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Número de publicaciónUS2646193 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Jul 1953
Fecha de presentación24 Ene 1951
Fecha de prioridad24 Ene 1951
Número de publicaciónUS 2646193 A, US 2646193A, US-A-2646193, US2646193 A, US2646193A
InventoresBest Lorin M
Cesionario originalBest Lorin M
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Paint can lid
US 2646193 A
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July 21, 1953 I... M. BEST PAINT CAN LI D Filed Jan. 24, 1951 INVENTOR.

LOR I N M. BEST Patented July 21, 1953 V l -UNITED' STATES PATENT OFFICE PAINT CAN Ln) Lorin M. Best, Eugene, Oreg. Application January 24, 1951, Serial No. 207,457-

primary. object of theinvention being to incorporate a pouring. spout withina partial lid for paint cans and the like.

By removing the regular lid from the can my new and improved lid can be applied to the can in place of the regular lid.

A further object of my invention is the cutting away of a portion of my new and improved lid so that the paint brush can be entered into the paint within the can.

These'and other incidental objects will be apparent in the drawings, specifications and claim.

Referrings to the drawings: a

Figure lis a plan view of my new and improved paint can lid andpouring spout.

Figure 2 is a side sectional view, taken on the a line 22 of Figure. 1.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of a container,

having my new andlimproved' lid thereon, illustrating how the paint'can be poured from the container. 1 V Referring more specifically tothe drawings: My new and improved paint can lid consists of a partial lid I, comprising a ring 2, the ring being formed with a reverse bend 3 adapted to fit into the ring formed in the top of thecontainer in place of the regular lid.

My new and improved lid is partially closed as indicated at 4, being opened at 5 for permitting the entry of the paint brush into the container. The partial top 4 is slotted as indicated at 6 to the point 1 within the inner edge of the reverse bend 3.

A U-shaped plate 8 is secured to the top 4 and extends beyond the edge of the ring 2, as indicated at 9. This plate performs two functions, first it provides a pouring lip 9 and ofiers reenforcement to the top 4. This plate is secured .by any suitable means to the said top 4' and to the ring 2. r 1 i In the operation of my new and improvedpaint can lid, referring to FigureB; the liquid I0 is poured from the container l I, through the slot 6 in any quantity desired from small amounts to large amounts, without the liquid or paint en- 1 Claim. (c1. 222 -570.)

main object of the invention is the provision of a pouring spout that will permit the pouring of the paint fromthe container without dripping,

' and a spo'ut that will permit the stacking of one or more cans above the other without interference. I i I I claim:

An auxiliary lid for a container having a top grooved ,flangeat its periphery,*said lid comprising a substantially flat body portion having a peripheral flange of U shape to fill in the grooved flange of the container to retain said lid in position, said body portion having a substantially semicircular opening to accommodate insertion of a brush into the container, the remaining substantially solid semi-circular body portion having a diametrically disposed slot in communioation at its inner end with the semi-diametrical opening, the walls of the slot being parallel, the outer end of said slot terminat ing at the U-shaped flange, and a fiat metal lip fastened to the solid semi-circular portion of the lid and extending over the peripheral edge of same, the lip being of U-shaped' form with adiametrical slot, the walls of which are parallel and correspond with and coincide with the slot in the body portion of the lid.


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