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Número de publicaciónUS468408 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación9 Feb 1892
Fecha de presentación2 Abr 1891
Número de publicaciónUS 468408 A, US 468408A, US-A-468408, US468408 A, US468408A
InventoresDaniel S. June
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US 468408 A
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N0.468,"408. mntemb. 9,1892.

2o hiiie with-itsfu 25 producer, consisting ofan-aif' -pnmp,cleaning PATENT OFFICE.



' srmrlcsmon Appliostion filed April 291991;-

To all whom it my concern.-

Be it known that-we, DANIEL S. JUNEahd PETER J; JUNE; citizens of the United .States,--

residing at Fremont, inthe county oiSan 5 dusky and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Smoke-Bleacher, of which the -fol-. lowing is a specification. 1

Our invention relates to sin-improved methed and apparatus-I01, bleaching srnoke that re arises from bollergfurnaees'or any smoke-prodncing nnisance; and it has tor its object'to provide a simple andefjfective apparatusthat ywill hleachthe.smekesnd-eonduct itinto the z'ltmosphere. oleanand "colorless, retgining' r5 sperksnor-large' incandescent particles oi ear-4 hon which might, cause oonfiagrations; andavoiding the unclean and disagreeable'eijfeats produced by the escape of the "smoke directly froan the. fnrnaee'aud also meow-- notion as a smoke-hleaehe'r anapparatus that can-he -use'tl for diminishing. or inoreasing the'draft of the boiler or inrnhoe at will; s-n'd it consists of an apparatus connected 5 itli the smoke-stack of the smoke and bleaching chambers providedjwith de-. tails of construction hereinafter"more-fully described; illustrated in .the accompanying drawings, and particnlarlypointpdout in the, pen d a In the aecom'panying drawings; Figure 1 is a perspective view of our improved cleaning .and bleaching apparatus oonnected'with the smoke-stack of an ordinary boiler furnace. Fig. 2 is a vertical section ofthesmoke eleaning chamber provided with inlet and outlet pipes. Fig. 3 is a. similar .view of the bleach- Referring to the accompanying drawings 40 by letter, Adesignatesan hir-ti httank filled with water to about. nef-fourt of: itseapncity, Jand is provided with a-pipe a extending 'from near the bottom of the same beneath 'the' water np through the topand commnnieating with the smoke-stack B of theordinary steam-boiler furnace C. Directly above the entrance of pipe a in said smoke-stackth same is provided with a. damper b for directi'ng the-smoke emanating from the-.fnrnaoe "into the chamber A down to thes'urface of the water within the lower end of the pipe a,

through which it is designed to he forced and ,heing'f-heldin plaeeiyithinthefiltering-0113111 i'eadi-ly 'seen fromthe'toregoing. The smoke forming part ofLetters re nin remodelled February 9, 1892.

sane-1n. some. on model.)

' (be cooled and cleansed from all 'einders and heavy "carbon. "The'chamber Ais provided W ith an ordinary feed-inlet aland hlow-oif' 55 coek' a2; by which the 'wetergnay be placedwithin the same and afterward drawn off when filled with the einders and heavy carbo'n from the smoke. A suction-pipe a com- '1 nunioates with the top of the eleaning' and 6c coolingchamber and eonnecis'with' an airpnmp D, which; when, in" operation, ereatesa partial vaeni 'm' in" chamber A above-the water; and thereby-draws the smolie passing down the pipe a through subje ts it to its first stage of purification. From the-air-pump D a pipe E connects-the -szune withTahieaohingwhambor F, thfeegh which the smokeis'designed to he orced','and finally conducted into the htm'osphere clean 79 .and=co1orless. The chamber F, is provided with alternate layers oiornshed charcoal and as estns; prefernblyg-" hnt anyother suitable filtering material in 9. also used-the Same her between atop and bottom perforated plate f nndff, 'whiqh prerent. an'yot the filtering meteriaHrem bemgihlown out with the smoke, while at the some time giwing afree passage .thrOugh the material andchnmber and out through the escape-pipe j nt-the top. A trap or door in the upper side ofjthe filtering:

chamber provides aeces'sto theinteriorof the [same-in order 'to fill it with the filtering-ma terials,'whiie at the bottom-of thechamber is ablow-off cock that is used for blowing out what sediment may have collected inf-hhe bottom of'thetankrf I The operation of o'n'r'inv'ention' can he now.

do in-the srnekersteck extending up from the 9 furnace isdirected hy the .da'm rj the smoke-stack into the chamh'erA t rough the pipe at, where;itpasses through the weter in 'the bottom of said chamber, .hyjthefactionotgg' theair p-nmp .E causing a. partial vacuum in the. upper part of the chamben the water; as said, removingthe heavier particles of carbon and cinders. Being sucked into the eir pmnp the smoke is forcedfrom the some through ice layers oi Itiltering material in of bleachingtank, and finally gassed-intothe nir'in a; clean and colorless con itiom By-inereasing or dimmishingthe action oi the air-pump the draft the water, and' thus 65 in the furnace may be regulated and accord-- 'tance of the bottom thereof, an air-pump, a

ingly increased or diminished, thus giving the apparatus a double function. 'Having described our invention, what we claim, and desire to ure by Letters Patent, 1s r In an apparatus for purifying and bleaching smoke, the combination of a. cooling and cleaning chamber adapted to be partly filled with water, a. conducting-tube connected with the smoke-stack of the furnace and depending within said chamber to within a short dispipe connecting said air-pump with the top of said chamber, a filterinmcharuber having a top escape-pipe and top and bottom perforated plates, successive strata of filtering maour own we have hereto aflixed our signatures in presence of two witnesses.





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