Google AdSense Certified Partner Program

Our program is an invitation-based accreditation for businesses that consists of two core features - an AdSense certification and an account management solution for handling multiple AdSense accounts. Both the certification and the account management solution are exclusive to Certified Partners.

AdSense Certified Partners set up, optimize and maintain AdSense accounts for their clients. They're required to demonstrate product knowledge by completing a certification examination, and their purpose is to help website owners to monetize content effectively with Google AdSense.

Need help with your AdSense account management? Team up with one of our certified partners.

For Certified Partners:

  • Establish a meaningful business relationship with your clients.
  • Maximize the impact of your hard-earned AdSense expertise to help your publishers and your own business grow.
  • Benefit from Google AdSense training and the usage of the Google AdSense Certified Partner badge in your marketing collateral.
  • Work more efficiently by using our AdSense client management solution to access and optimize your clients' accounts.
  • Establish a relationship with the Google AdSense team and receive insights into the latest features.
  • Gain exposure for your business as a featured Certified Partner on the Google AdSense website.

Certified Partners Program requirements

Partners who agree to the Google AdSense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Conditions are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these policies, we may revoke your Certified Partner status. Because we may change our policies from time to time, please check here often for updates. In accordance with the Google AdSense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Conditions, it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted here.

AdSense expertise and tool usage

  • Partners need to have an AdSense account and prove their AdSense product knowledge in an examination (learning material will be provided).
  • Partners need to provide a real-life AdSense case study or an AdSense acquisition proposal to showcase their proficiency. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for that purpose.
  • Partners must use the AdSense account management platform provided by the Google AdSense team to manage clients.
  • In some cases partners may not be able to use our account management platform with a particular AdSense client. Google expects full transparency about a partner’s interaction with the AdSense publisher in such a case.
  • Partners should be managing all ad units of a client’s AdSense account.

Business requirements

  • Partners must represent a business and be legally incorporated to do business in their locality.
  • Partners must acquire AdSense publishers and deliver high-touch AdSense optimization service for their clients.
  • Partners must provide a business plan on acquisition and optimization of AdSense publishers which will serve as a performance indicator. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for this purpose.
  • Partners need an existing client base and/or a strategy on how to ramp up and grow their AdSense client base.
  • Partners need a sales force that is able to acquire and optimize Google AdSense publishers.

Quality standards

  • Partners must make sure that all their sales representatives who work on AdSense clients are Google AdSense certified.
  • Partners need to provide quarterly reports about their performance, including acquisitions and outreach activity, number and impact of AdSense optimizations and a business plan for subsequent quarters. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for that purpose.
  • Partners must clearly differentiate their AdSense services from other services that they may provide and only use the AdSense Certified Partner badge on materials related to AdSense services.
  • Partners must collaborate with the Google AdSense Certified Partner Team and are in fair competition with other Google AdSense Certified Partners in their market.

If you’re interested in becoming a Google AdSense Certified Partner you can let us know via this form.