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Número de publicaciónUS935558 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación28 Sep 1909
Fecha de presentación16 Nov 1908
Fecha de prioridad16 Nov 1908
Número de publicaciónUS 935558 A, US 935558A, US-A-935558, US935558 A, US935558A
InventoresJames M Spangler
Cesionario originalElectric Suction Sweeper Company
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Carpet sweeper and cleaner.
US 935558 A
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935,558, Patented sept.28,1909.

Y s m fig. 2




To all whom 'it 'may concern:

Be it. known that I, JAMES M. SPANGLER, a citlz'en of the United States, residing at Canton, in the county of Stark and State of Ohio, have invented a new and usefularpet Sweeper and Cleaner, wherein means are provided for brushing and loosening dust and dirt from carpets, rugs, floors, &c., wherein provision is made for pneumatically lifting said dust anddirt and depositing the saine in an appropriate receptacle, and wherein means are provided for preventing the suction of said sweeper from lifting the said carpet, rug, or other floor-covering into engagement with the mechanism not in- 'tended for engagement with said ioor covering.

'1`he object of my improvement is to provide acarpet sweeper and cleaner of simplilied form and `of great efficiency and this, together with other objects readily apparent to those skilled in the art, I attain by the construction illustrated in the ing drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a vertical section of the casing, said section being taken on -a diametrical plane and illustrating the electric-motor and its connection. Fig. 2 is a bottom or underside view of the fan casing showing the fan and its parts in proper relative position but on a reduced scale. A

In the drawing similar numerals of reference indicate similar parts.

The numeral 1 indicates the floor.

2, is the carpet or fioor covering.

The fan casing 3 is partially of circular form and provided With the top 4, and the lower inwardly extending annular angej. The said' casing is mounted upon suitable wheels or casters 6 and 7 for the purpose of facilitating the movement of the sweeper over the floor. In the casing and to an opening 7a (shown partially in dotted lines) is provided, which leads througha discharge passage in the portion 8 and communicates with the dust bag or receptacle, 9 attached thereto. f

The top 4 is provided with an aperture, 10, within which` is closely fitted the casing 11 of an" electric motor. The said motor is firmly attached to the said top by means of appropriate fastening devices, 11n. The shaft 12 of the motor extends into the fan easing-- 3 and is arranged concentric with the axis of said fan casing. Upon thesaid shaft 12V Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Spt. 28, 1909'.

Application filed November 16, 1908.

Serial No. 462,824.

is arranged the hub 13 which is held in lixed adjustment upon said shaft by the set screw 14 or its equivalent. Thehub 13 is provided with a plurality of radially disposed arms, 15, to which the fan blades 16 are attached at an obtuse angle with the shaft 12. The said angle of the fan blades is such that when the electric motor is operated/ the said blades will be carried on the arms 15 in the direction to cause an upward movement ofthe air in, the casing. The air thus lifted and condensed will escape through the passage in .the portion 8 and into the bag or receptacle 9. The lifting of the air in the casing 3 will produce a vacuum at the bottom of the casing which is open, except for the annular t flange 5 heretofore described. In accordance with the well known principle, air will rush into the said casing through the said bottom opening carrying with itwhatever dust and dirt has been loosened from the floor or iioor covering.

For the purpose of loosening the dust and dirt from the said floor and floor covering the brushes 17 are provided, which brushes are mounted in the brush holders 18 attached to the various blades of the fan. It .will be understood that the said brushes may be otherwise attached to the shaft of the motor.

For the purpose of preventing the suction `from lifting vthe floor covering into engagement with the fan blades, concentrically arranged rings, 19, are attached to the fan blades by solder or other appropriate means of connection'.y It is evident that while the suction produced by. the vacuum will have a tendency to lift the iioor covering into thorough engagement with the brushes 17, the rings 19 will prevent the said covering from coming into contact with the fan blades 16, thus permitting both the brushes and fan to accomplish their different functions with the greatest degree of eiiiciency. A flexible electric cord 20, is electrically connected to the motor and should be connected to an appropriatesource of electric current. The handle 2,1 is provided with the yoke portion 22 which is plvoted-l at diametrically opposite through the motor thus putting the shaft 12 shaft.

in rapid ro tation. The radially disposed arms l5 together With the blades 16I and brushesl, thereto attached Will be rotated With said The fan Will `produce a partial Vacuum in the bottom of thefan casing While the brushes will be moved in a circular pathway over the surface of the floor or floor covering. The dust and dirt thereon Will thus be thoroughly loosened yand lifted by the inrush of air under the annular ange,

5 and will be-carried through the exhaust opening and deposited in the bag or receptacle 9. The rings 1-9 Will prevent the tloor covering from being lifted too far into the interior of the fan casing and the operator by means of the handle 2l may move 'the sweeper andy cleaner back-andy forth across the floor, thus subjecting the entire surface thereof to the sweeping and cleaning action of the device. M

It will be understood that the front Wheels or casters 6 are to be located-in such position that they Will be entirely outside ofthe fansaid discharge outlet, and brushes carried by i said fan blades and adapted for contact with the floor.

2. In a device of the character described,.

a casing open at the bottom and provided with a discharge opening, an electric motor' mounted in said caslng, said electric motor provided with a shaft, said shaft being vertically disposed Within said casing, spaced rings disposed across the bottom opening in said casing and brushes tixedly attached to said `shaft and adapted for Contact with the floor between said rings.

3. In a device of the character described, a casing provided with an opening in the bottom and with a discharge opening, air

.exhausting means located in said casing and adapted to exhaust the air from said' casing through said discharge outlet, a motor mounted upon said casing and provided with a vertically disposed shaft, brushes mounted upon said shaft and adapted for Contact with thetioor through the opening in the bottoni of the casing, andspaced concentric rings mounted upon said shaft and adapted to rotate therewith and to prevent the tioor covering from being'drawn Within said casing.

4. The herein described carpet sweeper and cleaner comprising a casing open at the bottom and having a discharge'opening in the side thereof, a fan mountedwithin said casing and adapted to -lift the air in said cas'- ing .from the bottom thereof and 'to expel said air through said discharge opening, spaced concentric rings disposed in a plane across nthe bottom opening in said casin and brushes adapted for rotary motion in a orizontal plane between adjacent rings, said brushes being also adapted for contact with the iioor. f

5. In a device of the character described, a casing open at the bottom and provided With a discharge opening, spaced guards arranged in a plane across the bottom opening means for expelling the air from said casing through said discharge opening and rotatable brushes adapted to' travel in a horizontal -plane and adapted for contact with the tloor between said spaced guards.

6. In a carpet sweeper' and cleaner, the` colnbinatlon of a casing open at the bottom and having a discharge opening in the side thereof, an electricl motor mounted on said casing, said electric motor provided With a shaft, said` shaft being vertically disposed within said casingfradially disposed horizontal arms ixedly attached to said shaft, fan blades mounted upon said radially disposed arms, saidyfan blades arranged at an obtuse angle to the said vertically disposed shaft and adapted to lift the air in said casing by their rotation and discharge the air through said discharge outletbrushes at- .tached to said radially disposed arms and adapted for contact with the fioor covering, said brushes extending through the opening in the bottom of the casing and spaced con` centric rings mounted upon said fan blades for preventing contact of said blades With the tloor covering.

In testimony that I claim the above, I have hereunto subscribed mynamein the presence of two Witnesses.



JOHN H. SroNsELLY, F. W. BoNn.

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