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Número de publicaciónUS3598246 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación10 Ago 1971
Fecha de presentación15 Nov 1968
Fecha de prioridad22 Ene 1968
También publicado comoDE1985198U
Número de publicaciónUS 3598246 A, US 3598246A, US-A-3598246, US3598246 A, US3598246A
InventoresGalli Manfredo
Cesionario originalFerrero Gmbh
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Sales display stands for packaged goods, especially packaged chocolates
US 3598246 A
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United States Patent [72] Inventor Manlredo Galli Frankfurt am Main, Germany [21] Appl. No. 776,165 [22] Filed Nov. 15, 1968 [4S] Patented Aug. 10, 1971 [73] Assignee Femro G.m.b.l'l. [32] Priority Jan. 22, 1968 [33] Germany [31] I 33569 [54] SALES DISPLAY STANDS FOR PACKAGED GOODS, ESPECIALLY PACKAGED CHOCOLATES 1,955,252 4/1934 Palla 211/73 UX 2,144,716 l/1939 Duroi'chalk 211/72 X 2,340,561 2/1944 Renfro 312/60 X 2,743,021 4/1956 Glenn 211/72 2,918,178 12/1959 Leone 248/174 X 3,019,540 2/1962 Chudek 206/44 B 3,157,287 11/1964 Sinclair 211/72 3,269,550 8/1966 Marcus... 211/87 3,414,132 12/1968 Comu 248/152 X Primary Examiner-Roy D. Frazier Assistant ExaminerAbraham Frankel AttarneyWaters, Roditi, Schwartz & Nissen ABSTRACT: A sales display stand for packaged sweet stuffs (candies) consists of a substantially upright flat support mounted on a pedestal with sloping top surfaces the support having a series of vertically spaced flaps on both sides obliquely projecting outwardly and upwardly. A candy package is attached at one end to each flap by slitting between the lid and base of the package a sufi'tcient portion to be hooked over the flap, The lowermost package of the stack thus secured rests on the sloping base.




SALES DISPLAY STANDS FOR PACKAGED GOODS, ESPECIALLY PACKAGED CHOCOLATES The invention relates to a sales display stand for packaged goods, and particularly packaged chocolates, consisting of at least one upright flat holder or the like with attachment devices for the packaged goods.

Display stands of different design and for diverse purposes are already known.

When displaying goods on sales display stands it is always necessary afterremoving a single package or the like that the goods he left ready for sale and visible, so that such removal does not in practice affect the availability for display of the goods. For this purpose also a large number of different sales display stands and forms of packaging are already known.

The need to display packaged goods at the point of sale is particularly important for packaged sweet stuffs and chocolate because the appearance of the goods or of the packaging thereof influences consumers to a very considerable extent.

It is therefore customary to display for example packaged chocolate creams in individual inclined holders, so that the packages are visible in this position.

One object of the invention is to provide a sales display stand, particularly for packaged chocolates, in which not only is it easy to remove the packaged goods, but in which the display of the individual packages remains unaffected until after the last package has been removed.

Another object is to provide a sales display stand which can readily be dismantled and stored in a small space and can be reassembled simply and and quickly.

A further object is to provide a sales display stand which is of light yet sturdy construction and economical to manufacture on a mass production scale.

Yet a further object is to provide a sales display stand capable of simple adaptation to the display of different batches of packaged sweet stuffs as the need arises.

Still a further object is to provide a sales display stand wherein the means for securing the packaged goods for display thereon are of the simplest possible construction.

With these and other objects in view, the invention provides a sales display stand having a series of flaps or the like projecting obliquely from a flat upright holder or the like, said flaps being adapted to engage with retaining means provided on the side of the packages, the mutual vertical spacing between the flaps being uniform and being at least as great as the depth of the packages themselves. The flaps are preferably arranged in vertical superposition, even though this is not an essential feature of the subject of the invention.

The aforesaid flaps are advantageously adapted to be bendable, so that the angle at which they project can be adjusted to the position of rest of the packaged goods on the holder. This embodiment can be further modified by bending the flaps away from the plane of the holder to such an extent that when the display stand or holder is packed away the flaps do not cause any trouble.

The aforesaid flaps may be adapted to engage between the upper and lower portions of the packaged goods. In an embodiment of this kind a strip is provided on the lid or upper part which overlaps the lower portion of the package or at the side of the package, and the flaps can engage behind this strip. With this embodiment it is consequently oflittle moment as to whether and to what extent the upper and lower parts of the packaging can be separated from one another.

Some packages are so designed that the cover or the upper portion thereof overlaps and grips the lower portion completely and merely needs to he lifted up for insertion of the flap. The sales display stand according to the invention is outstandingly suitable for this form of package which is used extensively for sweet stuffs and chocolates.

The packages should with advantage have at least one flat side surface. But even if round packages or packages of other shapes can be used with the sales display stand according to the invention, it is particularly suitable for displaying angular and preferably rectangular packaged goods. Thus, for example,'quadrangular or hexagonal or octagonal packages can be put on the display stand for very effective display.

Two flat holders can be arranged back-to-back and secured together in one very suitable embodiment of the invention.

When cardboard is used as material for the sales display stand the holder at least is preferably constructed from one cutout portion.

The base of the sales display stand may consist of webs or wall portions or the like arranged at right angles or approximately at right angles to the holder or holders. Moreover, the base portion can itself, when it is made of cardboard, consist ofa single cutout portion.

An inclined surface can be provided on the base serving as a support for the lowermost package. By this means it is possible when the flaps are in vertical spaced superposition on the holder for the packaged goods each to be stacked in a sloping position on one another by being hooked on to the display stand and then lifted off. When one side is empty the holder can be used again while not the smallest alteration is necessary on the other side nor need additional fastening means be provided, since the tops of the underlying packages serve as supports for the packages placed thereon.

As already mentioned, it is of advantage for the flaps to be located in vertical superposition on the holder. If, likewise, the vertical spacing of the flaps also corresponds at least to the depth of the packages, the effect is achieved that they are displayed to better advantage on top of one another at an angle to the base surface.

The flaps can also be provided with an aperture or the like for the partial or complete insertion of a finger; this is of special advantage when the flaps have to be pushed back when the stands are to be packed away or to be pulled out for reassembling the stands.

Some embodiments of the invention are depicted for exam ple in the drawings. In said drawings:

FIG. I is an isometric view of an embodiment of display stand according to the invention;

FIG. 2 is a part side elevation;

FIG. 3 is a cutout for the base of the embodiment according to FIGS. 1 and 2; and

FIG. 4 is an isometric view of a second embodiment of the subject of the invention. 7

FIG. 1 is an isometric view of a sales display stand according to the invention, which consists of two main portions, namely, a holder 1 and a base member 2. The said sales display stand is consequently in two parts and can be fabricated for example from cardboard in which case the holder 1 and the base member 2 can each be made from a cutout piece of cardboard.

The holder has two vertical walls 3 and 4 (the latter is not shown), each being provided with flaps 5. For the purpose of clarity the flaps on the rear wall 4 are not shown; these are mirror images of the flaps on the front wall. No details are shown of the cutout portion'for the holder l but it is so designed that it can be folded up; in which case the flaps 5 each of which can be bent about a fold 6, can be bent back so as to lie flat with the respective wall member 3 or 4. The sales display stand is of course shown in its operative position, that is for hanging or slipping the packaged goods on the flaps or into the flaps as will he subsequently described in more detail.

Each flap has a cutout portion 7 which can be rounded off and the shape of which may if necessary correspond to the shape of the cutout portion 8 in the wall member 3. These two cutout sections serve to grip the flap and enable it to be more easily manipulated.

The display stand can of course be provided with advertising matter or slogans referring to the relevant packaged goods.

The base member 2 consisting of one cutout portion of cardboard can be secured to the lower part of the holder.

This cutout portion is shown in more detail in FIG. 3 and consists of a rectangular base portion 10, to each side of which tongues ll, I2, 13 and 14 are attached so as to be bent upwards. As can be seen from FIG. 3, in which the cutout portion is spread out flat, the facing tongues 11, I3 and I2, 14 correspond to one another. Side portions 15 and 16 are provided on tongues 11 and 13, each of which can be bent inwardly about a fold 17 or 18. These side portions have projections 20 and 21, which serve to secure the side portions in corresponding slots in the holder 1 when the base is erected by folding. Moreover, the tab 22 engages in the operative position in a corresponding slot in the holder 1.

The tongues 11 and 13 constitute the sloping surfaces of the base portion which will now be described in more detail.

The tongues 12 and 14 likewise are provided with side portions 30 and 31, each of which can be bent right back inwardly about a fold 33, 34, and the smooth or glazed upper surfaces of which serve to improve the appearance of the complete sales display stand.

The tabs 32 are for the purpose of securing the tongues 12 and 14 to the holder 1.

For the purpose of erecting the sales display stand by folding or after folding the cutout portion intended for the holder, the tongues 11 and 13 are first brought into the operative position, whereupon tongues 12 and 14 are suitably bent upwards and secured in position by means of he tabs 32.

Obviously, the tongues 12 and 14 can show advertising matter relating to the goods displayed.

FIG. 2 discloses in detail the method of inserting the packaged goods 40 on the display stand, Said goods can for example be a hexagonal package of chocolate creams with advertising matter and other decorative features and having for example one straight side i.c., one of the hexagonal sides, at right angles to the lid surface.

The packaging is such that the lid provides an edge as far as possible completely surrounding the base portion of the package, although it is not absolutely essential that the edge of the cover should run right round the base portion. It may also be possible for hooks or loops to be provided on the side of the packaged goods. The packaging can also be such that only a single lateral surface is available for hooking the packages on to, or slipping it over, as a flap, as will be described subsequently in more detail.

The flaps 5 project obliquely from the wall members 3 and 4, as has been described, and are cutout on three sides from the cardboard pattern and can then be bent outwardly by means of the apertures 8.

The tongues II and I3 when erected in the operative position form inclined surfaces as is shown in FIG. I, so that the lowermost packages 41 rest with their base surfaces 42 on the inclined surfaces II or 13. The packaged goods 40 sub sequently placed on top have their bases 43 on the upper surface of the package 41. It will be seen from this that the spacings 44 between the folds of the flaps or between the flaps themselves are approximately equal to the thickness of the packaged goods themselves. It is, however, quite possible to arrange for this spacing to be greater than the thickness of the packages depending on the angle of inclination of the packaged goods.

In an embodiment shown in FIG. 4 a sales display stand similar to that of FIG. 1 is illustrated, consisting, however, of

plastic material and therefore molded in one piece. The holder 51 consists of two columns 52 and 53 between which are located webs 54 determining the spacing of the flaps. These solid webs serve as holders for the rigid flaps 55 which project obliquely on both sides and thus serve to accommodate the corresponding packaged goods in mirror image relation.

In the embodiment illustrated, two flaps are shown each projecting on one side, whereas an intermediate flap 56 projects from the other side of the holder. The packaged goods for example hexagonal packages of chocolate creams, are stacked on top of one another and the flaps inserted under the lids, in exactly the same way as described above and shown in the embodiments of FIGS. l3.

The base portion of this one-piece sales display stand of plastic material is of different construction, the two foot ortlons 57 and 58 being triangular, the edges thereof 59 an 60 serving as a support surface for the bottom surface of the lowermost package.

For reasons of stability small lateral projections 61 are provided on the base of the holder 51, said projections being vertically coplanar with the web interconnecting the columns 52 and 53.

We claim:

I. A sales display stand for packaged goods, said stand comprising one substantially upright flat holder, and attachment means connected to said holder for supporting said packaged goods, said attachment means including a series of vertically spaced flaps fixedly secured on said holder, said flaps each being engageable with one side of one of said packaged goods the vertical spacing between said flaps being uniform and at least as great as the thickness of the packaged goods, said stand further comprising a base supporting said upright holder, said holder including a vertical series of webs defining H-sections, the uniformly spaced flaps obliquely projecting outwards and upwards from both sides of each of the webs.

2. A sales display stand according to claim 1 in which each flap engages one package between the lid and the lower por' tion of said package.

3. A sales display stand according to claim 2 in which each flap is adapted for being inserted into a package having said lid which can be partially detached from the bottom portion of the package,

4. A sales display stand as claimed in claim I wherein said flaps are constituted by at least two parallel flaps extending obliquely from one side of each of said webs and one flap extending obliquely from the other side ofeach of said webs.

5. A sales display stand as claimed in claim I wherein said base is constituted by two spaced foot portions extending parallel to one another and transversely of said webs.

6. A sales display stand as claimed in claim 5 including lateral projections connected respectively to each of said foot portions and extending in coplanar relationship with said webs and with one another.

7. A sales display stand as claimed in claim 5 wherein said foot portions include respective upper edges constituted as supports for a lowermost package.

8. A sales display stand as claimed in claim 7 wherein said foot portions are generally triangular.

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