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Número de publicaciónUS3011182 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación5 Dic 1961
Fecha de presentación31 May 1960
Fecha de prioridad31 May 1960
Número de publicaciónUS 3011182 A, US 3011182A, US-A-3011182, US3011182 A, US3011182A
InventoresRowe Burks Alice
Cesionario originalRowe Burks Alice
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Bed sheeting arrangement
US 3011182 A
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Dec. 5, 1961 A. R. BURKS 3,0 11,182

BED SHEETING ARRANGEMENT Filed May 31, 1960 3,011,182 BED SHEETENG ARRANGEMENT Alice Rowe Burks, 1413 Norton Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.

. I Filed May 31, 1960, Ser. No. 33,027 g Claims. (Cl. 5--335) The invention relates in general to mattress covering wetness oftentimes soil the usual sheeting. Additionally,

the invention may be used with youth beds for children who continue such practices beyond infancy; In the case of hospital patients, it is frequently dangerous or at least awkward to change the bed sheets aftereach such occurrence since the patient may have to remain in the bed during changing and should not be moved unnecessarily. In the case of infants, there is a high frequency of sheet changing required. Although the, moisture is generallyrestricted to the lower portion of the bed, say from the waistof theoccupant down to the foot of the bed, it is still the usual practice to change the entire under I sheet. In the case of bedridden patients, this requires difiicult lifting and shifting of the patient to completely I I remove the usual sheet and to replace it with a clean-one.

Accordingly, one'of the objects of this invention is to reduce the frequency of changing of 'bed sheets. It is to be understood that the bed sheet concerned in regard to this invention is the usual under'theoccupant sheet which covers the mattress.

Another object of this invention is tosimplify the normal lifting of mattress requirements and shifting of occupant associated with the usual sheet changing practices.

It is another important object of the invention to provide a sheet arrangement which will reduce the laundering expense and time connected with the usual bed sheet changing.

Briefly, the present invention accomplishes these objects by providing a'waterproof mattress cover which is held tightly to the mattress and having securing means part way between the mattress head and foot end for securing at least one half-sheet covering the head end of the mattress. In this manner, moisture formingat the foot end of the mattress cover may be conveniently and quickly sponged or wiped off without the necessity of changing the under sheeting with each occurrence.

i elastic straps 24.

These and other objects of the invention may readily be. understood when reference is made to the following description and to the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a View of the mattress having a cover in accordance with the invention,

FIG. 2 shows a perspective of a bed with mattress arranged according to the invention,

FIG. 3 shows in section one form of sheet securing means,

FIG. 4 shows in detail one form of mattress cover latch and sheet securing means, 7

FIG. 5 .shows in detail another form of sheet securing means,

FIG. 6 shows in detail the open end portion of the sheet and securing means,

.FIG. 7 shows in detail a 3,011,182 Patented Dec. 5, 1961 I FIG. 8 illustrates a modification of the bed arrangement utilizing an additional pad at the foot end of the bed.

Referring now to the drawing, the invetion may best 7 be understood with reference first to FIG. 1. A mattress '10 is shown through a cutaway portion of mattress cover 11. The cover 11 is firmly held to the mattress by con- The strap fits underthe mattress to tightly hold the cover 11 to themattress and provides a rigid support for the half-sheet in a manner to be described. The portions 17 of the mattress cover are sturdy and may be constructed of reinforced fabric or canvas and'may include.

metal plates to assure that slot 16 does not tear when the hooks 14 are inserted. Reinforcedportion 17 has upper tabs 18 and lower tabs 19 .attached thereto for holding an upper and' lower half-sheet as will be later described. The cover 11 has openings 20 to allow air and so-called breathing of the mattress. The upper surface of cover 11 is shown as being mattedor quilted and should be of a plastic or non-slick waterproof material. In this manner, any small amounts of moisture or wetness forming on the surface maybe readily wiped clean.

' FIG. 2 illustrates a mattress with its mattress cover 11 in place and with a head half-sheet secured to reinforced portion 17 as well as a foot half-sheet similarly secured. Reference is now had to FIG. 3 for an understanding of one form of securing the half-sheet to the mattress cover. It is understood that the term half-sheet is meant to includean arrangement where the sheet is physically slightly .more or less than half of the long dimension of the mattress. In other words, the strap 13 and/or securing tabs 18and 19 may be slightly offset from the mattress center as may be desired. Returning to FIG. 3, there is shown in partial section mattress 10, cover 11, and one of the half-sheets 21. It is understood the closed end of the half-sl1eet.has two contoured corners and fits snugly over the mattress cover at one end. The open end of the halfsheet is held tightly to themattress cover so as to form a verysecure fit by means of ho'oks'22 which are firmly attached to tabs such as 18 or 19.- Thehooks engage eye members 23 which are attached to the extremities of d When attaching the half-sheet, .the .closed .endwith contoured-corners is secured over the mattress end and the elastic straps are stretched to couple the hookand eyemembers 22 and 23. In this manner, the half-sheet is maintained snug at its closed and open ends. It is now seen'that there-is anupward pull on the sides of mattress cover 11 by straps 24 and the pull must be counteracted by theheavy strap 13 which goes under the mattress' It is important thatthe open end of the half-sheet be maintained taut so as to prevent the bed.

occupant from catching his arms, fingers orbody portions underneath that end. Moreover, when used on hospital beds where the mattress may bend or tilt at its middle, it is essential that the open end ofthe half-sheet befirmly held in place; FIG. 7 -showsin section that the half-sheet 21 may have a stiffening fabric 26 inserted in ahem of the open or free end in order to aid in keeping that tend tight against the flush surface of the mattresseave 7 FIGS. 2 and 3 illustrate a flap 27 which is attached to reinforced portion 17 and extends up over the hooks 22, at least on the outermost half-sheet. The purpose of flap 27 is to protect the hooks 27 from accidentally catching a blanket or bed covering. It is expected that the hooks 22 may also be turned inwardly as shown in FIG. 3 to help prevent the aforementioned catching. Moreover, if desired, the flap may be attached to the head half-sheet and extend downwardly over the hooks 22. PEG. 5 shows in detail two rows of. tabs 18 and 19 and it is understood that tabs 18 may be used to secure the open end of the head half-sheet whereas tabs 19 may be used for the foot half-sheet. Although one may be sufficient, several tabs 18 and 19 are illustrated and their mounting points to reinforced portion 17 are on a tapered line. The others are provided to allow for non-uniformity and tolerances of half-sheet length which may result from manufacture size discrepancies or laundering shrinkage.

FIG. 4 shows another embodiment where the tabs 18 and 19 may be provided with conventional snap fasteners. It is understood that when snap fasteners replace the hook and eye members 22 and 23, one snap portion 28 will be secured to tabs 18 and 19whereas the mating portion 29 shown in FIG. 6 will be secured to straps 24. In this arrangement, since there are no sharp edges to catch blankets or covers, the flap 27 may be eliminated.

In both embodiments, the securing eye members 23 or snap members 29 may be directly located on the halfsheet, thus eliminating straps 24 if desired. Also, tabs 18 and 19 can be eliminated with members 22 or 2 8 fastened directly to reinforced portion 17. It is also contemplated that a version using less material could be provided by having the lower-half only of the mattress cover 11. It would be suitably secured to the mattress as already explained by the strap 13.

In the use of this invention, it is contemplated that an upper or head half-sheet 21 should be secured over the mattress cover 11. In its simplest form, that much constitutes the essentials of the invention. The patient or infant generally causes excess moisture only from the waist down towards the foot end of the bed. The waterproof cover 11 may then be wiped clean without the necessity of changing the half-sheet. Furthermore, should the head end half-sheet become soiled, it may readily be removed by releasing its securing means. In this manner, unnecessary laundering is minimized.

For a more sophisticated version of the invention, it is contemplated as shown in FIG. 2 that both a head end and a foot end half-sheet be used. Again, during normal usage, only the lower or foot end half-sheet becomes soiled and it is unnecessary to remove the upper halfsheet as frequently. Additionally, as shown in FIG. 8 it is contemplated that an extra pad 30 may be placed over a portion of the foot end and secured in place as by snap fasteners 31 as shown. This arrangement may be desired using waterproof sheeting or the like when it is considered desirable to keep the lower half of the bed protected. It is further anticipated that additional snap fasteners 32 may be provided to attach to mating portions on blankets or covers. In this manner, the covers will be kept in place and prevented from sliding off the bed. It is understood that the respective half-sheets 21 are undercut at 33 and 34, FIG. 8, so as to be noninterfering with the securing tabs 18 and 19. When both half-sheets are used, it is anticipated that there be a slight overlap at the center surface of the mattress as shown to minimize bunching.

It should be apparent that modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Therefore, it is desired that the foregoing description shall be taken as illustrative and not as limiting.

What I claim is:

'1. A bed covering arrangement comprising a mattress having an upper surface of waterproof material, securing means positioned substantially midway between a head and a foot end of said mattress, a half-sheet having contoured corners at its head end, said half-sheet configured to cover substantially half of said mattress surface while extending part way down the side walls of said mattress and having attaching members extending from the side walls and open end of the half-sheet, resilient connecting means urgingly joining said attaching members to said securing means, whereby said half-sheet when in place may be firmly held by its contoured corners at said mattress head end and tautly maintained against said mattress at its open end as well as being releasably secured at said midway position of said mattress- 2. A bed covering arrangement for a mattress comprising a cover with a waterproof material surface and having means for fastening said cover to the mattress 'at its four corners, securing means positioned midway between a head and foot end of said cover and adapted to receive two open cornersof an outer half-sheet, a half-sheet having a closed end for mounting over the head of said mattress cover and an open end, said halfsheet configured to cover substantially half of said mattress surface while extending part way down the side walls of said mattress, connecting means attached to the two corners of said open end and formed to resiliently mate with said securing means, whereby said. half-sheet may releasably overlay only the head portion of said waterproof cover and when in place being maintained firmly and tautly against said cover.

3. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 2 having an elastic strap underlying the mattress counteracting the'tendency of said connecting means of permitting the open end of said half-sheet to loosely hug said mattress cover, said strap being releasably joined to two sides of said waterproof cover at its said midway portion whereby said cover and open end of said halfsheet when in place are firmly held against the mattress.

4. A bed covering arrangement for a mattress comprising a cover with a waterproof material surface, and having fastening means for attaching said cover to the upper surface of the mattress overlaying at least the foot half of the mattress, said fastening means including an elastic strap underlying the mattress at a position midway between the head and foot end and releasably securing said waterproof cover firmly against the mattress upper surface, a half-sheet having two contoured corners forming a closed end said half-sheet configured to cover substantially half of said mattress surface while extending part way down the side walls of said mattress and having an open end with uniting means extending from said side walls of said half-sheet-for joining to mating members located on said cover midway between the mattress head and foot end, whereby said half-sheet closed end may encompass the head end of the mattress and the half-sheet open end may be held firmly against the upper surface of the mattress by said uniting means held urgingly by said elastic strap.

5. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 4 having a reinforced fabric portion located at, said midway position of said waterproof cover to securely receive a hook member on said elastic strap.

6. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 5 whereby said uniting means include eye members at-- tached to said side Walls of said half-sheet and said mating members include mating hook elements secured to said reinforced fabric portion.

7. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 5 whereby said uniting means include snap fastener means attached to said side walls of said half-sheet and said mating members include mating snap fasteners secured to said reinforced fabric portion.

8. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 5 having a plurality of said mating members located on said reinforced fabric portion selectively positioned apart to accommodate differently-sized half-sheets.

9. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 5 6 wherein said reinforced fabric portion includes further wardly from the mattress and whereby said hook elements non-interfering mating members forjoining further uniting are thereby prevented from snagging objects. means located on a foot end half-sheet which may overlay the foot end of the mattress and whereby a soiled References Cited in the file of this patent foot end half-sheet may be removed independently of 5 UNITED STATES PATENTS said head end half-sheet.

10. A bed covering arrangement as defined in claim 6 Gerry Sept 1941 t 2 516 363 Block et a1. July 25 1950 whereby sald mating hook elements have at protecting flap member positioned at said reinforced fabric portion out- 2567072 Kay Sept 1951 Patent No $011,182 December 5,, 1961 Alice RoweBurks It is hereby certified that error a entrequiring correction and that the corrected below.

ppears in {the above numbered patsaid Letters Patent should read as In the heading to. the printed s pecification, line 3, for "1413 Norton Ave. read 1413 Mort on Aveo Signed and sealed this 29th day of May 1962,

(SEAL) Attest:

ERNEST W. SWIDER DAVID L. LADD Attesting Officer Commissioner of Patents

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