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Número de publicaciónUS3825299 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación23 Jul 1974
Fecha de presentación13 Jul 1972
Fecha de prioridad13 Jul 1972
Número de publicaciónUS 3825299 A, US 3825299A, US-A-3825299, US3825299 A, US3825299A
InventoresR Gaucher
Cesionario originalR Gaucher
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Lawn swing
US 3825299 A
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United States Patent [191 Gaucher July 23, 1974 1 LAWN SWING [76] Inventor: Romeo Oliva Gaucher, Bonneyville,

Alberta, Canada [22] Filed: July 13, 1972 [21] Appl. No.: 271,631

[52] US. Cl 297/157, 272/85, 297/245, 297/273 [51] Int. Cl A47b 39/00 [58] Field of Search 272/85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 272/90, 91, 92; 297/273, 157, 276, 277, 370, 317, 245

[56] 7 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 539,723 5/1895 Cassie 272/88 1,026,179 5/1912 Reganmj. 272/89 1,030,511 6/1912 Freeman 297/277 1,300,680 4/1919 Wilson 272/86 Primary Examiner--Richard C. Pinkham Assistant ExaminerTheatrice Brown Attorney, Agent, or FirmCarver and Company [5 7,] ABSTRACT A lawn swing having a level swing platform which is suspended for swinging movement in a supporting frame by hinged swing support members, hinged connections defining corners 'of a parallelogram so that the platform remains level when it swings; and a centrally located strut having a hinged connection with the frame and the platform for supporting a table centrally of the platform, the table swinging in and tangential to an are having as its center therhinged connection of the strut with the supporting frame.

3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The invention relates to lawn swings.

2. Prior Art Lawn swings generally have a level platform suspended by parallel swing supports in a supporting frame which can be positioned on any level ground surface so that the platform when swung remains level at all times. Occupants of the swing are normally seated on a pair of facing seats secured to the swing supports, the swing being operated in a known manner.

Hinged connections of the swing supports of both the platform and the supporting frame usually have a hinge pin providing a fixed hinge axis and, further ordinarily have metal to metal contact. Prior art swings, unless well lubricated, are usually noisy in operation. Further, dimensional inaccuracies of moveable components of prior art swings can result in binding of the hinge connections and consequent improper operation and straining of the swing.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a lawn swing having hinged connections of which not only provide silent operation of the swing but which automatically adjust for dimensional inaccuracy of movable components. Hinged connections of moveable components of the present invention do not require lubrication yet do not wear'in the manner of conventional hinge joints having metal to metal contact, so as to substantially eliminate wear.

The lawn swing of the presentinvention, further, has a table which is mounted to enable objects such as ashtrays, liquid holding glasses and the like to rest thereon with spillage when the swing is in operation.

The present lawn swing has a supporting frame having a pair of upstanding side supports, a substantially means other than those particularly described and illus- I trated.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective of a lawn swing in accordance with the invention,

FIGS. 2 and 3 are side and end elevations, respectively, of the lawn swing,

FIG. 4 is an enlarged portion of the lawn swing.


A lawn swing of the invention, generally 10, has a supporting frame 11, the frame having a substantially rectangular base 12 formed of a pair of longitudinally extending members 13 and 14 and a pair of transverse members 15 and 16. The supporting frame also includes a pair ofspaced apart hoop-like side supports 21 and 22 which extend upwards from the longitudinal members 13 and 14, in spaced apart relationship and which, see FIG. 3, slope slightly inwards over the base. The side supports are connected by a pair of horizontal transversely extending braces 23 and 24 which lie in a common plane parallel to the base 12. Thebase members, the side supports, and the braces are tubular steel and have a welded connection so that the frame has transverse as well as longitudinal stability.

A swing proper, generally 25, is suspended from the braces 23 and 24 for swinging movement longitudinally of the supporting frame. The swing 25 has a substantially rectangular platform 26, length of which is the same as distance between the braces 23 and 24 and width of which, see FIG. 3, is substantially less than width of the base 12 so as to side supports 21 and 22.

The platform is suspended from the braces 23 and 24 by means of bowed swing supports 27, 28, 29 and 30. The swing supports are of equal length, have hinged connections at lower ends with corners of the platform and at upper ends with the braces 23 and 24. A seat 32 is mounted between the supports '27 and 29 on L- shaped arm rests 33 and 34 secured-to the supports 27 provide clearance with the and 29.

A seat 38 is mounted in a similar manner between the supports 28 and 30.

A vertical center strut 41 has a hinged connection at 43 midway between ends of a longitudinal brace 44 which extends between the transverse braces 23 and 24. The center strut has lower leg 45 which has hinged connections at 46 and 47 with and centrally of the platform 26 midway. The center strut 41 has laterally extending arms 48 and 48.1 on which tables 49 and 50 are rigidly mounted, upper surfaces of the tables being normal to the center strut.

FIG. 4

FIG. 4 shows detail of hinged connection of the support v 27 and the center strut 41 with the platform 26. The support 27 is connected-by a bolt 5 l'to an upper end portion 52 of a flexible strap 53. A lower end portion 54 of the strap is bolted to the platform 26, length of the strap 53 being such that the support and the platform 26 are spaced apart about one and one half inches. The strap 53 can be a section of belting of a type having an inner fiber core and a rubber outer cover. This type of belt, which flexes readily but does not stretch, is well known and, consequently, requires no further description.

The center strut is also connected to the platform by a flexible strap 55. Similar hinged connection, .i.e. by

means of flexible straps are used for connecting the supports 28, 29 and 30 to the platform and braces.

There is, therefore no metal to metal contact of any moveable components.


Hinged connections of the swing supports 27, 28 and 29, 30, with the braces23 and 24 and the platform 26 are, in effect, corners .of a pair of parallelograms. The platform which forms one side of the parallelogram therefore remains horizontal as it swings, e.g., to bro.- ken outline position 26.1, FIG. 2. The tables, however, swing in an are having the hinged connection 43 as its center. Objects placed upon the tables, consequently, do not tend to slide back and forth as the table swings, and liquid refreshment in glasses which may be placed upon the table does not tend to spill.

The type of hinged connection used for connecting all moveable components of the lawn swing enables relative silent operation of the swing as there is no metal to metal contact of moving parts. Further, as all moveable components are spaced apart none of the hinge connections has a fixed hinge axis, so that, regardless of minor dimensional inaccuracies in the fabrication the swing operates smoothly.

I claim:

1. A lawn swing including:

a. a. framework having a pair of spaced upstanding side frames,

b. overhead braces connecting the side frames,

c. a swing supported by the framework, the swing having a substantially rectangular level platform head braces the upper hinged connections lying in a common plane parallel to the platform and being spaced apart a distance the same as the distance between said lower hinge connections so that the platform, as it swings, remains level, 1

d. a center strut having a lower hinged connection with the platformand an upper hinged connection with the overhead braces so as to swing with the platform,

e. a table top rigidly secured to the center strut and spaced above said platform so as to swing in an are having as its center the upper hinge connection of the center strut.

2. A lawn swing as claimed in claim 1 in which each hinged connection includes a flexible strap connecting hingedly connected members for supporting said members in spaced relationship.

3. A lawn swing as claimed in claim 2 in which the .and supporting members of equal length having 29 flexible strap is a section of rubber belting having a lower hinged connections with corners of the platform and upper. hinged connections with the oversubstantially non-stretchable rubber covered core.

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