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Número de publicaciónUS34021 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación24 Dic 1861
Número de publicaciónUS 34021 A, US 34021A, US-A-34021, US34021 A, US34021A
InventoresJohn Wilson
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Ufacture of fibrous water
US 34021 A
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irreNfr ourense, runners.

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 34,9%1, dated December 24, 186i..V

.To @ZZ whom zr': 'n2/cry concern.-

Be it known that l, JOHN lVILSON, of Chissme,.ref erenee being had to the annexed4 drawiogsmahing part ci this specification, which represent the machinesv used in the production of niy fnbrie, specimens of which :ire herewith presented.

The aforesaid fabric consists of cotton or wool or other siniihir materiel mede irst in thin laps or layers, two or more of which 'are united bythe introduction of a. writer-proof solution between the seid laps or layers, so ns to forni s water-proof conter und here ar fibrous exterior.

To make the said fabric I take two or more cnrding-inachines of the ordinary construc-k tion (represented in the drawingsby Figuresl, 2,3,and1)andnrrangethemwith respecttoeaeh other, as represented. Between the carding-A machines l rind -i l arrange the incorporatingnmchine represented by Fig. 5. Then from the roller c under the lap-roller i of the machines l and fifi carry endless aprons e e under the machines l and -i und stretch them over the rollers (l of those machines andioverthe rollers r of the ineorporatiiig-machine. The rollers (l l serve to give :i proper direction to the aprons and brim.r them in a. proper rel-ntion to the rollers B. The rollers C are intended to keep the bottoni and top pnrts'of the aprons from rubbingy together, es they the rollers d d: The ineorporatingfmschim consists of n frame f end three rollers A, A, and B and o'tube D fixed overthe rollersA A. 'In this tube the Water-proof solution is placed.

bottom along. its whole'length, through which the solution escapes in the form of esheet directly between the rollersand et the junction of the laps. New as the seid laps pass be-A tween the rollers A A the solution is squeezed gether end converting t'he'inai'erial 'es it comes from the cards into wcontinnous sheet of soft Water-proof fabric, which is taken upon "The solution may be of india-rubber dissolved in any of the known solvents.

rThis fabric may be made quite thin, so :is to have the appearance 'of thin skin with :i light-fur on both sides. ln Athis form it will ineke en excellent lining for clothing designed to keep out the damp, or it may be made heavy end thick, in which form it makes' s goed blanket for thosewho hereto lie out on the'ground, and is also an excellent substitute for felt, and is useful for n Vnrietyof 'other purposes in the erts.

Ik claim as my invention--` The new article of manufacture herein described,constituting n. weten-proof fabric hawing. both surfaces capable of reeei-Vingn cloth finish.



il. M. l'loLnnN, A. J. Denison.

would otherwise do at the mlgles formed b5 'lhe"snid tube has an angular opening' in its in them, thus incorporating.,r the whole to.

the roller QB of ythe' incorporetingmieehine.'

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