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Número de publicaciónUS356301 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación18 Ene 1887
Número de publicaciónUS 356301 A, US 356301A, US-A-356301, US356301 A, US356301A
InventoresWillis H. Belknap
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Willis h
US 356301 A
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NV PETERS, Phuln-Lilhoghphnr. Washmgon. D. C.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent.' No. 356,301, dated January 18, 1887.

Application filed October 6, 1,8516.

To all whom t may concern.-

Beit known that I, WILLIs H. BELKNAI), a

citizen of the United States, and a resident of New York, county and State of New York, have invented certainnew and useful Improveinents in Waste-Paper Baskets, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to baskets or receptacles adapted to hold waste-paper, 85e., and has forits object the production of a basket so constructed that it may be folded up to occupy but little space when not in use.

The invention consists of a basket havinga central stem or handle which passes vertically through and projects beyond its lower end, a base-piece into which the lower end of the central stem is set, flexible ribs pivoted at their lower ends to the-central stem, short stretchers pivoted to the ribs, and a ring titted to slide on the central stem, by the action of which the ribs are closed up against the stem and spread out, a covering of suitable fabric placed over the ribs, and an inside lining, which, 'if desired, may be placed only over the stretchers to form a bottom for the basket; but to describe my invention more particularly I will now refer to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure lis a perspective View of my iinproved basket. Fig. 2 is a vertical central section rshowing the basket open, and Fig. 3 is an outside view of the basket closed.

In my improved folding basket I have adopted the construction of umbrellas iuso far as the folding principle is concerned, but have considerably departed from the shape and the prescribedproportions given to the vaiious parts of umbrellas in applying this principle of construction to my purpose.

The handle and principal stay consists of the central stem, a, having an ornamental upper end, b, which constitutes the handle proper. On this stem,near its lower end,is secured the ring c, to which are pivoted the ribsd d, and to the ribs, near their lower or pivoted ends, are hinged the outer ends ofthe stretchers e e, the other ends of which are hinged to the sliding ringf. To form a receptacle of considerable depth relatively to its diameter, the short stretchers e e are attached to the ribs d d near their lower ends, and the ribs, when they are forced open by the stretchers, are caused to assume about a vertical position by the covering g, which is secured to the ribs and so shaped that its sections for a consider- Serial No4 215,453. (No model.)

able distance from the free ends of the ribs are about parallel, thus holding the upper parts of the ribs about parallel to one another and to the central stem, a, while the lower parts assume a curved form. A springcatch, h, tiXed in the stem a, holds the sliding ringf down, as shown at Fig. 2, and this spring-catch,when pressed in, allows the ring f to be moved up, thereby closing the ribs d d against the central stein, a., as shown at Fig. 3.

To uphold this basket,asuitably formed and ornamented base-block, z', is provided, having a central hole in which the lower end of the stem a is placed.

The base may be readily removed from the stem when the basket is folded up, to facili tate packing, or when the basket is open, allowing it then to be used as a hanging basket.

To forni a bottom for the basket so that waste-paper and other things placed therein will not become entangled between the stretchers e e, I cover these stretchers with a suitable fabric, j, and in the better class of goods made under this invention I propose to extend the liningj overv the whole of the interior of the basket, thus also covering and hidingthe ribs d d.

This novel folding basket is light, strong, and durable, and is adapted to be made very artistic by employing colored and figured cloths and silks for the covering by drapery and by ornamented knobs attached to the ends of the ribs.

Having now described my invention. what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s-

1. rIhe combination, with a folding basket ,composed of a central stem, ribs pivoted thereto, stretchers pivoted to the ribs and to a sliding ring on the stem, and a fabric covering, of a supporting-base havinga central hole, into which the lower end of the central stein is set, substantially as set forth.

2. In a folding basket, in combination, the stem c, ribs d d, stretchers e e, sliding ring f, covering g, liningj, and base-block t', substantially as set fort-h.

In witness ,whereof I have hereunto set my hand, at New York,-county and State of New lYork, this 25th day of September, 1886.


In presence OIL- -ALERED SHEDLooK,



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