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Número de publicaciónUS903204 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación10 Nov 1908
Fecha de presentación30 Ene 1908
Fecha de prioridad30 Ene 1908
Número de publicaciónUS 903204 A, US 903204A, US-A-903204, US903204 A, US903204A
InventoresMarie J Lang
Cesionario originalMarie J Lang
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US 903204 A
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v M. J. LANG.



Patented Nov, 10, 1908.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 10, 1908.

' Application filed January 30, 1908. Serial No. 413,488.

. I To all whom it may concern: I

Be it known that I, MARIE J. Lane, citizen of the United States, residing at Peoria, in the county of Peoria and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Corsets; and I (lo-hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

'1. his invention relates to improvements in corsets. pertaining 111010 particularly to a corset for general use as well as one adapted for use by women of delicate organism and those approaching maternity.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a corset which will properly support the busts and the abdomen; that portion of the corset which usually intervenes between these two positions being eliminated to leave the lungs, heart, stomach and liver free and uncran'ipcd.

A further object is to provide a corset that will readily yield to all movements .of the wearer without placing any undue pressure and without restraint upon any part of the body.

In the appended drawing, l igure 1 is a rear view of the corset. Fig. 2 is aside view. Fig. 3 is a front view. Fig. 4 is a side view of a portion of the corset shown in the first three figures showing an attachment; and

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the attachment shown in Fig. 4-.

The corset comprises a back portion indicated at. A provided with a. number of whale-bone orothcr suitablesupports or stays B which will readily adapt themselves to the form of the wearer and to all movements by reason of their yielding qualities. To the edges of said back is suitably secured a scrics of horizontally disposed elastic wcbbinge C at each side. These said wcbbings preferably occupying a position at. the sides of the wearer, their forward ends having at tached thereto a flexible strip or stay E which forms the termination of the middle portion of the corset as shown. To each stay, at opposite sides of the corset, is scoured a flap 1* cach of which extends around infront. of the wearer and attached to one another at the front by means of hooks or other suitable device indicated by G, these said flaps being utilized in the same manner as the ordinary corset for supporting the bust and having flexible staysat l ",t1hcrc being suitable supporting straps H extended over the shoulders and attached to the back A and adjustably secured to the said flaps F by any good means, as, for instance. by buckles J, the said supporting straps serving to hold the flaps F in the proper position. Attached also to the stays E near the bottom are flaps K at each side. as shown in Fig. 3, to each pair of which is attached a flap L provided with stays L by means of buckles or other suitable devices M by which said flaps may be adjusted. The latter are provided hooks or other suitable de vices indi atcd at for fastening their adjacent edges together at the front. Suspended from each flap at the .front is a tab to which the hose supp: tcrs P are attached in the u'su,al mannd. These supporters serve to hold the flaps in the proper position to support-the abdomen so that the wearer will have the proper form and appearance, it being understood thatby adj tlsting the flaps K the abdomen may be held back, especially when used by a person of heavy build. The corset thus constructed and arranged is well adapted to persons of all builds, whether slim or portly. In addition to the adjustments described herein. I have )rovidcd a lacing A in the back of the device by which. if desired, the wearer may adjust it to any desired size, orgl or imparting to the figure any desired form of. outline. \Vherc persons are of large or portly build or those afilicted with con'iplaiuts peculiar to their sex the corsetv affords them perfect comfort since it. yields to all movements and fits the figure perfectly and from the further fact that thc lungs, heart, stomach and liver arc left. ctitircly free instead of being cramped as results with the corscls usually constructed.

I have provided an attaclnncnt for my improved device which I .am now about to describe and it will be noted that in the first four figures I have shown attached to the corset a hook at each side, as at Q and one at the back indicated by R. The attachment referred to is shown in full .in Fig. 5 while in Fig. 4 it is shown in connection with the corset. Said attachment consists of a back portion S having various flexible stays as at T to hold it in shape and to adapt itself to the form of the wearer. Upon its top edge are secured eyelets U which engage the hooks Q and R just described. The extremities of said portion S terminate preferably and for the same purpose as those of the corset at C. It is further provided with flaps V to which are secured buckles RV or other adjusting deviceswhich receive the tabs 1 of flaps 2 constructed after the manner of the flexible flaps L of the corset said flaps L havin suitable hooks 3 for fastening purposes, an provided also with flexible stays, 6 such as have been hereinbetore described. These fla ps act as a firm support for the abdomen and answer admirably when properly adjusted for times of maternity.

Upon the flaps B are depending tabs 4 and on the flaps 2 at the front thereof are similar tabs 5 to all of which the supports are attached, the latter serving to properly hold the supporting fiapsin position. By means of the said buckles or such other devices of like nature that may be used, these supporting flaps can be adjusted to suit circumstances.

I consider, as a good deal of importance, the open front portion of the corset between the positions of the bust and the abdomen which, in so far, as my knowledge goes, I. be-,

lieve to be entirely new. The advantages of such a construction are readily apparent a ft or what has been herein stated with regard thereto. The device is of two fold value for the reason that it is readily convertible, by the means described, from an ordinary corset, by which the wearer may preserve a desired form of outline of figure, to one adapted for use by persons who are in a delicate condition. My improved corset is admirably ada ted for persons doing their daily househol Work or for those who may indulge in strenuous exercises where full movement of the-body and its parts are required and where there should be no cramping of the organs.

As distinguished from other corsets of which I am aware, mine by being provided with the flexible side strips 16 beneath the arms and those at the back adjacent thereto and referred to as B and connecting the former with the said adjacent ones by the horizontally disposed elastic Webbings C, 1' am enabled to preserve a graceful form of outline at the sides as readil as do usual forms of corset. The stays 3 referred to likewise preserve the proper outline in the small of the back so that as a matter of fact the ordinary observer can see no difierence in the outline of the wearer, while the corset ptio'ds comfort not found in the ordinary in By extending horizontally it is evident that each portion C above mentioned, readily conforms to and supports those portions of the wearer necessary to preserve the lines mentioned, aided partially by the vertically disposed stays to which they are. attached.

members. and an abdominal support When about to use the attachment shown in Figs. 4t and 5 the tlapportions L may be either removed from the corset or allowed to remain in place, it being entirely optional with the wearer which plan is employed. In removing these portions the buckles K will be removed therewith so that there will be no diseomtorting parts to be forced against the flesh by said attachment when in place. Fig. 4t shows one of the tabs or llaps K from which the portion is removed.

I desire to state that I may alter the construction or arrangement slightly and provide equivalent means for any of the parts described without departing from the spirit or intent of the invention.

l'l avin; thus described my invention, I claim:

.1. A corset comprising: a body or back portion, llexible vertically disposed side members. horizontally disposed elastic media connecting the said side members with the body or back portion, a bust supporting por- [i011 attached to the upper portion of said side members, and an abdominal supportingportion supported from the lower portion of said side members the said bust portion and abdominal portion being separate members and separated from one another, there being an open space between them substantially as described.

2. A corset comprising; a body or back portion, tlexible vertically disposed side members. horizontally disposed media connecting the side and back portions, a bust supporting portion connected to the side also attached to the side members and separate from the said bust portion. 1,

A corset comprisina body ornback portion, flexible vertica ly disposed side members, horizontally disposed media connecting the side'and back portions, a bust supporting portion connected to the side members, supporting means for said bust portion, an abdominal support also connected to the side members, and separated' from the bust portion, there being an open,

space between the bust supnort and the ab} donnnal support. such open space extending to the side members.

l. A corset comprising a body or batik portion having vertical flexible sta s, blc vertically disposed side mem ers are rangedto have a position beneath the arms of the wearer, hor1zontally dis os'ee elastic media connectin the side mem iers and the back portion, a bust supporting portion attached at the sides, and an abdominal support also attached to the sides and separate from the bust portion.

5. A corset comprising a body or back portion having vertical stays, flexible ver- 1 tieally disposed side members arranged to have a position beneath the arms of the wearer, horizontally disposed elastic media connecting the side members and the back portion, abust supporting portion attached at the sides, and a detachable abdominal support attached at the sides.

6. A corset comprising a oody or back portion, bust portions having flexible stays, horizontally disposed elastic media interposed between and connecting the back and 'flexible side members extending substantially the full height of said back elastic media connecting said side members with the hack portion, afront bust portion attached to the side members, a detachable abdominal supporting portion and adjustable devices connecting the latter with said side members.

8. In a corset, a back or body portion, adjusting means therefor, flexible vertically disposed side members, elastic media con necting the latter with the said body portion, a bust supporting portion'attached to the side members, supports therefor, an abdominal support also connected to the sidemembers, but entirely separate from the bust portion, said abdominal support being detachable, and means for attaching the stocking supporters thereto.

9. In a corset a back or body portion, means on said portion foradjusting it, flexible vertically disposed side members, elastic media connecting the latter with the body portion, a bust supporting portion attached to the said flexible side members at the upper part thereof, supporting members extending over the shoulder and attached to the said bust supporting-portion and said back, a detachable abdominal support, device secured to the side portions, near the lower end thereof andhaving the abdominal sup port adjustably connected thereto substantially as set forth and described.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature, in presence of two witnesses.



L. M. THURLow, E. J. A1 EnsoL.

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