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Número de publicaciónUS865156 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación3 Sep 1907
Fecha de presentación25 Mar 1907
Fecha de prioridad25 Mar 1907
Número de publicaciónUS 865156 A, US 865156A, US-A-865156, US865156 A, US865156A
InventoresGertrude Berggren
Cesionario originalGertrude Berggren
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
US 865156 A
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No. 865,156. 4 PATENTED SEPT. 3, 1907. G. BERGGREN.


Wit" as:




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 3, 1907.

Application filed llaroh 25, 1907. Serial No- 364,486.

' 'of which are that the part above the waist is without steels or the like and consequently exerts no pressure on or contraction of the chest, the lower part, however, being formed with steels and adapted to fit around below the waist and to confine the abdomen and form a support for the skirts. The upper and lower parts of the article are connected by elastic straps which in a measure support the back, and will allowjfree movement in all directions. The connecting straps between the upper and lower parts can be adjusted to vary the distance between the parts and the position of the upper part with respect to the lower, and thereby supporting the bust in any desired position. i

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which V view. 7 p

Referring specifically to the drawings, 6 indicates the back of the waist or upper body part. This is prefer-J ably formed of a single piece which extends across the back 'and is extended atthe top to form shoulder straps 7 which are stitched or connected to the front pieces 8. These fronts have shirr strings and casings, indicated at 9, at the top and bottom, which strings may be drawn up to gather the fronts to fit the wearer. These parts form an upper body or waist which contains no steels or rigid pieces, but which is made simply of ordinary fabric, thereby causing no pressure on the chestand Figure 1 is a bout view thereof. Fig. 2 is a back the front as at 14, as usuaL, A side steel 16 is also preterably provided, at the side of the hips. r I The elastic connection between the waist and th lower part is made at the back, by means of elastic straps 17 which are sewed at their upper ends to the back of the waist and connected at their lower ends to tabs 18, which are provided with one of the members of the ordinary head and socket or snap fasteners indicated at 19, the other members of which are secured to the material of the corset 10. These straps cross each other at or about the waist, being connected across at the angle so that the wearer may bend to either side without inconvenience and without unusual tension on the straps. The adjustment at the fasteners 19 may be changed, to draw the back of the waist down closer to the corset, and when this is done the effect, 'in consequence of the shoulder straps 7, is to draw up or lift the front part of the waist, which supports the bust, which can thus be worn as high or low as desired.

It will be seen that the device does not interfere in the least with iree movement at or about the waist, or or above the same. At the same time the advantages of the lower part of a corset are retained, including a support for the hips and for the skirts and other clothes of the wearer. The chest is not contracted or constricted,

consequently the article is hygenic as well as comfortable. Easy breathing is permitted which is impossible with corsets where the steels run up to the bust. The

device is also capable of easy and convenient use for nursing mothers, since the waist can be opened without disturbing the lower part.

Iclaim: A garment comprising a waist having an upper unstiflened part or waist having shoulder straps and a .shir'red front, a separate lower stiffened part fitting the hips ofthe wearer, and adjustable elastic straps at the back, connecting the said parts.

In testimony whereot'I afli'x my signature, in presence of two witnesses.


' Witnesses Nanmsi Fam'srioo, WM. J. ROBINSON.

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