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Número de publicaciónUS3543977 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación1 Dic 1970
Fecha de presentación11 Mar 1969
Fecha de prioridad11 Mar 1969
Número de publicaciónUS 3543977 A, US 3543977A, US-A-3543977, US3543977 A, US3543977A
InventoresJames E Lockridge
Cesionario originalJames E Lockridge
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Pilot leg strap reference material holder
US 3543977 A
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United States Patent James E. Lockridge 615 Laurel Circle, Selma, Alabama 36701 806,189

March 11, 1969 Dec. 1, 1970 lnventor Appl. No. Filed Patented PILOT LEG STRAP REFERENCE MATERIAL HOLDER 21(C), 129(A), l0; 224/5, 28.4, 28, 28.1, 28.2;

Primary Examiner-Gerald M. Forlenza ABSTRACT: This invention constitutes a strap device consisting of two portions: the main elastic strap which attaches snugly to the thigh, and the overstrap which is a combination transparent pliable plastic, and elastic strip used for holding the pilots reference material firmly to the main strap and thus to the leg. Velcro fabric fastener material, or similar contact type fastener material is used. The reference material is then visible to the pilot through the transparent portion of the overstrap, yet held firmly and securely by the elastic portion 108/43; 248/444 which is fastened with the Velcro.

PILOT LEG STRAP REFERENCE MATERIAL HOLDER The complexities of modern airplane flying and aerial navigation frequently require the pilot to have present and readily accessible certain reference materials (maps, flight logs, note pads, check lists, approach diagrams, etc., depending upon the phase of flight.) To date various methods have been used to facilitate the accessibility of this reference material. Most all have utilized a clipboard device in some form or other, often with a leg strap to fasten it to the leg with a mechanical fastener. Presently the most versatile commercially available product (as well as the standard USAF issued item) is a bulky clipboard that is attached to the thigh with an elastic strap and mechanical fasteners.

This clipboard device has many disadvantages. it is bulky, sometimes interferes with aircraft control movements, and is inconvenient to carry around on the ground. Frequently it is difficult to attach the reference material to it because of the mechanical limitations of the clips. Often the material will not remain securely attached to it during flight because of 6" loadings imposed during flight maneuvering.

The primary objective of my invention is to provide an easily used reference material holder for the pilot, without the limitation and inconveniences of the clipboard device.

An important characteristic of my invention is the ease with which it may be attached to the pilots leg, and the ease with which the reference material may be attached and removed.

These qualities are due to the utilization of a hook vs. pile nylon fabric fastener material such as that known by the trademark Velcro, obtainable from Velcro Corp., 681 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10022.

The nylon Velcro material comes in two mating types hook, and pile. When the hood material is pressed against the pile material the two materials mesh and have a minimum curved shear force limit of 12 pounds per square inch. However, the force required to peel one from the other is only .4 pounds per square inch, allowing easy detachment and reattachment.

The elastic material used is the type used for repair of corsets, garter belts, etc., and isavailable inmost variety stores under several brand names. Construction isnotlimited to this particular type of elastic, however. The prototest model was constructed of WOOLWORTHS PRIMSTYLE ELASTIC WEBBlNG, 2 inches X24 inches 69 percent rayon, percent cotton, 1 1 percent rubber) manufactured by Colton Elastic.

The pliable transparentplastic for the overstrap section of the prototest model was cut from plastic envelopes available from Sealtronics, lnc., Sante Fe Springs, Calif.

The prototest model'construction was done with nylon or cotton thread on a sewing machine or by hand. Certain types of adhesives may also be used. The area of the transparent pliable plastic that is to be perforated with the stitches may be reinforced by applying a small strip of adhesive tape before stitching.

- My invention is generally characterized by an elastic mainstrap, and pliable transparent plastic and elastic overstrap.

The mainstrap is approximately 20 inches long, and l to 2 inches wide and is fastened around the pilots thigh with Velcro type fastener material.

The overstrap is of similar width and is constructed of a strip of transparent, pliable plastic to which is sewn the main strap on one end, and a shorter elastic strip of similar width, to provide tensioning, on the other end. To the end of the elastic portion of the overstrap is attached Velcro material on the side facing the main strap. Sewn to the main strap at an appropriate position to receive this overstrap fastener is the mating Velcro fastener material.

Thus, the overstrap may be pulled apart from the mainstrap at one end,while themainstrap remains fastened securely to the leg. The desired reference material may then be inserted on the main strap with the Velcro fastener. The reference material is then held firmly to the leg. and completely visible through the transparent pliable plastic section of the overstrap,

An additional convenience 18 that notes may be made on the surface of the plastic material in'soft lead pencil and later erased, providing the reference material being held provides a light background for contrast. Of course, notes may be made directly on the reference material itself, as only a small portion is actually covered by the transparent plastic section.

Various designs utilizing more'than one overstrap, and with or without a small clipboard device, or leather writing support, would provide additional utility. Also, the strap could easily be made an integral part of pilot's clothing (trousers or flight suit).

A detailed description of a preferred embodiment of my invention will now be given in conjunction with the drawing in which:

FIG. I is a schematic of the leg strap in use, holding reference material to thepilot's leg.

FIG. 2 is a general view of the strap with sub parts clearly identified.

FIG. 3 is a slightly expanded cross-sectional view of the pilot's leg with the strap in place.

The mainstrap 1-7 is of elastic fabric material approximately 20 inches long and l to 2 inches wide. At one end i Velcro fastener material approximately 3 inches long is sewn to the upper side 1-2. At the other end 7 on the opposite side is sewn a 3-inch section of mating Velcro fastener material 6-7. At 4-5 Velcro fastener material is attached to the mainstrap to receive the mating Velcro fastener on the overstrap 9-10.

The overstrap 3-10 is sewn to the mainstrap at 3. The overstrap consists of a pliable, transparent plastic section 3-8 attached to an elastic section 8-10 at 8. To the end of this elastic section of the overstrap is sewn Velcro fastener material 9-10 which is complimentary to the material on the mainstrap 4-5. The stretch of the elastic portion at 8-9 allows tension to be applied to any reference material item being held between 3, 4, and 8 upon attaching the overstrap to the main strap 9-10 to 4-5 providing the main strap is already attached to the leg. The reference material is then plainly visible through the transparent section of the overstrap 3-8.

There has been hereindescribed a preferred embodiment of a pilot's leg strap reference material holder which, though attachable by a simple application of finger pressure, holds the reference material quite firmly. Such description is to be considered illustrative rather than limiting for the invention may be variously embodied, particularly by inclusion of a writing board apparatus, or multiple overstraps, or by making the strap an integral part of the pilots clothing. The strap may also be used in professions other than those aeronautical without departing from the spirit of my invention or from the scope of the claims.


1. An improved leg strap reference material holder compris- A. a fabric elastic mainstrap which is fastened around the users leg by utilizing sections of mating (loop vs. pile) Velcro or similar type loop and pile fabric fastener material permanently attached to opposite ends and on opposite sides of said mainstrap;

B. an overstrap device consisting, in part, of pliable transparent plastic material through which the reference material being held ma-y be clearly viewed while being firmly held;

C. said overstrap consisting, in part, of fabric elastic material which provides tensioning for holding the reference material firmly; and

D. one end of said overstrap being permanently attached to said mainstrap, and the other end of said overstrap being attached to said mainstrap by sections of Velcro or similar loop and pile type fabric fastener material one type of which is permanently attached to said overstrap and the mating typeof which is permanently attached to an appropriate area of said mainstrapto properly receive said overstrap.

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