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Número de publicaciónUS3845509 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación5 Nov 1974
Fecha de presentación3 Nov 1972
Fecha de prioridad3 Nov 1972
Número de publicaciónUS 3845509 A, US 3845509A, US-A-3845509, US3845509 A, US3845509A
InventoresLieber S
Cesionario originalLieber S
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US 3845509 A
A bidet-commode so constructed that a jet of water might be directed toward the user's lower excretory surface; the anus posteriorly and the vulvo-vaginal area anteriorly, the jet of water being adjustable both in temperature and in pressure.
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Nov. 5, 1974 United States Patent Lieber 3,398,408 8/1968 Capraro et a1... 4/7 4/6 Wintercorn...'............,................. 4/7

[ BIDET-COMMODES 3,430,267 3/1969 Van Houten 3,577,567 5/1971 Primary Examiner-Henry K. Artis Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Burns, Doane, Swecker 8L Mathis [52] [1.8. 4/7, 4/6 [51] Int. A47k 3/22 A47k 11/08 [58] Field of 4/6, 7 1571 ABSTRACT A bidet-commode so constructed that a jet of water ht be directed toward the users lower excretory mig surface; the anus posteriorly and the vulvo-vagmal area anteriorly, the jet of water being adjustable both in temperature and in pressure.

1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,957,180 10/1960 McMullen.......................... 3,082,432 3/1963 Pearlman.. 3,229,693 1/1966 3,377 629 4/1968 1 BIDET-COMMODES The present invention pertains to commodes generally, but more in particular to a bidet commode having a separate water inlet other than that for the conventional flushing of the commode. This water inlet constitutes a pipe or tube which is first affixed to a mixer where the temperature and pressure of the water can be regulated and from which a jet of, water may be directed toward the excretory surface of the person using the commode for cleansing that portion of the anatomy.

Anyone having suffered from hemorrhoids or similar discomforts will appreciate the soothing effects of warm water as a cleansing bath. While the water has no medicinal value, the effect of a moving bath in that area will diminish the itching and pain.

By the use of a simple, removable attachment to the water ejection tube, the device may beused for douch- One of the objects of the invention is the provision of I a device which may be used by an individual suffering from a disease of the excretory surface which demands bathing or cleansing in water.

.Another object of the invention is the provision of a device which may be controlled by the user to his satisfaction; that is, by the regulation of l the water temperature and (2) the pressure issuing from the water ejection tube.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent in the course of the following detailed description when viewed together with the accompanying drawing in which:

FIG. I is a side view of the invention, a portion of which has been broken away.

FIG. 2 is a plain view of the invention as illustrated in FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a more or less diagrammatic view of a mixer element of the invention wherein the hot and cold waters are mixed to selected temperature.

FIG. 4 is a side view, partially broken, of a douching tube which'may be used in connection with the present invention.

In the drawing numeral designated a commode bowl with the conventional seat 11 and a water storage tank 12, In the present instance the normal cold water inlet leading to the water storage tank 12 is provided with a T-fitting 14 which also permits the cold water to be directed into a mixer designated generally by the numeral l5.

The mixer. shown in FIG. 3 in a more or less diagrammic form, also shows a cold water inlet 13 from the T- water systems of the-home. A thermostat I7 is also shown in connection with the inlet so that the temperature of the water may be adjusted to suit the individual. The valve 18 serves to regulate the pressure and volume of water as it leaves the mixer through the exhaust pipe 19.

Leading from the exhaust pipe 19 of the mixer is a tube 20 directed through the toilet bowl 10 just below the upper rim thereof as illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2. Note, in FIG. 1, that the final end of the tube is directed at a slightly upward angle so that water ejected from the end thereof may reach that portion of the anatomy for which it was intended. Note also that the end of the tube is well above the normal water level of the commode and is not reached by the rising of the flushing water.

FIG. 4 illustrates a flexible tube 21 which may be used for douching purposes. In the present instance, the tube is composed of a flexible material such as rubber or plastic and is simply affixed to the ejection tube by forcing it over theend thereof where it may be held in such position by a simple clamp 22. The forward end of this douching tube is provided with a nozzle 23 of the shape shown and containing a multiplicity of holes 24.

It is now apparent that by attaching the douching tube, the device may be used for douching purposes without the necessity of extra bottles, hoses and the like. Upon the completion of the operation, the douching tube is simply removed, cleaned and stored with other personal hygienic articles.

It is to be pointed out here that bidet-commodes and douching devices of the former art have never provided a flow of water of adequate pressure. Neither has the user been able to vary the pressure at will. Whether hung from a simple bag or even connected to the water storage tank of the commode, former devices have been limited in water pressure to a head of a few liters of water. In the present instance, the water pressure may be increased from the heretofore weak gravity flow to that maintained by the citys water supply. The valve 18 which controls the inlet water pressure may be of the standard globe type or even one of the special spring-closing types so that upon removal of the pressure of the hand, the valve will automatically close I claim:

1. In a bidet-commode having a water storage tank, a commode bowl and associated means for flushing water into a sanitary sewer system the improvement comprising:

a generally closed mixing chamber operably disposed adjacent said storage tank and commode bowl, said mixing chamber including a bottom member, side walls integrally connected to and upstanding from said bottom member and a cover member connected to said side walls and enclosing said mixing chamber;

a relatively cold water conduit means extending through said cover member for delivering relatively cold water into the interior of said mixing chamber, said cold water conduit being postured to issue cold water toward said bottom member;

a relatively hot water conduit means extending through said cover member for delivering relatively hot water into the interior of said mixingchamber, said hot water conduit being postured to issue hot water toward said bottom member;

said cold-and hot'water conduits, directed toward said bottom member, serving to issue pressurized streams of fluid through said mixing chamber to facilitate complete mixing of the cold and hot fluids within the mixing chamber;

thermostat controlled valve means positioned within the interior of said generally closed mixing chamber and being connected to the outlet of said hot water conduit within said generally closed mixing chamber for controlling the temperature of the fluid within said generally closed mixing chamber;

a water carrying service tube having; a first end extending into said generally closed mixing a second end extending through an integrally formed opening within an upper rim portion of said commode bowl, said second end extending through the rim in a posture located above the normal working water level of said commode bowl and being angled slightly upwardly to permit a jet of water issuing therefrom under pressure to be directed toward the posterior of an operator sitting in a normal position on said commode bowl; and

valve means interposed within said water carrying service tube for selectively regulating the pressure and volume of water issuing through said water carrying service tube wherein an operator may selectively adjust the intensity and volume of warm water issuing into said bidet-commode.

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