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Número de publicaciónWO2006101730 A3
Tipo de publicaciónSolicitud
Número de solicitudPCT/US2006/008160
Fecha de publicación26 Jul 2007
Fecha de presentación8 Mar 2006
Fecha de prioridad17 Mar 2005
También publicado comoCN101146713A, EP1866206A2, US20060208005, WO2006101730A2
Número de publicaciónPCT/2006/8160, PCT/US/2006/008160, PCT/US/2006/08160, PCT/US/6/008160, PCT/US/6/08160, PCT/US2006/008160, PCT/US2006/08160, PCT/US2006008160, PCT/US200608160, PCT/US6/008160, PCT/US6/08160, PCT/US6008160, PCT/US608160, WO 2006/101730 A3, WO 2006101730 A3, WO 2006101730A3, WO-A3-2006101730, WO2006/101730A3, WO2006101730 A3, WO2006101730A3
InventoresSteve L Sweeton
SolicitanteSaint Gobain Calmar Inc, Steve L Sweeton
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Compact battery operated spray head fittable onto existing pump spray containers and providing improved balance
WO 2006101730 A3
A battery operated spray pump includes a piston pump wherein the axis of the pump is arranged at an angle relative to the axis of the spray discharge and the fluid inlet. In addition the batteries lie substantially on top of the pump rather than behind it. This allows the spray head to assume an overall size which is almost completely within the foot print of the bottle to which it is attached and also provides the spay head with better balance.
Citas de patentes
Patente citada Fecha de presentación Fecha de publicación Solicitante Título
US5397034 *13 Sep 199314 Mar 1995Wunsch; EckartFinely atomizing device for fluids
US5716007 *29 Dic 199510 Feb 1998Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates, Inc.Battery operated fluid dispenser
US6554211 *1 Ago 200229 Abr 2003Saint-Gobain Calmar Inc.Container vent control for battery operated sprayer
US7032841 *27 Abr 200425 Abr 2006Swisher Steven LHand-held battery power sprayer
US7097119 *27 Abr 200429 Ago 2006Cepia, LlcPower sprayer
US20060153707 *13 Ene 200513 Jul 2006Sweeton Steven LBattery operated spray head retrofittable onto existing pump spray containers and producing substantially continuous spray
Clasificación internacionalA62C11/00, B65B9/04
Clasificación cooperativaB05B9/0861, B05B11/3057
Clasificación europeaB05B11/30H3F2, B05B9/08C1A
Eventos legales
8 Nov 2006121Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application
30 Ago 2007WWEWipo information: entry into national phase
Ref document number: MX/a/2007/010604
Country of ref document: MX
18 Sep 2007NENPNon-entry into the national phase in:
Ref country code: DE
17 Oct 2007NENPNon-entry into the national phase in:
Ref country code: RU