to a relatively flattened condition with the resultant forcing apart of the casing walls adja- 1 cent the diaphragm in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of elongation of said recess, but withoutappreciable elongation of the recess. v j

6. Artoy comprising a'hollow-casing of rubber or like elastic material adapted to be rel easably. o sse ai s intem l u ressurethc e nl i ng nQl d n a:hollo ead par 'sh ncd to. simulate'theheadpra characterfigurchspaced onn 1 parts nsa d ad dia ra m f rmed integ l. w th aiq asin "b n sa l p. parts n "b ed n ardly' f sa dffhead' in the normal u om ssedf' or Qf ai 0?; aid iaph a m ha in subs ant a ly h i ma a thickness of sa d asinaiandi thei mfm Sha ofv Said casing, d fi in an clonga d ec ss. in the h ad po tween tllei ipinarts; w 'r'ebv compression of saidcasingrnay' forcesai diaphraem wa d to 1 a re at veilv' fiatt ed cond ti w u tant t rti la a ar of a li parts in a e t o sub tant allrp me idi i a to e ec io of elon a ion 9. S i 'r c ssiwi h= out appreciable elongation of-the? recess,

ia am-rt anagram RE ERENcEsz GITED The following references are of recordin the file of this, patent:


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