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Número de publicaciónUS2851041 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación9 Sep 1958
Fecha de presentación31 May 1955
Fecha de prioridad31 May 1955
Número de publicaciónUS 2851041 A, US 2851041A, US-A-2851041, US2851041 A, US2851041A
InventoresAnnette Grosso
Cesionario originalAnnette Grosso
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Cosmetic kit
US 2851041 A
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Sept. 9, 1958 A. @Rosso cosMETIc KIT Filed May 51, 1955 INVENToR. l flimle Grosso ATTORNEYS,

United States Patent O COSMETIC KIT Annette Grosso, East Orange, N. J. Application May 31, 1955, Serial No. 512,051 6 Claims. (Cl. 132-82) a necessity and various cosmetic items are applied many times daily by fastidious women to enhance their appearance. Many cosmetic items in solid, cream and pulverulent form are now packaged in groupsv in kits to facilitate their use but, so far as I am aware, it has been heretofore deemed impracticablc to package in a single container the various cosmetic items, including liquid compositions, considered necessary for a complete makeup so that, for example, a business womanv may conveniently carry in her handbag suicient'quantities of cleansing cream, astringent and other cosmetics to enable hertto get a fresh start for the evening before leaving the oliice.

Accordingly, the primary object ofthe present invention is to provide a cosmetic kit adapted to hold liquid, cream, solid and pulverulent cosmetic items.

A further 4object of the invention isto provide a cosmetic kit of thev character set forth in the preceding paragraph which can be conveniently carried in a womans handbag or overnight case.

A stillfurther object ofthe invention is to provide a cosmetic kit of the character set forth which will render available for use all of the cosmetics by opening or removing the lid of the kit.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a cosmetic kit of the character set forth, wherein the individual receptacles or compartments within the kitfor holding the various cosmetic items may be held closed by suitable closure members which are held in leak-tight engagement with the receptacles by the lid of theA containenf.-

A still further object of the invention is to provide a cosmetic kit which is compact and readily adaptable for use.

The foregoing and other objects of the invention not specifically set forth I accomplish by providinga cosmetic kit comprising a container body and a lid, said container body being relatively flat and having in its top a plurality of receptacles adapted to hold various cosmetic items, a closure for each of said receptacles adapted to make a huid-tight seal therewith, means Ifor holding the lid on the body, and cooperating parts on the lid and the lclosures for holding said closures in huid-tight engagement with the receptacles. The invention will be more fully understood from the detailed description which follows, when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein I have shown a preferred embodiment, and wherein:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a cosmetic kit embodying my invention, parts being 'broken away to better illustrate certain features thereof.

Fig. 2 is a transverse section taken substantially along the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a detail section taken substantially along th the underside ofthe lid.

Referring to the drawings, the cosmetic kit may be said to consist of a container body 10, a lid 11 for the container body and adapted to tit thereon,the top of the container body being formed with a plurality of receptacles 12, each adapted to receive a closure member 13.` l

The container body 10 as herein shown, is in the form of a flat, cylindrical member having a top 14, a bottom 15 spacedfrom the top, and an enclosing wall 16 connecting the top and bottom together. The top 14 centrally thereof is formed with a diametrical slot 17 extending therethrough, the central portion of said slot at the axis of the body being enlarged, as shown at 18. The underside of the top anking the slot 17 -is formed as an internal projection having oppositely directed, inclined, arcuate camming surfaces 19, which, near their high ends, are each formed with a radially-extending groove 20, for

a purpose which will presently appear. In its peripheral` edge the top 14 is formed with a rabbet groove 21 for accommodating an inwardly-extending, peripheral flange 22 on the lid 11. The top 14 of the container body has formed therein the receptacles 12 which are of cup-shaped form, the said receptacles being angularly spaced in a circle concentric with the axis of the body. The receptacles 12 may be formed separately from and inserted into the top or made integrally with the top, depending upon the character of the material from which the container body is made. Preferably the container bodyawill be made from one of the conventional plastic resins such as Vinylite, cellulose acetate,l styrene and the like. If desired, the top 14 may have formed therein one or more troughs or grooves 23 leading outwardly from the rirn of the receptacles intended to hold liquid cosmetics to permit removing excess liquid cosmetic from ones finger 'y after dipping it into a liquid cosmetic contained in a receptacle 12 and from which trough or groove the excess material may drain back into the receptacle.-

i The lid 11 Vas herein shown is of generally concavo-l convex form with a peripheral ange 22 of a diameter to seat within the rabbet groove 21, as hereinbefore explained. The lid 11 centrally thereof has projecting from its underside a T-bolt 24, the head 25 of which is adapted to be inserted through the diametrical slot 17 upon applying pressure to the lid to deform the same, as shown in broken lines in Fig. 4, to engage below the cani sur-faces 19 on the central projection and, upon rotation, to ride over said camming surfaces 19 to engage in the groove 20 to rlock the lid o-n the container body. The lid 11 may be made of any suitable plastic resin or metal having the capacity for resilient deformation under pressure, as shown in Fig. 4 and normally has an axial depth slightly less than the height of the closures above the top of the container body 14.

The closure 13 for each of the receptacles 12 is preferably formed of elastomeric material such as polyethylene and each closure is formed with a cylindrical wall 26 adapted to fit snugly within a receptacle 12 and with a thickened head portion 27 having a peripheral flange 28. Each closure 13 is so proportioned that when inserted into a receptacle 12 it will provide a fairly tight seal with the Patented Sept. 9, 1958 wall thereof. However, to insure a leak-tight seal being made between the receptacle and the closure 13, the thickened head of the closure is designed to cooperate with both the rim of the receptacle and with the lid .of the container'so Athat when lthe lid is depressed and locked to the container body through the agency of the T-bolt and camming surfaces, said lid will apply radial pressure to the closure 13 to deform said head around the receptacle rim `to provide a leak-tight seal thereat. If desired, the head portion 27 of the closure 13 may be knurled, as shown at 29, to aid in applying and removing a closure from a receptacle.

From the foregoing detailed description it is thought that the construction and mode of operation ofthe cosmetic kit of `my linvention will be readily understood. It is important to note, however, that by virtue of the coop erating parts on the llid 11 and on the closures 13, all danger of leakage or spillage of`liquid cosmetics from any of the receptacles 12 which may contain `the same will be effectively prevented. It will also be apparent that to gain access to any of the cosmetic items contained within the kit it is merely necessary to rotate the lid in the opposite direction to that in which it is rotated when applied to the container and lift it olf the container. Thereupon, the cosmetic items in the vvarious receptacles will -be rendered readily `available by removing the respective closures therefrom. Of course, the closures 13 may bear the cosmetic item designation in the receptacle to be closed by the respective closures. After completing a refreshing or makeup operation, the closures are again inserted into the proper receptacles and the lid applied in the manner aforementioned to securely seal the cosmetics against leakage from the receptacles.

While I have shown and described a preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be understood that changes in details of construction may be resorted to Within thc range of mechanical skill without departing from the spirit of the invention .as hereinafter claimed.

What I claim s:

l. A cosmetic kit comprising a shallow cylindrical container body having a top and a bottom spaced apart, a lid for the body, the top of said body having a plurality of receptacles therein angularly spaced in a circle concentric -with the axis of the body, a closure for each of said receptacles adapted to make a duid-tight seal therewith and projecting above the top of the container body, said .lid being a shallow inverted tray of a size to substantially entirely tit onto the top of the body and of a normal axial depth slightly less than the height of the closures above the top of the body, means for holding the lid in locking engagement on the body, and in engagement with the closures to hold them in fluid-tight engagement `with `said receptacles.

2. A cosmetic kit according to claim 1, wherein as between the lid and the closures, at least one is elastically deformed axially as the lid is applied locked to the body.

3. A cosmetic kit according to claim 1 wherein the means for locking the lid in closing engagement on the body and in engagement with the closures comprises cooperating camming parts on said lid `and on said body.

4. A cosmetic kit according to claim 3, wherein the cooperating `camming parts on said `lid and said body for holding said closures in fluid-tight engagement comprise a T-bolt centrally projecting inwardly -from the underside of the lid, a diametrical slot in `the top of the container and a cam surface on the underside of the top of the container adapted to urge the lid into engagement with the closures when the T-bolt is inserted into the slot and the lid is rotated on its axis.

5. A cosmetic kit, comprising a container body and a lid for the body, said body having a top, a bottom spaced from the top and bottom, said top having a plurality of cup-shaped sockets which extend inwardly from the top of the container adapted to hold cosmetic items, a closure for each of said sockets having a tubular portion which fits within Aa socket, and a flanged portion adapted to seat on the rim of a socket and capable of being deformed to make a leak-tight seal therewith, said lid being a shallow inverted tray of a size to substantially entirely t onto the `top of the body and of a normal axial depth slightly less than the height of the closures above the top of the body, and means for holding the lid in both closing engagement on the body ,and in engagement with the closures to deform and hold said closures in fluid-tight engagement with the rims of said sockets.

6. A cosmetic kit according to claim 5, wherein the top of the container is formed with at least one trough, an open `end of which extends into a socket and the tubnlar portion of a closure which extends into a socket connected with a trough, functioning to seal the .open end of said trough.

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