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Número de publicaciónUS3310353 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Mar 1967
Fecha de presentación19 Nov 1964
Fecha de prioridad5 Dic 1960
Número de publicaciónUS 3310353 A, US 3310353A, US-A-3310353, US3310353 A, US3310353A
InventoresCordis Gladys S
Cesionario originalCarl F Jensen, Gerald T Dobie
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Storing and dispensing apparatus for wet wipe sheets
US 3310353 A
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N. CORDIS March 21, 1967 STORING AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR WET WIPE SHEETS 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Original Filed Dec. 5. 1960 N. CORDIS March 21, 1967 STORING AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR WET WIPE SHEETS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Original Filed Dec. 5. 1960 United States Patent Ofiice 3,310,353 Patented Mar. 21, 1967 3,310,353 STORING AND DISPENSING APPARATUS FOR WET WIPE SHEETS Nat Cordis, deceased, late of Silver Lake, Wis., by Gladys S. Cordis, executor, Chicago, llL, assignor of two-thirds to Carl F. Jensen and one-third to Gerald T. Dohie, both of Crown Industries, Chicago, Ill.

Original application Dec. 5, 1960, Ser. No. 73,874. Di-

vided and this application Nov. 19, 1964, Ser. No.

2 Claims. (Cl. 312-39) This application is a division of co-pending application Ser. No. 73,874, filed Dec. 5, 1960, now abandoned, and entitled, Wet-Wipe-Sheet Dispenser.

This invention relates to a disposable sanitary cleansing and wiping sheet adapted for use in personal hygiene. More particularly, it pertains to such a sheet and apparatus for storing such sheets in a wetted condition and dispensing ready for use.

An important object of the invention is to provide a multiple supply of such pre-wetted sheets and a dispenser therefor. A further object is to provide sheets which are soft and pliable when wetted, and which are readily disposable in household plumbing, Another object is to provide a sheet to supplement the use of toilet tissue. An additional object is to provide a dispenser for the delivery of a pre-wetted sheet from a multiple supply, such pre-wetting being of the entire supply before delivery. These and other objects of the invention will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds.

Briefly, the invention comprises a sheet of absorbent material having the properties of disposable paper towels and certain toilet tissues having the desired wet strength. The paper may be absorbent on one surface and moderately non-absorbent (as by high calendering) on the other surface without adversely affecting disp-osability of the single application sheet. The sheets may be continuous, the desired amount being cut or torn off, or in the form of a stack of pre cut, pre-folded, pre-wetted sheets, each when unfolded providing a single application sheet. The continuous supply may be in the form of a roll, p re-folded in a continuous zigzag strip, or the like.

To facilitate the threading of the continuous strip, whether roll or zigzag, into the dispenser, a lead tab, string, ribbon or the like may be provided.

The folded single sheets are preferably stored in a prewetted condition whereas the continuous supply may in one embodiment be entirely pre-wetted, and in another embodiment be wetted as it is delivered from the dispenser.

The sheets or strips may comprise dual layers provided with a calendered surface or other moisture barrier between the two layers. If desired, the two layers may be separated as by a knife separator and only one layer wetted before dispensing as described herein.

The fluid used to wet the sheet typically comprises water and alcohol, although other materials may be used to give the initial wet condition of the sheet and the quick drying eifect when applied to the skin or other surface to be cleansed. The fluid may be scented; it may be antiseptic, with or without healing properties. Suitable preservatives and anti-mold agents may be included as necessary.

In one form of the invention, the fluid components in a concentrate are provided within a frangible capsule within an absorbent mass, such as a sponge or fibrous pad. Water is added to the mass and the capsule broken or dissolved to release the components. Enough water is provided in this and the other embodiments to saturate or subsaturate the cleansing sheet with the aqueous medium depending upon the desired use or application of the wet wipe sheet. Another embodiment of the invention comprises a roll of a continuous strip of paper or a stack of prefolded individual sheets saturated with an aqueous medium and hermetically sealed within a water impervious container or envelope such as a plastic wrapper.

The invention will be better understood by reference to the drawings wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a vertical section of a dispenser for a continuous roll in which the entire supply r011 may be pre-wetted;

FIGURES 2 and 2aare fragmentary vertical sections of modifications of the dispenser provided with means for wetting the sheet during delivery;

FIGURE 3 is a perspective, partly in section, of another embodiment of dispenser having supply of fluid maintained therein; and

FIGURE 4 is an elevation of an apparatus for storing and delivering pre-wetted, pre-cut, folded sheets from a stack or continuous strip.

Referring to FIGURE 1, the roll of paper 10 is disposed within the housing 11 having hinged cover 12 and delivery slot 13 including hinged closure and cutting plate 14 provided with return spring .15. The pre-wetted paper is threaded through slot 13, under plate 14, and over ledge 16 and the cutting edge 14a.

To dispense a sheet 10a, the plate 14 is lifted against the action of the spring 15 as shown M14 and a selected length of paper 10a, is withdrawn; the plate 14 is then released so as to clamp the paper between the edge 14a and the adjacent edge 16a of ledge 16. Then by pulling the sheet 10a upwardly against the edge 1411, the single application sheet 10a is separated from the roll 10. This leavesa short strip 10a between plate 14 and ledge 16 to be grasped for delivering the next sheet.

The paper may be marked as by printing to indicate the proper size of sheet for a single use. Also, at spaced points highly calendered cross strips may be provided which are substantially less wet and remain stronger than the main body of wetted sheet 10a. Similarly, continuous longitudinal medial or marginal treated or calende-red strips may be provided on the sheet to give added strength to the wet sheet and thereby assist in the separation of the single service sheet from the roll 10. Medial reinforcing may also be effected by stitching with a disintegrating thread.

In FIGURE 2, a dispenser is provided which includes a housing 20 having cover 21, a sump 22 for the treating fluid and including applicator roller 23. In this embodiment the paper threaded under the roller 23 and through the sump 22 is wetted on both sides. When only one side is to be wet, the applicator 23 is mounted at the top of the sump 22 as shown in FIGURE 2a. The paper then travels over the applicator 23 which may be a roller as shown or a sponge, Wick, capillary brush, or the like. 7

It is contemplated that the sump 22 and applicator 23 may be within the housing 20 as shown in FIGURE 2a or exterior thereof and adjacent the discharge port 24 as shown in FIGURE 2. A high water vapor pressure is maintained in the housing 20 and prevents premature drying out of the pre-wetted supply. Tear edge 27 or 27' is used to separate the sheet 26a from the supply roll 26 as will be readily apparent from the manipulations described above with respect to FIGURE 1 and cutting edge 14a.

The dispenser of FIGURE 3 includes a top-opening box or container 30 with friction fit cover 31. As shown, the floor of the box 30 is provided with absorbent pad 32 having a concave upper surface 32a which cradles the paper roll 33. The pre-wetted paper threads through the slot 34 between the cover 31 and the top edge of the front wall of the container 30 which is lower than the other three walls. The desired length 33a of paper is separated by tearing over the edge 35 of the cover.

If desired, the pad 32 may contain a capsule of paper treating agent which is released by saturating the pad 32 with water (and thereby dissolving the capsule) or by breaking the capsule, or both.

The apparatus of FIGURE 4 is adapted for use with pre-cut, folded, pre-wet unit 40 stacked within the elongated chamber 41 on floating platform or follower plate 42 which is raised by spring 43, the top-most unit 40a being pressed upwardly against depressors 44 and 45 which project inwardly from hinged cover 46. The hinge-most or rear depressor 45 is the longer and continues to depress the rear portion of the stack 40 when the cover 4-6 is lifted, whereas the front depressor 44 releases the front portion of the top unit 40a so that it may be grasped through the notch 47 and peeled from the stack. Closing the cover 46 again depresses the entire stack stored within the dispenser.

The apparatus of FIGURE 4 may also be used to dispense a stack comprising a continuous zigzag strip, a cutting edge 46a being provided on the cover 46 to facilitate the separation of the single use sheet from the zigzag strip when the cover 46 has been closed.

Although the invention has been described with partioular reference to certain embodiments thereof, it should be understood that these are by way of illustration only and that modifications may be made therein in view of the teachings without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. A dispenser adapted to contain and to dispense wet wipe sheets one at a time through a delivery opening at one end thereof, a hinged closure for said delivery opening, a follower plate supporting a plurality of such sheets, spring means acting on said follower plate to urge such plurality of sheets toward said delivery opening, at least one depressor projecting substantially normal from said closure and inwardly thereof thereby retarding the elevation of one portion of said follower plate and permitting another portion of said plate to be urged upwardly by said spring toward said delivery opening thereby exposing the leading edge of sheet to the user whereby it may be grasped above said opening and with-drawn, said depressor engaging the next sheet to be dispensed.

2. The dispenser of claim 1 wherein said plurality of sheets comprises a disposable pre-wetted continuous strip adapted to be delivered in increments through said opening.

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JOHN PETO, Assistant Examiner.

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