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Número de publicaciónUS3357597 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación12 Dic 1967
Fecha de presentación9 Sep 1966
Fecha de prioridad9 Sep 1966
Número de publicaciónUS 3357597 A, US 3357597A, US-A-3357597, US3357597 A, US3357597A
InventoresGroff Emory L
Cesionario originalGroff Emory L
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Cigar package dispenser
US 3357597 A
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Dec. 12, 1967 E. GROFF CIGAR PACKAGE DISPENSER Filed Sept. 9, 1966 EMORY l4. GROFF United States Patent 3,357,597 CIGAR PACKAGE DISPENSER Emory L. Groif, 4211 NE. 23rd Terrace, Lighthouse Point, Fla. 33064 Filed Sept. 9, 1966, Ser. No. 578,381 1 Claim. (Cl. 221279) This invention relates to racks or bins for storing cigar, cigarette and like packets or cartons, and more particularly, to simple and practical means for moving the packages automatically forward in the rack as the first one is pulled out to maintain full label exposure.

Racks of the type described are frequently used in drug stores and the like because of their display value. However, because the storage rack has compartments of fixed capacity and dimensions to exhibit various brands of smokes, it is necessary to manually remove the first exposed box or carton, and continuance of sequential removal from the front of the compartment makes it difficult to reach the stationary package at the back of the rack which remains in the original full bin capacity position.

At the same time, because of the depth of the compartment, the packages behind the front of the bin are removed from view, or hidden behind other adjacent stock, thereby substantially reducing advertising or sales value.

Accordingly, the present invention has for its object to provide simple and practical means for urging even the last one of a group of packages forward to be fully exposed and accessible from the front of the rack.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a partial perspective view of a display and storage rack illustrating the application of the invention.

FIG. 2 is a vertical section of the rack of FIG. 1 illustrating the storage bin having packets therein urged toward the front of the rack by a follower which in turn is pulled forward by an elastic member.

FIG. 3 is a detail perspective view of a follower.

FIG. 4 is a detail side elevation of the follower showing a modified form of band holder on the back.

Similar reference characters designate corresponding parts through the several views of the drawing.

The storage rack, designated generally as A, preferably includes a frame A, having a shelf B to support the stock, such as packets of cigars or cigarettes, and for convenience and variety of display has the upright strips C or the like to define a cubicle or bin for the various brands of smokes to be sold.

The vertical front portion of the packet supporting shelf B is provided with a keeper flange B having a plurality of vertical slots D disposed in spaced relation, and which serve a selective mechanical function.

That is to say, the slots D are intended to receive at spaced intervals, the front portion of a continuous elastic band B edgewise, and to be looped around and about a selected number or group of boxes or packets between the selected slots. Thus, each band is also looped about the rear packet P to urge the entire group of packets toward the front flange B.

With a plurality of slots and rubber bands of desired length, any normal group of boxes can be used in the same rack.

Preferably, in its best mode, the invention also includes a follower F including an upright wall F and a horizontal bottom wall F 3,357,597 Patented Dec. 12, 1967 The rear packet is preferably mounted on the bottom wall of the follower since it has been demonstrated that, as the last packet of the group, without the rear wall of the follower, tends to flip backwardly because the tension of the elastic band is applied below the center of said packet.

The follower may be made of plastic, metal or molded cardboard material, but plastic, because of its lightness and durability, is more desirable. Its width may be equal to or less than the width of the packets. If it is wider than a narrow box in the next row, it would interfere with the latters operation.

The opposite side edges of the upright portion of the follower are preferably provided with notches F or equivalent means to prevent the elastic band from riding up to thereby prevent slipping, and also provide the best location for the application of the elastic band. A rib on the back wall of the follower F would serve the same purpose.

In practice, it has been found that elastic bands, that is, preferably rubber bands, of 4" width, #62 or #64 in length, are preferable. However, it is possible to also use bands of /2 width, #82 and #84, where wider packages are to be stacked on the shelf.

The front or exposed portion of the elastic band stretching between selected slots will maintain its normal grip on the front flange without lifting. But, if desired, each band may be held to the bands between the slots by rubber glue or the like. Alternatively, the facing edges of the slots in the keeper band may be cut or notched by the use of a small flie or similar tool.

As will be seen from the description and drawing, the series of spaced slots D in front flange B makes it possible to use rubber or other elastic bands of different size and force as above indicated, more adequately to take care of packets of different width.

Thus, for example, cigarette as well as cigar packets can be stored in the same rack or cabinet side by side, and, in most cases, by the same size rubber band.

Moreover, no lateral space is lost in the bin, because the many slots in the front flange enable the stock clerk to arrange the packets in rows and in closely abutting relation.

I claim:

A compartmented bin type storage and display rack open at the front to hold a multiplicity of spaced alined side by side rows of cigar or cigarette boxes of different lateral width and thickness, comprising, in combination,

a horizontal supporting shelf,

an upstanding wall at the front edge of the shelf provided with a plurality of spaced abutments formed by slots opening at and extending downwardly from the upper edge of the wall toward the upper surface of the shelf, said slots being laterally spaced selectively to permit the arranging and gauging of different width boxes to be alined in adjacent laterally spaced individual groups from the wall toward the rear of the shelf,

and elastic bands fitted in the upper open ends of the slots and having their front portions disposed across the outer faces of adjacent abutments corresponding substantially to the width of the packets and fitted between spaced slots selected according to the width of the boxes, said bands having their rear portions looped about the rear box and their intermediate portions embracing the sides of all boxes therebetween to prevent lateral shifting and maintain rows of boxes against transverse mis-alignment and cause the front box to engage the inner face of said wall and to continuously and automatically pull all of the boxes ad seriatum toward the inner face of the said wall,

and a follower for the rearmost one of a group of alined boxes supported on the shelf and embraced by the rear portion of the elastic band opposite said slots.

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