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Número de publicaciónUS3768688 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación30 Oct 1973
Fecha de presentación8 Sep 1971
Fecha de prioridad8 Sep 1971
También publicado comoCA962626A, CA962626A1
Número de publicaciónUS 3768688 A, US 3768688A, US-A-3768688, US3768688 A, US3768688A
InventoresLinke W
Cesionario originalGillette Co
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US 3768688 A
A package comprising a cover for a container and a transparent flexible overcap friction-fit to the cover. The overcap has a portion spaced from the cover to define an enclosure, and an item is contained in the enclosure and is accessible by separating the overcap from the cover.
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United States Patent 119 Linke Oct. 30, 1973 [54] CAP 1,031,867 7/1912 Peebles 220/23 3,615,006 10/1971 Freed.. 206/62 R [75] wflfgmg Link" Berk", 3,554,369 1 1971 Paschke 206/47 R Germany 1,879,517 9/1932 Rolsbotham 206/47 R X [73] Assignee: The Gillette Company, Boston,

Mass Primary Examiner-Leonard Summer [22] Filed: Sept. 8, 1971 AltorneyR. W. Furlong et al.

[21] Appl. No.: 178,735

' 57 ABSTRACT [52] US. Cl... 220/23, 206/47 R, 215/43 A, I

215/6 A package comprising a cover for a container and a [51] Int. Cl 13651141/04, 865d 41/62 transparent flexible overcap frictiomfh to the cover. [58] Field of Search 220/23; 206/47 R; The overcap has a portion Spaced from the cover to 215/43 A define an enclosure, and an item is contained in the enclosure and is accessible by separating the overca [56] References Cited 1 from the Coven UNITED STATES PATENTS 5 2,862,637 12/1958 Heldfond 220/23 X 1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures 1 g 34 e I 0 lg I CAP This invention relates to packaging.

The object of this invention is to provide a simple and reliable package for separate products, such as a package for a primary product and a separately wrapped sample of another product, or a package for a two component product to be maintained separate until use.

A particular object is to provide packaging means for co-packaging a second product with a first product contained in a jar, preferably in a manner exposing the second product to the purchaser or user of the product contained in the jar, and yet while maintaining the overall package in a form inexpensively manufactured and easily packed and shipped without damage to any of the contents.

The invention features a cap structure for a container comprising an interior member and a flexible exterior member. The interior member has an inner peripheral surface constructed to engage the container, a top wall covering the container, and, an outer peripheral surface. The exterior member has an inner peripheral surface arranged to engage the outer peripheral surface of the interior member, these engaging peripheral surfaces being mutually constructed to inhibit relative rotational movement of the two members while allowing the members to be disengaged from one another by relative axial movement. Spacer means is provided, preferably permanently connected to and forming a part of one of the two members, to provide a space or enclosure between the opposing top walls when the exterior member is assembled over the interior member.

In preferred embodiments, the spacer structure is an annular rib; both members have axially extending grooves or ribs along their mutually engaging peripheral surfaces arranged to interfit to inhibit relative rotational movement of the members; the interior member has means such as threads for engaging the container by relative rotational movement; and an item such as a product sample (e.g., in a sachet) or an ingredient for mixing with a different ingredient packed in the container or a premium item such as a small hair accessory, jewelry, and the like is contained in the space between the members, with the exterior member being transparent to expose the sample to the vision of the purchaser or user.

In another aspect, the invention features a package comprising a cover for a container for a substance, a transparent flexible overcap friction-fit over the cover, the overcap having a portion spaced from the cover to define an enclosure, and an item in theenclosure accessible by separating the overcap from the cover without separating the cover from the container.

Other objects, features and advantages will be apparent to one skilled in the art from the following description of a preferred embodiment of the invention, in which:

FIG. 1 is a plan view of a cap structure embodying the present invention, with a sample sachet shown in the enclosure;

FIG. 2 is an exploded view, partially broken away, of the cap structure of FIG. 1; I

FIG. 3 is a plan view of a sample sachet useful with this cap; and,

FIG. 4 is a sectional view along line 4-4 of FIG. 1.

The figures show a cap 10, e.g., for ajar. The cap includes an interior cap member or cover 12, an exterior cap member or overcap 14 and a product package in the form of a metal foil sachet 15. Cover 12, formed of polypropylene or a similar relatively rigid plastic, is seven-sixteenths in. high, and has an outer diameter of 2% in. The interior peripheral surface 16 of cover 12 is threaded for attachment to a correspondingly threaded jar, and the external peripheral surface 18 has a plurality of vertical grooves or knurls 20 (about 27 to the inch).

Overcap 14 is formed of 0.30 mm thick, flexible and resilient transparent polyvinyl chloride, and has an inner diameter of 2% in. and a total height of in.; because of its flexibility and resiliency the overcap is force fit on cover 12 when urged downwardly over it as seen in FIG. 2. Both the inner peripheral surface 26 and the outer peripheral surface 28 of overcap 14 have a plurality of vertical ribs or grooves 30 (24 per in. on the inner surface and 22 per in. on the outer), the grooves on inner peripheral surface 26 being arranged to interlock with the grooves 20 on the outer peripheral surface 18 of cover 12, so as to secure the cover 12 and overcap 14 against relative rotational movement. Thus cover 12 may be unscrewed from a jar without removing overcap 1 4. However, the overcap 14 may be readily axially disengaged from the cover 12 to gain access to the product sample.

The overcap 14 has a three-sixteenths in. deep annular rib 31 surrounding a flat top wall 32 of 2 3/l 6 in. diameter, which defines an enclosure 34 with the top of cover 12, within which may be contained a 1 3/16 in. wide by one-eighth in. high metal foil sachet 15. A

product is sealed within sachet 15 by a 3/16 in. wide sealed portion 40 extending around the periphery of the sachet. The overcap 14 being transparent, the metal sachet will be visible to the user. The annular rib 30 will bear any axial load exerted on the overcap 14, and while the overcap is flexible and resilient, as stated above, it has sufficient rigidity'and strength to provide protection for delicate articles such as foil coated paper sachets within enclosure 34.

The overcap 14 is easily manufactured (e.g., by vacuum-forming) in a size suitable for the particular jar cover, and protects the product sample during storage and shipment, yet does not alter the basic configuration of the container or more than minimally increase the overall size of the container.

Other embodiments will occur to those skilled in the art and are within the following claims.

What is claimed is:

l. A cap structure for a container comprising an interior cap member having a top wall arranged to close the container when the cap is mounted thereon and having a peripheral wall carrying a screw thread on its inner surface arranged to provide releasable mounting of the interior cap member upon the container by relative rotational movement, said peripheral wall having on its outer surface a plurality of spaced ribs and grooves parallel to the axis of said rotational movement,

and an exterior flexible resilient transparent cap member having a top wall and a peripheral wall overlying the top wall and peripheral wall respectively of said interior cap member, said exterior top wall being formed with a generally annular downwardly extending hollow rib of V-shaped crosssection in position to abut the top wall of the interior cap member and to form a closed compartment therewith when the caps are assembled, said moved from the other by movement parallel ,to the axis of rotation and so that the interior cap can be mounted on and removed from the container by relative rotational movement without removing the exterior cap from the interior cap.-

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