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Número de publicaciónUS2985895 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación30 May 1961
Fecha de presentación24 Abr 1958
Fecha de prioridad24 Abr 1958
Número de publicaciónUS 2985895 A, US 2985895A, US-A-2985895, US2985895 A, US2985895A
InventoresBloom Abraham
Cesionario originalBloom Abraham
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Adjustable box springs
US 2985895 A
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y 1961 A. BLOOM ADJUSTABLE BOX SPRINGS Filed April 24, 1958 INVENTOR. ABRAHAM BLOOM group Unite States Patent ADJUSTABLE BOX SPRINGS Abraham Bloom, 721 Arlington Ave., Plalnfield, NJ.

Filed Apr. 24, 1958, Ser. No. 730,614

1 Claim. (CI. 54423 This invention relates to box springs for beds comprising an enclosed spring unit assembly. The purpose of this invention is to provide means for adjusting the firmness of box springs to suit the preference of the user or users. The object of this invention is to provide as simple, inexpensive and yet practicable means to achieve above mentioned purpose as possible.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is a bottom plan View of a box spring with parts being broken away,

Fig. 2 is a cross section along line 24-2 in Fig. 1,

Fig. 3 is a cross section along line 3-6 in Fig. 1,

Fig. 4 is an enlarged detail of the combination of mem bers used to adjust the firmness of the box spring.

In these figures the box spring 1 is shown to consist of a frame 22 on which sets a coil spring unit 23 which consists of a plurality of coil springs 4 generally helical in form said coil springs being formed into a unit by tie wires on top 5 and on bottom 6. The coil spring unit 23 is covered by padding 7 and a fabric 18 called the ticking covers the exterior.

Externally threaded posts 8 with the welded on or soldered nuts 24 when rotated in internally threaded members 9 which are supported by slats 10 serves to raise or lower longitudinal bar members 11 and 12 which are bolted to and kept in line by center bar members 13, the bolt holes in 11 and 12 where these members bolt to member 13 being of elongated shape. Fastened to bottom of post 8' is knob 14 which has a set screw that engages on flat spot on post 8.

A plurality of tie cords 15 tie the top wires 5 to cross slats 10 which form part of frame 22 the purpose of these cords being to prevent distortion of the top surface of the box spring.

The action of aboved described combination is as follows. When knobs 14 are rotated, posts 8 will raise or lower longitudinal bars 11, 12 and 13 so that the tension in coil springs 4 and coil spring unit 23 increases or decreases thus the firmness of the box spring 1 may be varied as desired.

The drawings and above description refer to a double size box spring with each side adjustable. It may be in some cases preferred to have only one side adjustable, or in the case of a single size or twin size box spring, the adjusting mechanism consisting of posts 8, members 9 and 10, longitudinal bars 11, 12 and 13' and other associated parts would be located at the center and parallel to the sides of the box spring. Also whereas the drawings indicate that bars 11, 12 and 15 are of wood, it is obvious that these members may also be made of metal. The invention is subject to modifications coming within the scope of the claim.

I claim:

In a box-spring structure for beds and the like, the combination comprising a normally stationary and rigid underframe structure adapted to support a flexible bed spring-unit, said spring-unit consisting ofa flexible upper grid section defining the upper plane and surface area of the spring-unit and a flexible under grid section of substantially equal area and a plurality of coiled spring elements arranged on vertical axes between said flexible upper and under grid sections, means for securing said spring-unit to said rigid underframe including a plurality of tie cords connected at their upper ends to the said flexible upper grid section of the spring-unit and at their lower ends to said rigid underframe structure, and a plurality of independently operable screw means threadably engaged with said rigid underfranie Structure and operative against the under surface of the flexible under grid section of the spring unit adapted when selectively actuated to flex the said under grid section at localized areas whereby to vary the firmness of the spring unit at localized zones, said tie-cords connecting the upper flexible grid section of the spring unit to the rigid underframe structure functioning to restrain the upper grid section from bulging when said screw means are actuated to flex the said flexible under grid section of the spring unit.

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