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Número de publicaciónUS3481676 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación2 Dic 1969
Fecha de presentación8 Feb 1968
Fecha de prioridad8 Feb 1968
Número de publicaciónUS 3481676 A, US 3481676A, US-A-3481676, US3481676 A, US3481676A
InventoresSchwartzman Gilbert
Cesionario originalSchwartzman Gilbert
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Disposable self-container applicator
US 3481676 A
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United States Patent 3,481,676 DISPOSABLE SELF-CONTAINER APPLICATOR Gilbert Schwartzman, 20 Wilmot Circle, Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 Filed Feb. 8, 1968, Ser. No. 704,063 Int. Cl. B43k /00, 8/00, 5/04 US. Cl. 401-134 6 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to a fluid applicator and more particularly to a device having an extensive shelf life and .which is disposable after use.

In the past various types of applicators had been devised for application of medications, cosmetic preparations, pigments, paints, and polishes, or other finishes. These applicators usually required the packaging of the fluid to be applied in a container, after which the container had to be opened with the applicator placed into contact with the fluid. In the case of medications, this promoted the contamination of the medications by exposure to the atmosphere, and in the case of various types of pigments and the like, the hands and person of the user were subject to various stains.

Further, in the past, it had been attempted to provide for disposable applicators, but these either; required expensive packaging, or if constructed inexpensively enough to be used in considerable quantities, very ineflective and generally not of a sterile enough construction for surgical or other medical purposes.

The present invention contemplates utilizing an entirely sealed container of fluid, which has therefore a very extended sterile shelf life. The container is disposed in a housing having a bellows integrally formed therewith so that the container may be brought into contact with suitable container piercing means which also functions to funnel the fluid from the container to an applicator body.

It is therefore an object of the invention to provide a disposable applicator that is adapted to provide an extended shelf life for the contents thereof, which may maintain the contents thereof in a sterile condition, yet which is easy to use and provided with integrally constructed means for piercing the sealed container, which means include a tbellows integrally formed with the housing, which also serve when using the applicator as a convenient finger grip for allowing the firm grasping of the applicator.

Another object of the present invention resides in the provision of an application which employs an applicator body of porous urethane foam and which is also constructed as to allow for bonding thereof on the stem of the applicator in such a manner as to efiicaciously receive the flow of fluid thereon when the applicator is in use.

Still further objects and features of this invention reside in the provision of a disposable applicator that is simple in construction, capable of being utilized to package various types of fluids, which is efficient in use, and inexpensive to manufacture, thereby permitting wide distribution.

3,481,676 Patented Dec. 2, 1969 These, together with the various ancillary objects and features of the present invention, which will become apparent as the following description proceeds, are attained by this disposable self-contained applicator, a preferred embodiment of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, by way of example only, wherein:

FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an applicator constructed in accordance with the concepts of the present invention, showing the applicator in the normal position allowing for extended shelf life;

FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1, but showing the manner in which the piercing means is actuated by compression of the bellows to permit the penetration thereof of the container for the funneling of fluid into the stern and valve body;

FIG. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken along the plane of line 33 in FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a partial sectional detail view showing the manner in which the applicator may be used for applying fluid on a surface; and,

FIG. 5 is a partial elevational view of a modified form of the invention.

With continuing reference to the accompanying drawing wherein like reference numerals designate similar parts throughout the various views, reference numeral 10 generally designates a disposable applicator constructed in accordance with the concepts of the present invention. The applicator includes a housing 12, having cylindrical side walls 14 and a closed end 16 which may be swaged, spin welded, or otherwise secured to the side walls 14. As shown in FIG. 5, in lieu of the end wall 16, the bottom end may be crimped as at .17 or otherwise finished. Integrally formed with the side walls 14 and centrally disposed in the side walls 14 is a bellows 18 which extends about the periphery of the cylindrical side walls 14 and permits movement of the end 16 upwardly toward the stem 20, which is integrally formed with the housing 12. The stem 20 is also of a cylindrical construction and has a plurality of discrete openings 22 therein opening into the side walls of the stem 20 as well as a relatively large end opening 24 communicating with the central bore 25. The housing 12 flares into the stem 22 by way of an upwardly extending tapered end wall 26. Extending from the end wall 26 and in alignment with the stem 20 is a container piercing means 28 of a truncated conical shape terminating in a circular knife edge 30. Disposed within the container 12 and formed of any suitable material is a discrete container 32 having a suitable fluid such as a medication, cosmetic preparation, shoe polish, paint, lacquer, pigment, or other like material disposed therein.

A body 34 of porous urethane foam is molded about the stem 20 and envelopes the stem 20 and abuts the end wall 26 and is of the same diameter as the housing 12 to form a smooth continuation thereof.

Because the contents of the container 32 are sealed in an air-tight, fluid-tight manner, this applicator has an extended shelf life. When it is desired to utilize the container by placing the end 16 on any surface and depressing the upper portion of the housing so as to squeze the bellows in the manner as shown in FIG. 2 and moving the body 34 of the container downwardly as indicated by arrow A, the container will be punctured by the knife edge. Then, the contents of the container 22 will be funneled into the stem through the bore 25 thereof and outwardly into the body 34 in the direction of arrows B and onto the hemispherical head 36 of the body 34. A sizeable amount of fluid will also be directed into the body through the opening 24 in the direction of arrow C.

A latitude of modification, substitution and change is intended in the foregoing disclosure, and in some instances, some features of the invention will be employed without a corresponding use of other features. Accordingly, it is appropriate that the appended claims be construed broadly and in a manner consistent with the spirit and scope of the invention herein.

I claim:

1. An applicator comprising a housing, a stem portion at one end of said housing having a reduced cross sectional dimension, a breakable fluid container in said housing, said stem having a plurality of spaced openings therethrough, container puncturing means in said housing adapted to penetrate said container, said housing having flexible means for permitting said puncturing means to move relative to said container, and a porous resilient body enveloping said stem, said flexible means including a bellows integrally formed as part of said housing.

2. An applicator according to claim 1, wherein said stem is provided with an enlargement on the end thereof remote from said housing for locking said body on said stem.

3. An applicator according to claim 1, wherein said body is formed of porous urethane foam.

'4.'An applicator according to claim 3, wherein said puncturing means includes a truncated conical projection terminating in a circular knife edge, said projection being in alignment with and communicating with said stem for UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,299,296 10/1942 Battle 40l196 3,324, 855 6/1967 Heimlich 128269 FOREIGN PATENTS 1,299,987 6/1962 France.

LAWRENCE CHARLES, Primary Examiner US. Cl. X.R.

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Clasificación de EE.UU.401/134, 401/196
Clasificación internacionalA45D34/04
Clasificación cooperativaA45D2200/1018, A45D34/04
Clasificación europeaA45D34/04