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Número de publicaciónUS940856 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación23 Nov 1909
Fecha de presentación18 Dic 1908
Fecha de prioridad18 Dic 1908
Número de publicaciónUS 940856 A, US 940856A, US-A-940856, US940856 A, US940856A
InventoresFrank Archelous Critz Jr
Cesionario originalFrank Archelous Critz Jr
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US 940856 A
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F. A. GRITZ, Jn.



Patented Nov. 23, 1909.

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y sHon.


Specification of Letters Patent. Patented NOV. 23, 1909 Application led December 18, 1908. Serial No. 468,175.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK ARCHELOUS Cni'rz, J r., a citizen of the United States, residing at IVest Point, in the county of Clay and State of Mississippi, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Shoes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in. Patent Number 890,966 granted to me June 1,6, 1908, the object being to improve the general construction of the shoe and to insure better ventilation.

Another object of my invention is to provide a pneumatic cushion adapted to take the place of the spring used in my lformer patent, whereby the sole will be slightly convex in transverse section.

Afurther object of the invention is `to provide an instep supporting member arranged between the inner and outer soles, said instep member being provided with a valve which is connected to a tube extending up through the oxingto the upper end .of which is connected a tube formed of felt which is arranged between the upper and lining. i

A still further objectof my invention is to improve the general construction of the shoe in such a manner that a pneumatic cushion will be formed from the sole which also serves the purpose of forcing the two soles I apart when the pressure of the foot is i'emoved so that air will be drawn into the space and through the valve under the instep and forced out throughA the valve in the in sole when the pressure is again placed on the sole.

With these various objects in view, my invention consists in the novel features of construction, arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter fully described, pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through m improved shoe, partly broken away. Fig. 2 is a transverse section through the sole and a portion of the vamp. Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the heel and a portion of the upper. Fig. 4 is'a plan view of the pneumatic cushion. Fig. 5 is a section through the inste supporter, and Fig. 6 is an end view of tie same.

In carrying out my improved invention, I employ a shoe A provided with the usual outer sole B and insole C between which I arrange a pneumatic cushion Dformed of a plurality of flexible tubes D spaced apart by strips of rubber D2 the tubes being open Y at the ends and of diiferent sizes, the largest tube being at the center and the smallest at the side edges. This cushion is formed in the shape of the sole of the shoe so that it will tit snugly inthe space E between the soles. Arranged between the inner and outer soles under the instep is a piece of leather F provided with convex upper and lower faces and having a spiing actuated valve Gr arranged therein to which is connected a tube H which extends out to one side and up the side of the shoe as clearly shown and having a felt tube I connected to its upper end which is adapted to extend up between the lining a sutticient distance so that air can be drawn through the same.

'The inner sole is provided with an open ing in which is arranged a valve J of a simi' lar construction as described in my former patent and this valve is adapted to open when pressure is applied to the inner sole by the foot, the valve Gr closing at the same time so that the air which has been drawn into the space E will be forced out through the opening in the insole. vIt will be seen that by arranging the cushion between the inner and outer soles and .constructing the same of tubes of diiferent sizes the sole will be held in convex positionwhen the pressure is relieved from the same and will be forced together as pressure is applied at the same time compressing the flexible tubes so as to force air out of the same.

The operation of the invention is as follows The air is drawn into the felt tube from around the ankle into the tube leading to the valve within the strip of leather through the valve into the space between the inner and outer soles and circulates between the tubes of the cushion, and as the foot engages the ground and pressure 'is brought to bear on the insole, the valve is closed au tomatically and the valve J is opened which allows air to pass around the foot and escape out around the ankle.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is f The combination with a shoe provided with an air chamber between the inner and outer soles of a strip of leather having con- Vex surfaces arranged between the inner and ion arranged Within the air chamber, said outer soles under the instep, a valve arcushion being formed of a plurality of flexranged Within said strip, a tube connected to ible tubes of different sizes.

said valve having a felt tube connected to FRANK ARCHELOUS CRITZ, JB. its end extending up between the lining of Witnesses:

the shoe, a valve arranged Within the inner J. A; OLIVER,

sole adjacent the toe, and a pneumatic cush- FRANK A.'CRITz.

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