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Geo for Good Impact Awards

Are you working on an environmental project using Google’s mapping tools? Tell us about your project and stand a chance to win a Geo for Good Impact Award!

About Geo for Good Impact Awards

Geo for Good Impact Awards are honorary awards celebrating users and organizations creating real-world impact using Google’s mapping tools.

To be eligible for a Geo for Good Impact Award, your project must:

  • Be on-going or completed and have produced tangible impacts
  • Focus on Carbon Mitigation, Climate Adaptation or Nature Conservation
  • Use at least 1 Google mapping tool (Google Earth, Google Earth Engine, My Maps, Maps Platform API)

Any organization (non-profit, academic, commercial, government) is eligible to participate in the program.

How do I participate?

Submit an application here.

Evaluation Criteria

All entries will be evaluated and awardees will be selected on the basis of:

  1. Originality. Submitted works must be the authors’ original work, devoid of plagiarism and spam.
  2. Proof of impact. Impact claims made must be verifiable through reliable sources such as a methodology doc, public report, website page, blog or other public announcements (digital or hard copy). Entries without links to documentation listed above will be disqualified.
  3. Use of Google tools. Projects must make legitimate use of Google’s mapping tools for any of the categories listed above.


Applications for 2023 Impact Awardees are now closed. Applications for the next round of awardees are open till Mar 2024. Due to an overwhelming number of responses we are still currently reviewing applications and notifying awardees in batches. All 2023 awardees should hear from us by end of Jan 2024, following which we'll announce all awardees on our website.

Oct 10 2023 Applications open
Nov 10 2023 Cut-off for 2023 Awardees
end of Jan 2024 2023 Awardees announced


Each Geo for Good Impact Awardee will receive the following to recognize their achievement:

  • Digital Award Certificate
  • Public mention on select Google Earth channels (e.g. Website/Youtube/Twitter)
  • Digital Badge
Need Inspiration? Here are some of our Impact Awardees
Stored 5.6 Mt CO2e by building a platform that uses Earth Engine to monitor restoration projects
Monitors 800 sq km of unprotected lands in of Nilgiri biosphere reserve to track spread of invasive species using Google Earth
Blue Ventures
Monitors 6,187 hectares of mangroves in Tsimipaika Bay and Bay of Assassins using Earth Engine
Oromia Environmental Protection Authority, REDD
Reduced 1.8 MT CO2e through REDD+ pilot program in Bale mountains. Uses Google Earth and Earth Engine to monitor land cover changes and submit emission reductions for jurisdictional REDD.


What do the categories Carbon Mitigation, Climate Adaptation or Protection & Conservation stand for?

These categories are meant to help us understand the primary focus of your project. Here are the category definitions:

Carbon Mitigation Project focuses on reduction or avoidance of CO2e
Climate Adaptation Project is helping people adapt to the impacts of climate change
Protection & Conservation Project is about land- and ocean-based interventions to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems, at scales from global to local communities and Indigenous peoples.

I work for a commercial company - can I still apply?

Yes. Any registered organization, be it commercial, government, non-profit or intergovernmental, is eligible to apply.

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