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Número de publicaciónUS2857670 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación28 Oct 1958
Fecha de presentación16 Abr 1956
Fecha de prioridad16 Abr 1956
Número de publicaciónUS 2857670 A, US 2857670A, US-A-2857670, US2857670 A, US2857670A
InventoresKiernan Jr Thomas F
Cesionario originalKiernan Jr Thomas F
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Individual tooth implant
US 2857670 A
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Oct. 28; 1958 T, F, KIERNAN? JR 2,857,670

INDIVIDUAL TOOTH IMPLANT Filed April 16, 1956 if l f 4 j-' JNVENTok 4 f3 @ri/m Arty.

Se@ Patent y C 2,857,670 d INDIVIDUAL TOOTH IMPLANT Themas F. Kieman, Jr., Warwick, R. I. l Application'Apn'l 16, 1956., Serial No. 578,471

12 claims. (c1. sz-m) This application is a continuation in part of applicants invention entitled Denture Construction, Serial No. 365,491, tiled July 1, 1953. This application also covers the subject matter of applicants invention entitled Individual Tooth Implant, Serial No. 448,216, tiled August 6, 1954, which application is now abandoned.

The present invention relates generally to dentistry and hasparticular reference to a novel construction for an individual tooth implant.

The principal object of the instant invention is to provide an implant which may be permanently secured in the mouth.

Another object of the instant invention is the provision of an artificial tooth arrangement comprising an anchoring device which is adapted to be lirmly secured within the walls' of the tooth socket.

A further object of the instant invention is the provision of an improvedanchoring device for an implanted artificial tooth which initially secures the implanted tooth within the socket by penetrating the socket walls and eventually allows the socket bone structure growth to permanently embed the tooth anchorage device within the socket.

Still another lobject of the instant invention is the provision of an artificial toothfarrangement comprising an anchoring device which will be positively maintained against rotary as well as longitudinal movement.

.A further-object of thev instant invention is the provsion of 'an artificial tooth arrangement which is practical invuse due to the fact that it maybe mounted with a minimum of diiculty and inconvenience to -both the patient and the dentist.- f

:.Othevr'objects, features andy advantages of the invention' will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds rwhenl considered in connection with the accompanying illustrativey drav'vings. f

,'In thedrawingsr which illustrate the best mode presently contemplated by mey for carrying out my invention:

Fig. 1 is a perspectiveview of ra lower jaw formation embodying the instant invention;

`Fg. 2'is an elevationalvview, on an enlarged scale, of an artificial tooth implant in accordance with the instant invention, portions of the gum -being broken away for purposes'of illustration; l

Fig.-:3 is a circumferential vertical section, on an enlarged scale, taken on line`3-3 of Fig. 1;

..-Fig. 4 is a section, on an enlarged'scale,-taken on line of Fig. 2; f -Fig. 5 is a section; 5.-.-5 of Fig.- 2; .Y f

.flFig. 6 is a sectional elevation,'ontan enlarged scale, of the anchoringdevice .which forms 'a part of my invention; Fig 7 isa sectional elevation, on an enlarged scale, of the anchoring device, and some of its associated structure; ,Fig.; 8 is a-perspective detail, on anenlarged scale, of the washer memberwhich forms a part of my invention; Eig..-2 is.'aiperspectivefdetail, onan enlarged scale, of

onan enlarged scale, taken on line y v the pointed end 24 Yof screw 20 will one of the pin members which form a part of my invention; andV Fig. 10 is an exploded perspective, on an enlarged scale, of the artificial tooth implant shown in Figs. 2 and 3, including the parts utilized during the implant operation.

It has been found advantageous to provide a permanent denture consisting of teeth which are individually implanted within the tooth sockets. To this end, I provide teeth having anchoringbases made of suitable material, which are adapted to initially grip the bone socket structure and to permanently become firmly embedded within the socket as a result of the growth ofthe bone strucr ture within serrated recesses which I provide on the anchoring base.y An improved and extremely rigid mounting is obtained by the provision of both circumferentially extending and longitudinally extending serrations and also by the provision of apertures extending,

through the anchoring base,.which` apertures also function to receive therein bone structure growth.

Referring now to the drawings, Fig. 1 illustrates a set of lower jaw teeth 10 which Vincludes an implanted artilcial tooth 12 constructed in accordance with the instant invention. The artificial tooth 12 includes an anchoring base 14 of suitable material, preferably stainless steel, which anchoring base is of substantially frustro-conical conguration whereby to generally conform to the shape of the tooth socket 16 in the jaw. Base 14 is providedtially extending grooves 30 and spaced longitudinally ex-y tending grooves 32. Also provided in the anchoring base are a pair of crossapertures 34 extending completely through the lower portion of the base, as shown most clearly in Figs. 5, 6 and 7.` The serrations 30, 32 and the apertures 34 each permits bone structure of the tooth socket to grow and penetratetherein when the anchoring baseis mounted in the socket, whereby said anchoring base will become firmly embedded againstany type of movement.

A plurality of horizontally extendingvpins 36 being,`

tapered at both ends as at 38 are mounted in the base 14 in radially extending horizontal channels provided therein. More specifically, nels 40 are provided in the;base 14 in spaced relation from the top surface thereof while additional channels 42 are grooved in the upper surface of said base 14.

As will be seen clearly in Figs.' 3, 6 and 7, the pins 36 are of -a length so that when the screw element 20 with its pointed end 24 and slotted head 26 is threaded into the vertical bore 18, the pins'will be slid radially whereby the ends thereof will extend of the anchoring base and will be caused to penetrate the surrounding socket bone structure. As will be obvious, cooperate with the pointed ends 38 of pins 36 to effect a camming action whereby to facilitatetheradial spreading of the pins 36 and their penetration into theI surrounding bone structure. Before screw 20 is threaded into position, a washer mem.- ber 44, preferably metallic, is placed over the upper surface of the anchoring base whereby to overlie the upper pins 36. Washer 4 4 cooperates with the head 26 of screw 20 to maintain the ,upper pins properly and securely positioned in their respective `grooves and alsoresults inl an jsaid head 26.

.Patented Oct. 28, 1958 aplurality of radially extending chan-H outwardly of the periphery In operation and use, the' anchoring base 14 with the pins 36' positioned' therein in their respective channels 40 and 42, is mounted in the tooth socket. The washer 44 is placedin its proper position and then the screw 20 is threadedv downwardly whereby to force the pins 36.

radially, outwardly in the manner. heretofore described. The radial movement of the pins36 causes the outer ends thereof tov penetrate the surrounding bone structure whereby to maintain the anchoring base in its proper position. Theparts are then left inthisposition for a substantial le'ngthof time, for example, six months, in order to allow the anchoring base to become firmly ernbelded. Duringthisfperiod of^time, it will be understoodlthat the growth of they surrounding bone structure will; cause saidf,l bone structure to penetrate and grow into, serrations' 3 0 and, 32, as wellasV into apertures 34, thereby eliminating-,the possibility of any undesirable moyementof the anchoring base within the socket.

After the desiredtime linterval has.elapsed, the` screw is removedand screw22: is thenthreaded into the verticalbore 18; A's willf'be seen mostclearly in Fig. 10, the artificial tooth crown 46f is provided .with a recess 48 of corresponding shape to that of the head 28 of the screw 22'whereby said recess is adapted to receive said head and may b'e secure'dtlereto by any desirable manner, such'las cementingfor, the like. Since the upper surface of the anchoringbase is located slightly below the gum surface, it will be obvious that the tooth crown 46 will extend through said gum surface thereby eliminating the presencel of any-undesirable recesses or cavities which might prove uncomfortable and harmful to the patient.

It will thus be obvious thatthere4 has been provided in accordance` with the,instant invention an implanted tooth construction which providesa natural fitting denture, that is more permanent, more comfortable, and more sanitary than heretofore possible. The utilization of an anchoring ,basewhich initially penetrates the surrounding bon'e structureV of the tooth socketto securely grip same and which eventually permitsbonegrowth to permanently embed it, is thought ,to constitute a desirable and worthwhile Vstep forward in .the,art.

While there is shownJand described herein certain specific structureerribodying the invention, it will be manifest to those` skilledjn the. art. that various modifications and rearrangements ofA t`he. parts may be made without departingfrom `the spiritand scopp of -the underlying inventive concept ,and that the samegis notflimited to the particular forms herein shown and described ex.- cept. insofar asv indicated `bythe scope ofthe` appended claims.

I claimt l. AnV artificial tooth forimplanting in anatural tooth socket, comprising-a substantiallyfsolid, frustro-conical anchoring base adapted tofit within a tooth socket, a tooth crown, means attachingjsaid tooth crown to said anchoring. base, outwardlyextending studs carried by said anchoring basef for penetrating. the tooth socket bone structure, whereby to grip same, and serrations on said anchoring base for allowing4 growth of the socket bone` structure to penetratethcrein, whereby the anchoring base Vis firmly securedwithinthe tooth socket 2; An artificial toothas set forth-f inclaimlfurther characterized in that said serrations; comprise a plurality of spaced 'longitudinally and 'laterally extending grooves.

3. An artificial toothl for implantingin a natural tooth socket, comprisingk a substantially solid, frustro-conical anchoring base adapted to t within a tooth` socket, la

tooth crown, means attaching said tooth crown to saidanchoring base, outwardly extending studs carried by said anchoring base for` penetrating the tooth d.socket bone structure whereby Ato grip same, and latleast one aperture extendinglaterally through said anchoring `base-for allowing growth of the socket bone structure to, penetrate` 4, therein, whereby the anchoring base within the tooth socket.

4. An artificial tooth as set forth in claim 3 further comprising serrations on the outer surface of said anchoring base.

5. An artificial tooth for implanting in a natural tooth socket comprising an anchoring` base of substantially solid frustro-conical configuration and adapted to fit within a tooth socket, said anchoring base: having an internally threaded vertical bore, a tooth crown having a socket recess, a screw element including a head and a threaded lower shank, said shank being threadedly positioned within said bore and said head being seated in said crown socket recess, outwardly extending studs carried by said anchoring base for penetrating the tooth socket bone structure whereby to grip same, and serrations on said anchoring base for allowing growth of the socket bone structure tofpenerate,thereiu;,whereby. the anchoring base is firmlysecuredwithin the-.toothsocloeA 6. An artificial tooth as set forth in. claim.,54 further.` characterized in that saidserrations comprise a plurality' of spaced, circumferentiallyrextending grooves and. as plurality of spaced longitudinally. extending-grooves:

7. An artificial tooth for implanting in a natural tooth socket comprising anr anchoring base of substantially solid frustro-conical configuration and adapted to l fit. within a tooth socket, said anchoring base having an internally threaded vertical bore, a` toothfcrown havinga socket recess, a screw element including a headfand a: threaded lower shank, said shank being threadedly-positioned withinsaid bore and-said head being seated inf said crown: socket recess, outwardly` extending` studs; carried by said anchoring base for'peneratingthe` tooth; socket bone structure whereby-to gripsame, and` atleast one aperture4 extending laterally through-said-anchoring, base for allowing growth of the socketlbone` structure-to penetrate therein, wherebyV the anchoring; base is.firmly, secured within the tooth socket.

8. An artificial toothas setforth in claim-,.7` furtherhaving serrations on the outer surface of said anchoringV base, said serrations comprising a-pluralityyofqspaced, circumferentially. extending` grooveszand a'pluralityyof spaced longtudinally extending grooves.4 p

9. An artificial `tooth foi-.implanting in afnatural tooth .i socket comprising an anchoring base adaptedztorfirwithin a tooth socket, said Vanchoring.basefh'avingLan internally` threaded vertical bore and verticallyspacediradi'al chan-u nels, a tooth crown-havinga socketlreeess,` a-screwele` ment including a head and a threadeddower'shank; said` shank being threadedly positioned lwithin said-'borerand said head `being-seated 'in said crown socket recess; means including-slidably movable pinsmin said radial channels for gripping said anchoring base to the tooth `socketbone structure, the upper of said radial channels ,being groovedV in the upper surface of said anchoring base.

10. An artificial tooth as set, forth in Vclaim 9.further comprising a metallic washer disposedfbetween` said upper surface `and said head;

11. An artificial tooth for `implanting ina-naturallooths socket comprising an anchoring base'adaptedftofit withinfl atooth socket, said anchoringlbasefhavingsan internally threaded vertical bore. and vertcallywspaced sradial chan-4 nels, a tooth crown havinga socket recess; ascrewz'element including a head and a threaded lower shank,A said` shankbeing'threadedly positionedwithin said bore `and said head being seated in said crown socket recess, meansincluding` sldablywmovable pins .in said` radial channels for gripping said anchoringibase'toftheI tooth socket bonestructure, and serrations-on said anchoring base forallowing `growth of the socket boneustructure to penetrateA therein,whereby the anchoring base isfirmly secured within the tooth socket, said serrations#comprsingwaplurality of spaced, circumferentially extending grooves is firmly secured and a plurality of spaced longitudinally extending References Cited in the file of this patent grooves' UNITED STATES PATENTS 12. An artificial tooth as set forth in claim 11 further 449 522 4 194 comprising at least one aperture extending laterally 2 Whlte Sept 1 8 through said anchoring base for permitting penetration 5 2721387 Ashucklan Oct' 25 1955 by socket bone structure growth.

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