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Número de publicaciónUS901582 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación20 Oct 1908
Fecha de presentación18 Ene 1908
Fecha de prioridad18 Ene 1908
Número de publicaciónUS 901582 A, US 901582A, US-A-901582, US901582 A, US901582A
InventoresNelson E Austin
Cesionario originalNelson E Austin
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Drainage and irrigation tile.
US 901582 A
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901,58Q. Patented 0011.20, 1908.

auuantoz QXMmeaoe-o Nelson 1 1' .o ustirg UNITED sures. Para NELSON E. AUSTIN, OF DANBURY, CONNECTICUT.


To all whom it'may concern: Be it known thatI, NELSON E. AUSTIN, a citizen of the United States,'residing at Danbury, in the county of Fairficld and State of Connecticut, have invented certain'n'ew and useful Improvements in Draing e' and Irriation Tiles; and I do hereby dec lare the fol-' owing to be-a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such. as will enable others skill d in the art to'which it appertains to mal re and use the same.

My invention relates to certain improve- 'ments in drainage and irrigation tiles, and

- parts in the several figures of the drawing.

' Referring to Figs. 1 and 3, my improved tile is preferably an integrally molded structure, at the bottom of which is a'water conduit 1 which extendslengthwise of the tile,

while at the middle portion of the tile is a horizontally forated as seen at 3, said web serving as a roof to the conduit. The sides 4 of the'tile extend upwardly beyond the web 2 so as to form a trough the floor of which is the web itself.

In utilizing my improvement tiles constructed as above are placed in a suitable excavation underground, the abutting ends of the tiles being preferably cemented together ;so as to prevent undue leakage of water.

which surrounds 'Gravel, cinder's or other analogous material 'is'then'placed within the trough-like receptacle at the upper part of the tiles to about the horizontal level of the sides 4, and the Whole is then covered up to a suitable depth with the ordinary eart At Fig. 3, 5 represents the gravel or similat material resting upon the perforated web 2,and held in place by means of the sides t, andi6 represents the ordinary earth or soil the tile and the gravel.

When my improved tile is used for the purposes of" irrigation water is introduced Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed January 1a, 1908. Serial No. 411,527.

the soil above and thence disposed web 2 which is per. respect.

lengthwise of t in any suitable and ordinary manner Within the conduit 1, and the ends of the tile system are closed by suitable gates or other ordinary means so that said water may rise through the perforations and gravel 5 into be drawn up to ward the surface and into the surrounding portions of the soil by capillary attraction, the gravel or other similar substance 5 preventing the soil from washing into the tiles or clogging the perforations 3.

he provision of the trough-like receptacle at the upper portions of the tile is an important feature of my improvement, since the gravel or similar material is thereby held. in position and prevented from scattering into the surrounding soil, and the sides 4t which formthis trough serve as anchorages to preserve the proper position of the tile in its underground state.

At Fig. 2 I have shown the tile formed with opposite horizontally disposed ledges 7 immediately abovethe conduit, upon which ledges rests a perforated cover plate 8, the sides of the conduit being" extended above so that the latter together the cover plate, with said sides form the trough-like receptacle, this cover plate performing the same function as the perforated Web 2. There is, therefore, no substantial difference between the constructions shown at Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, and my invention is not limited in this When concrete is near at hand, continuous lengths of tiling may be molded directly w s; Oct. 20, mos. 7

within the excavation itself, and in this instance the construction 'shown at Fig. would be utilized, and the perforated cover I plates 8 would be made of wood or other suitable n iaterial. p

In utilizing my improvement for drainage purposes the ends of the tile system would be open and would be in communication with any suit-able means for carrying oil the Water.

Having thus described my invent-ion what 1' claim as new and desire to secure by Let tel-s Patent is l 1. A drainage and irrigation tile containing atits lower ortion a conduit extending lie tile, and having at its portion a horizontally disposed perforated roof directly over said conduit, .the sides of the tile being extended upwardly in a vertical plane to form in connection with middle said roof a trough-like receptacle, while the conduit: itself llfli-l 11o outlet except through said. perforated roof.

2. A drainage and irrigation tile having vertically disposed sides; and provided at tho .top with an open trough and at the bottom with a conduit :iirfl trcmgli and conduit 0xtending longtl visa of the tile, and :t pol foratwl ln'niizoi'iloll p' disposed wob M kll'ilir ing said tl'tlllgl] and conduit .Ultl M i as the roof of tho latter and tho floor ol the tonne and ali'ow tiny? the only on that tiny tillitl conduit.

2:5. A, (iltlilliipr mill irrigation tilo compi'ise ing :i waiter conduit pipe m'tolidinggg" lmi zli wise oi the tilin :imi on open iri'iugli parallel with said pi im iii'iii having its UlliL v Jim-s14 vooomoii 1 incident with the outer sides of said conduit, said trough and conduit being separated by 'a perforated partition.

1. A drainage and irrigation tile comprisd1 sposod trough formed integral and in j 112;- aposition the Wall of thepipc lacing closed. moopt as to opmiings in suirl wall adjacent to the trough whereby comimmicution is established lit'twoeii said pipe and trough.

in testimony Wlmrooif l allizit my rgigmxlm'o in present-o oi? two Witnosoes.

li Elli-NW E. iLUfiililfi.

l ILLARU ()LEY, lfliioizmc M. BULKLEY. I

ing a Water conduit pipe and a vertically

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